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  1. It's not. It'll be up at midnight. I think Mackay-Steven tries to make it look like it, going down holding his face. It's not even a bad coming together.
  2. I switched off because I saw him win the header. Bizarre booking.
  3. That was maybe true ten years ago but it's getting phased out. BT are not installing any new ones and as mentioned in that article by 2025 all the existing ones will be gone. Our fibre line is signifcantly more robust based on the abuse those isdn boxes take. Out of Hearts, Dunfermline, Raith and Ayr who've done audio commentary from Alloa, I think Hearts are the only team still using it.
  4. CLUB STATEMENT is ready to go on the website. No statement just one big google ad as bait. That'll get the carryout paid for next week in the Inverness Premier Inn.
  5. I'm of a similar view. The only opposite point I can say is I know of a guy (who's older to be fair) who's suffering from long covid. Being together as a team is an increased risk albeit a small one. It'll be really awful, for instance, if any of the Raith boys suffer from COVID complications and don't recover to being the players that they were before.
  6. It'll be funny until Stark's gets petrol bombed. I've seen the state of these rabid Hearts fans.
  7. Personally, I don't want a stop because it could be another long 6 months waiting on us getting going.
  8. As always the Hearts superiority complex is amusing. Meanwhile we at Alloa live in the 21st Century and have already moved to VoIP. https://www.bttcomms.com/isdn-vs-voip/
  9. In summary, man complains that none of the questions he submitted were answered. While admitting he submitted no questions through the directed channels?
  10. I remember a comment from their directors when we were bottom of the league and playing them "If we can't beat you (Alloa) we deserve to get relegated." I think @Gaz summed it up well: "Honestly, you know what's fucked me off over the past year as much as anything is that there's some big, bad narrative to punish us and that's why we're in this league. Folk greeting about us getting £150k and Championship clubs getting £500k. It's our own fault for continuing to incur running costs of a Championship club. If Rangers were still in League 1 and demanding millions would folk be saying that's only fair due to their running costs? The sooner large swathes of our idiot fans realise we are where we are because we've been shite for a decade the better."
  11. I'm sure ours run up to the end of June. Thanks for the compliment!
  12. Would you rather Ray McKinnon's Queen's Park or Falkirk though?
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