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  1. The only restriction on PPV is this. https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/about-uefa/administration/marketing/blocked-broadcasting-hours/ You can PPV any game outwith those hours unless you're in the top flight.
  2. Exactly. Meeting a team for at least the 5 times this season when you could be heading to once in a lifetime draw at Darvel or Drumchapel or be causing a upset against one of the biggest sides. That's where the great memories in the Cup are made but... it is what it is. It's an eminently winnable tie for both teams so it'll hurt more for whoever loses.
  3. Truer words were never spoken. Fair play to them for capturing the attention of some fans but some of them are living in a complete fairytale about how much of a 'scare' they gave us. We weren't particularly ruthless. I'd say we were methodical and had the slippers and cigars out for 75 minutes. Andy Graham makes a mistake for the corner then Broadfoot gets the run on him to score. We have a hairy 5 minutes after the goal as the panic sets in after a mistake but by the end of the 90 we were pushing again and had the momentum. Very unfortunate I don't have a view of the handball. Kevin Cawley's head is perfectly in the way however the official footage from the Scottish Cup videographer and Broomhill's cameraman might have it. We were all in a slightly different position. Both of them thought he handballed it when I asked them at the end.
  4. Aggregate 8-4 sounds decent for this years edition of the playoffs. I don't know what was going on today but the SPFL were posting our exploits non-stop. Assume they're trying to highlight the teams still playing over winter.
  5. Flying too close to the sun at 3-0 up.
  6. God of war Ragnarok released 9th November. Mythology is in.
  7. The Edinburgh fans can enjoy it while it lasts - personally I'll take solace in the fact that we only have to return there once more this season and pray that either one of us gets promoted - although I'm fairly certain Edinburgh can't play their games at Meadowbank if they are promoted. I was in really early and chatting to the guys inside. It's just not a fit for purpose stadium. The hoops they're jumping through to use it feel fairly Sisyphean too but that's what you get when it's not your venue. The plans for the stand on the opposite side too are not enough to combat the distance created by the running track from what I see. It'll never have a good view. It has a really weird sound profile. I didn't actually realise the wee guys were in the ground although I could hear them. It sounded like they were far away down one of the neighbouring streets. Full marks for the FCB-M chairs is the only plus point I'll give. I didn't find a unit price anywhere but I bet there's some FOIA answer from which I can work it out. Pretty sure you could fit them in our main stand. (big dream)
  8. If you're a good football player you can pretty much play anywhere. McLaren came on at left back to stop Craigen cutting in and swinging it in with his left. While things were going against us, Cammy made the decision to lunge in and kick out at the Edinburgh player, complete heads gone moment. Our other left back is injured and I'd probably rate Stanger as the Player of the Season so far has a niggle too so there's not much you can do about that. As entertainment goes you get your money's worth.
  9. Not going to get a definitive answer before I put the highlights out but I can map the ground and do what VAR does for Shanley's first goal - it's just fiddly and time-consuming for me to do. From my initial view Andy Graham plays the offside line perfectly. The question is if O'Donnell plays him onside. My first draft says he is but the lines are slightly off.
  10. Do you think there is roof access? Best seat in the house if so.
  11. Been told that there is no access to power in the entire ground and using an extension cable is an unacceptable trip hazard. My expectations were low but I get the impression they were still too optimistic.
  12. In all likelihood that's all very irrelevant.
  13. Genuinely I'm bringing the 20x zoom incase our normal setup isn't adequate..
  14. Am I out of the loop on this? What does this refer to?
  15. You had a decent 20-30 minutes. After that your team got real stale real quick. We hooked it in the net before half time despite not showing too much offensive threat and after that there was only one winner as the second half we were hungry.
  16. Arse fell out of Queen of the South real quick. I assume conceding in three consecutive attacks will do that to you.
  17. Times in CET so 14:45-17:15 UTC so actually we're harsher than England.
  18. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but he's came in as a firefighter at a fair few clubs now and had very little positive impact.
  19. https://twitter.com/Michael_Moffat/status/1484944109999697920?s=20&t=r03viGa4rp9HLJCi2AxBjA Strong John Hartson energy.
  20. Sammon's yellow card was a farce. Normal service resumed.
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