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  1. Already looking on to the next game against Dundee. I'm looking for some opinions. I will be doing an order for this game but if it fails it might end up being the last printed programme we do this year 😅 Agreed with the printer: 40 page programme -£3 +£2 for postage. (Roughly the same as Curtis Sports that are doing a bunch of other clubs but we're keeping it local.) It would get sent via royal mail to reach you before the game. How many would buy it for £5? If you bought a printed copy would you be opposed to a free online copy? Do you think the online copy should be sold? Example: https://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/2020/10/24/dunfermline-programme/
  2. Someone send me a link to this video... I need to see it😂😂
  3. I don't think the VOD is available until after the game. It's all new though. We had to use Spalk to commentate which caused about 5 seconds of delay. In an ideal world I'd have managed to put a 5 second delay on the live commentary to synchronise but for whatever reason I couldn't get an input to Spalk once I added the delay and time got away from us. Next time I'll have mastered it since I have almost two weeks without a game. Airdrieonians for example don't have that added concern because the Championship teams agreement with IMG means they get a clean stream. I'm interested to see if some people were getting the clean stream instead of our commentary. It's a possibility that's what happened to you. I'm disappointed I don't get to listen back because I'd like to have counted the repeated words and phrases.
  4. I think Veo is different in that you get the footage back 24 hours later at least it was when I looked at it a few years ago. The camera is pixellot's top end as far as I know. It sees in 8k. Is the VPU top end? I doubt it. There's a Pixellot Prime offering that I'm going to ask about. The joystick is lifted from that so everyone's moving to a hybrid product between their show and prime products.
  5. This is what I wanted😢 Okay just going to go through some questions. The ball colour shouldn't matter. The auto white balancing is pish and washed out all the colours. If I was in control I would go to a manual profile and make it all darker so the far side retains the fine details. Balls at the side of the park are technically meant to not matter. There's like a highlighted area that it priorities. However as you saw with the wavy footage the priority is jumping from left to right rapidly. The difference from this and the Edinburgh city game was pixellots patch. 2.25.3 worked quite well for us. 2.25.41-beta9 worked much worse. But we didn't miss any goals or highlights so I take a bit of solace from that. Everyone's getting a discount after their terrible opening week. And a joystick was included in that. I'm hopeful of adding in a split feed. With the camera we already have as a secondary close up... Which is actually good. Pixellot proved they could do it by how we added commentary. Think it will be interesting now to see if they will make an exception for us.
  6. On the live stream? If you didn't get anything then me and Kieren talked to it for 90 minutes. The commentary was only on the live stream apparently. It's reverted to pixellot's clean feed for the VOD which is unfortunate. Next time I'll know to record the audio track to put over the top.
  7. Scheduled for 10:30. Away to do my 10 million other jobs.
  8. Cheers for that. That's interesting. I wonder if that could be changed in the future.
  9. That for you guys or us? We had subs on the sidelines in the first half. And for throwins and corners it would fast pan to our goalkeeeper and back.
  10. Yeah. Pixellot was rough today. A step back from the Edinburgh City game as has already been said. Spare a thought for me having to watch a 480p stream of that to commentate because we couldn't fix the microphone delay today. Could not see who was where! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the joystick for it! Big thanks to @KierenAAFC for the commentary. He was excellent Thought's just crossed my mind. If you bought the PPV ticket can you still watch the VOD? It's not something I've tested.
  11. We've not got the joystick yet. It's been in customs this week I think.
  12. Think most of the agenda was against Inverness Chief Exec Scot Gardiner, otherwise why would he have ran to the SPFL telling on other clubs for 'bullying'
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