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  1. Just think if you could have managed at least a shot on target against us you might have drawn Celtic
  2. Are the slots not late on Saturday and then Sunday bookended by the BBC games on Friday and Monday?
  3. The worst thing about this is thinking if by slim odds we aren't on TV there's some serious work to be done to ensure I'll have the capacity to stream.
  4. Some of you boys will be delighted. We'll undoubtedly get a mention on Go Radio now.
  5. Personally, I reckon its because it looks good for their diversity quotas to have the token woman on. but then Heather Dewar who at least used to do sportsound open all mics at ours was much better. I've not listened in a while since I started doing the commentary for us.
  6. Yeah I understand. Saturday against Bonnyrigg is an excellent showcase of how our stream looks because that footage literally was what was streamed. On any solo issues - This is turning into a ridiculous ramble but this is where my process is on a Saturday at the moment.
  7. I too am in the situation of solo-carrying a stream (and our social media, website, probably a few other things that aren't as succinct.) It's helped me to try to make everything super-efficient - one of those efficiency savings was setting up a stream and streaming service independent of Pixellot. I know that's not helpful and probably viable for you guys but every stream I think of the relief that I'm not worrying about how it'll function.
  8. A wee team at home to dole out another thrashing. Worst nightmare is Hibs/Hearts/Aberdeen in Alloa. Our streaming will handle 14,000 people - our website on the other hand is the limiting factor. The exact load where our website will break? Submarine captain time.
  9. Shoutout to the Falkirk Stadium too - The only stadium I've ever been at the very back genuinely concerned I need to put away equipment because of the rain.
  10. I mentioned in commentary that I was using Bonnyrigg as a yardstick for the Lowland League because our previous clash against rangers B was a glorified friendly. I've often been suspicious about the lack of depth in the league but we were playing like a Harlem Globetrotters' exhibition match at times. Barring a shaky opening from kick-off that was crying out for a finish and a Bonnyrigg opener Hutton never had a save to make.
  11. I mentioned during the commentary that it looked fairly empty. The area behind the goal was closed and the away stand still wasn't full so claims of 600 Bonnyrigg fans seems ridiculously optimistic. Our end was noticeably sparse as I assume season ticket holders didn't fancy the £18 and the community passes weren't valid. PPV was the worst ever audience figures too.
  12. I can tell you that I was last in the ground and everyone cleared off well before Barry had came out for a quick presser. But there was still one other journalist about. Some of these folk who get in free are right arseholes, and that's just me.
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