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  1. The only comments I have made to Partick Thistle were that the streaming blackout wasn't new information. It had been clarified multiple times before an SPFL email that Partick Thistle somewhat misleadingly spoke about as breaking news on August 1. And the statement they made a few weeks ago after googles data centre in London overheated. I also host Alloa's infrastructure there and we had our website restored by 6:15 while Partick Thistle's statement said "it wasn't our problem - we couldn't do anything." Google restored their service later the next day. Whoever blocked me does not like being told they are wrong. I'll be sure to bring it up next time I have official duties at Firhill.
  2. @Father Barrys Sign (Top Half)once said I'm the man who spins too many plates. Pre-match playlists coming off my laptop, playing goal music when we score while filming and commentating and troubleshooting any streaming problems midgame. Someone save me.
  3. Alloa 2 - 0 Edinburgh Clyde 1 - 1 Kelty Dunfermline 2 - 0 Montrose Falkirk 1 -0 Peterhead QOS 0 - 2 Airdrie
  4. No midnight highlights - went out for a few pints earlier. Just sitting down to do them now.
  5. You know you know nothing in football when your predictions after 2 weeks need a wild adjustment.
  6. Still worth it. Pixellot have a fixed rate per month no matter your usage. I'd imagine Stenhousemuir's live streams are in single figures as it is. It takes minutes to set up an event. Pretty sure it'd be turning down income not to use it and fairly certain EoS and Lowland League won't have the same holdback period in the rules that prevents them from streaming midweek games in the UK and Ireland although I assume the SFA would not consider streaming in the blackout hours as halal.
  7. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/streaming-update-season-2022-23/ Confirmed you're killing overseas streaming. I suspected you might continue by piggybacking off the pixellot system at Ochilview which is still in use. I also am doubtful Stenhousemuir can maintain a stream in the long run using pixellot on their own. Which makes me wonder why they aren't getting streams set up to monetise off Syngenta too.
  8. All depends on what system you're using for streaming. You can pay someone over the odds or you can do it for relative buttons. Jagzone is one of the few I have absolutely no idea on what system it's on. You guys will probably have international subscribers but the specific caveat that Jagzone would be reviewed yearly makes me think you're not overly optmistic of a viable income. Your web developers the other week said your website outage was outwith their control but we had our website back up within a couple hours and we use the same host so purely on that basis that they are pretty hands-off I reckon you're probably paying a third party a bit more for your system. Course things may change dramatically if they relax the holdback hours rules and allow midweek games to be shown in the UK and Ireland.
  9. I agree it's much more exciting watching Dunfermline concede but there were 6 decent chances at least in the first half with couple of wtf are you doing referee moments for everyone to get annoyed at. Terrible fare right enough.
  10. All you need to do is spend £45 to watch Man Utd grind a 0-0 draw out against some no mark Premier League hangers on to realise Saturday's game was not bad fare. I can generally tell by the highlights, if it passes 7/8 minutes it's generally a good enough game. I've certainly done ones where I have 5 minutes of clips and then I'm done.
  11. I'll forget but they're normally in our match threads
  12. First contact btw no penalty. Edit: Sammo should sign him a shirt
  13. See what's bizarre... Hibs put theirs out at 10pm. Like what even are the rules.
  14. Today's game confirms to me we're a good team but we can't score goals.
  15. Kevin Crawley's testimonial is bound to be soon.
  16. Surely, it'll be interconnected... I hope. I don't even want to think about how painful that would in duplicated work.
  17. Teams are on the SPFL website way too quick to be from the referees but I do see it change after games and I assume that they take the referees filling it in or right enough from the extranet.
  18. Not as far as I am aware... The relevant bits of the media guidelines are this page. Club footage 12pm at the end. First bit is some top quality legalese
  19. Nowadays most referees want an email. I'm staunchly anti-paper. Not sure on the SPFL but I assume that their data comes from opta or genius sports who we supply with the teamline. I assume the referee's sheet is only a confirmation after.
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