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  1. Same, I'm glad we didn't end up in the Group G of death. I wonder if it's a first that the entire group is playing on astro.
  2. Going to embed the betfred cup stream in https://alloaathleticfootball.club/ if anyone wants to watch it on there. Near future the new website replaces the old one at alloaathletic.co.uk.
  3. We're just late for the party! Covid's just the kick up the backside to get it started. Being honest though we're getting in the infrastructure which we didn't have before. An actual fibre line. Pixellot's cool: there shouldn't be any blind spots - you'll hopefully have a predictable view of the pitch as a main match camera.
  4. @Mr XOn the centralised system - I'm not convinced. Plus I don't know how much it's costing! Originally I thought it was going to save me work; fantastic! But the more I've learned I'm not convinced it's the answer. We'll see. And I'm not banking on us staying in the league and being able to use it and pixellot in the future either. And with how much pixellot costs I'd happily stand outside in the cold all season! My question to you @Skyline Drifter is because I have the feeling most clubs will put the minimum effort in and like you say be happy to discourage fans from sitting on their couch. I'm in the opposite camp - there's nothing that substitutes being at a game and I think that's evidenced by the other leagues who don't operate a blackout. But the guy who has to look after the kids that week or someone who's working overtime or can't travel from Inverness; that gives them an avenue to see the game anyway when they wouldn't have been there. If you can offer that to your season ticket holders - I know there's plenty of folk who toss up buying one because they can't guarantee getting to all the games and actually getting any discount from the season ticket. I see it adding in that respect - if you sell the extra season tickets you make your money back comfortably.. As you can tell, this is a product I believe adds value to your club. But to be fair it's uncharted territory; I could just be living the pipe dream.😂
  5. Do you think there'll be clubs however that once they have say, average numbers of fans back, will stop all of the extras?
  6. That's the interesting bit of this. In lieu of a centralised system it seems to be down to the clubs to get this done. Build a scalable solution, have predictable workloads and you can make it profitable at whatever level you are at. That's the goal. I see the trend away from a strict blackout even without the extenuating influence of covid. If there was a time to invest in that future; it's now.
  7. So practically agreed then the rule lasts the season. Glad when we reach a consensus. And we will continue streaming anyway - like I said it'll just be marketed to a different audience, but practically, anyone will be able to take advantage.
  8. Yeah perhaps too forceful on the rule but still confident that unrestricted games will not happen. Even restrictions disappeared tomorrow, once I have the infrastructure I will be streaming anyway - it'll just be geoblocked. With all due respect to the terms and conditions saying don't use a VPN if Netflix isn't sophisticated enough to stop it what hope do our own club tv channels? It's very easy to use well known, reputable VPNs with free 500mb accounts. That runs out? use a temp email service to sign up again and rinse and repeat.
  9. Cheers for that I'd read it but couldn't find it again. Those were just the bits I picked out when I was texting someone else above! "or with a reduced spectator capacity as a consequence of Coronavirus/Covid-19 being potentially present/a threat to public health." Our capacity is 3100 and we need to pack away fans in like cattle down the end. I'm comfortable telling people that we will not be able to fit 3100 fans in our stadium over the whole season.
  10. I specifically sought out the answer to this after you said that the first time. As I understand it, that's some clubs policy and interpretation of it... but the actual rule is we are allowed to stream the entire season. Think the specific wording was "For the 20/21 season only...as a consequence of Coronavirus/Covid19 being potentially present/ a threat to public health" Now Covid's not going to stop being a threat in January. I've heard lots of talk of it becoming an endemic virus like the flu. If you're an older fan in risk categories maybe it'll be your preference not to go to games because of that. If you have family members that are immuno-compromised you likely will have to make that decision too. Don't want to be rude, but if you think that Covid19 will be eradicated worldwide at some point this season you're being far too optimistic. Changing the rules midway through the season would be a giant middle finger to those people and I'm glad were not championing that position. Instead you can make your own sensible decisions from where you want watch it/what risk you put you or your family under.
  11. Seems Alloa are going to be doing, and it sounds like Morton too, is even after fans go back to stadiums you can still watch it online if you want to. I'd say getting back to games being a bonus but...having sat and watched the Champions League last night. It was really enjoyable - on discord group call with my mates - comfy chair with a beer in hand. We've all been to the games in the depths of winter where you're cradling your hand on a hot cup hoping the frostbite doesn't set in. Hope the streaming is a rip-roaring success and we can scrap the blackout rule next season as well.
  12. Is it not the point, though, that you can't play football while social distancing so you need to have more stringent protocol to even be allowed by the government to "ignore" the rules? I'm with SD^. Footballers are going to be one of the most tested people in the country just now so if it's shown to spread via football it's not a stretch to see the government shut us all down. Especially if there's more folk like the Aberdeen players not following their agreed protocol for stopping any potential spread...
  13. It's live but not at alloaathletic.co.uk, no coincidentally that died while I was copying the policies off the old one. I was going to wait for the powers that be to ok my efforts but whatever some people looking at it might give me a better idea of usage: Go here. alloaathleticfootball.club It's nothing that's not on the official site already... and I've not finished the teams yet either but that's like two or three more hours to go through them all
  14. I have to agree I see Dunfermline, Dundee and Hearts as the three that could win the title. Inverness have to pull more rabbits out of hats, Ayr are a shadow of the team they were. Morton and Queen of the South are basket cases. Don't know what to expect from Raith but Arbroath and us will be solid enough.
  15. Hearts is down for the 31st OCT but since they have their Scottish Cup semi it'll be another week.
  16. Aye that... Was just doubting a Kelty Hearts temper tantrum.
  17. I thought Kelty's pitch was Fife council's? Pure conjecture but sharing costs with another football club probably easier than asking the council for help just now.
  18. Nothing compared to Jammer or Parry. He would not have played the rest of the season unless Parry was injured again. Questionable kicking, no aerial presence, questionable handling. This was the nail in the coffin for him last season.
  19. I'm no one for flat earth or Bill Gates micro-chipping vaccines either.
  20. Heard secondhand one of the reasons for Jack Ross not wanting to go back to Hearts when he was heavily linked is that Hearts have committees about committees. If there's one reason I can believe that the team with the fourth biggest budget in Scotland got relegated it's that 'no one's as dumb as all of us.'
  21. John's been firing up some legacy players on the website recently too but I'll be honest I'm not one for the historical articles so I miss them all the time. Checking social media just now is 😴 Except to laugh at Hearts vs the SPFL - quite enjoy that.
  22. What SD said. Things normally start coming together a month before the season starts in a normal season and we've got another 6 weeks until we reach that point. 😳 I'm working on refreshing the programme just now. That should take me into next week for something to do. We were ranked 3rd place by some publication behind Dundee United and Partick last year. I feel like I'll need to step up the game again to smash Hearts into second place though. I doubt we'll have physical copies at least until after fans are back in the ground but It's easy enough sharing an online copy for download. Trying to work as much automation to save time during the season. Hopefully we'll have a better idea about the live streaming too soon. I'm not sure that the league's centralised streaming is something I like. Pixellot's equipment should be installed soonTM and then I can get my hands dirty with that too before I get thrown in at the deep end. And we still have the same old website, for now 😏 So there's a fair bit going on. Just nothing concrete to announce
  23. Ah, yes, the laws passed down by our forefathers unchanged for thousands of years. Seems like a good time to change Draconian laws that limit football clubs' possible revenue streams so that they remain viable businesses.
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