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  1. I'd imagine that's just legal speak for they'll be written off in the long term. This is one of the criticisms I have of the pyramid. Cove is possibly an exception because of its proximity to Aberdeen. I've often heard "we have too many football clubs for our population compared to England." It's true there is a limit to how many clubs Scottish football can competitively sustain. So if these clubs begin to dominate the pyramid and crowd out of the market the teams who are relatively sustainable, and then say another financial crisis blindsides everyone. We're going to see a few more Gretna's and noone to replace them meaning an overall weakening of the game in Scotland.
  2. No Montrose link in that team after all😅 Slightly jealous of your frontline.
  3. https://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/2021/07/11/cowdenbeath-programme/ - Manager's comment https://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/2021/07/15/livingston-programme/ - Manager's comment https://www.alloaadvertiser.com/sport/19452510.ferguson-remains-grounded-alloa-claim-spfl-scalp/ - Manager's comment What you've had is a single week without manager's comments. And it's ostensibly; are you happy getting beat Barry? No I'm not. We need to change something. Hardly riveting press.
  4. https://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/event/peterhead-v-alloa-athletic/ I take it noone reads the match reports.
  5. I know one rumour. Played and scored many famous goals in the early season but he generally doesn't stay long at his clubs.
  6. Just if anyone else is on for tickets they're all allocated. Obviously there's a solid 50 who'll come home or away but I tried to get the supporters club to dish them out to the regulars. If anyone wants any send an email to [email protected] and I'll get in touch if anyone backs out.
  7. It doesn't matter as long as their shareholders/directors can keep meeting the losses. Let's all be honest we all chuck away money on our hobbies.
  8. Airdrieonians 0-1 Montrose Clyde 3-1 Dumbarton Cove 3-1 Falkirk East Fife 0-5 Queen's Park Peterhead 0-0 Alloa (I'm a glutton for some more punishment)
  9. I think it's frustrating to watch, you know that he will pin defenders when it's lobbed up to him so the ball will roughly bounce in a 5-10yd radius. Get someone onto those knockdowns and that's an easy outball. He's also really willing to run in behind.. he almost caught out Berra in the first half and definitely got the better of Tumilty in the second when he leathered it straight at Macdonald. If he could score he'd be some player. I've said it a few times he's going to be good entertainment this year. Just don't know how much of that will be goals.
  10. Well we go to Kirkcaldy on the final day with nothing to play for but the opportunity to piss on your parade. What could go wrong?
  11. I've been saying this. We were awful in the first three months of the promotion season. We had only managed wins against the bottom two. Last night, again similar to the Cowdenbeath game we had enough chances win three games of football. Also
  12. There's two of them. Our one's injured just now.
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