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  1. Ah, yes, the laws passed down by our forefathers unchanged for thousands of years. Seems like a good time to change Draconian laws that limit football clubs' possible revenue streams so that they remain viable businesses.
  2. Personally I think more people come to Alloa for the social aspect of football. And that will never be replaced by watching Man Utd on a tele. If it seems we're losing to that then it's very easy too. Start selling alcohol at games.
  3. Honestly don't know how it'll work yet. Need to work on the live commentary to be honest. Everything I do is in post. Won't be on the camera as its an AI system. It's getting installed on Thursday so after that I'll have a better idea what I can do.
  4. Ha, I've heard this guy. Not for a long time mind you. You just hear a snippet of something mental and then he drives away. Don't know if it'd be more or less worrying to hear it all.
  5. I heard he's a cracking winger. Put him on the sidelines where he can do the real damage.
  6. It's the fact you were trying to say a Scottish football court case could impact on brexit A bit of satire. Scotland holding a gun to the rest of the UK for outvoting it. I see no parallel with Hearts holding a gun to the SPFL for outvoting it. Both absolutely mental propositions but I forget this is P&B and folk regularly mean the batshit things they say.
  7. Oh dear.... I hope I didn't need to put an /s on that comment.
  8. I think Hearts winning this case will be the best thing for Scotland in general. Leaves the avenue for Nicola Sturgeon to sue the Westminister government over 'loss of earnings' in Scotland due to Brexit Gotta play the long game boys.
  9. If hearts are paying them that much then it's no wonder they are fighting tooth and nail to save themselves. They're going to get liquidated.🤔
  10. I'd need to buy a switcher for multiple cameras - this switcher I'm going to add to my setup at some point (Atem mini pro) this only has HDMI inputs which tends to limit the length you can send them but suits me- the BBC and professional cameras all use SDI. That'll get better quality than the cheap and nasty capture card I've got too. There's still some motion blur looking effect when I'm panning which irritates me. At the minute I'm on my own so during the games I've streamed I've only used a basic scoreboard and it's ridiculously hard to do replays while operating a camera - but if I'm just a match controller I can have more freedom with that stuff. Certainly I could run replays in an even more sophisticated way and go frame by frame for a bad tackle or a dodgy offside with the setup I have just now. In terms of graphics one of the things I'm quite proud of is the team lines. They take as long as it takes me to type to generate. So doing them on the fly is 👌. I'm quite tempted to add one for scoring goals. Like Alan trouten - face appears and his goals for the season - or a wee stat that says 3 goals in 3 games or something. Again stuff that I can generate on the fly.
  11. Yeah that's exactly it. That and geoblocking requirements (not streaming in the UK and Ireland until after midnight)
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