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  1. Heard we were buying Falkirk so we can use them as our B team.
  2. https://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/2021/04/29/alloa-vs-dunfermline/
  3. Thanks but I just do the design. It's the others that slave over the writing.
  4. https://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/2021/04/27/dunfermline-programme-2/
  5. Signs that you might not be cut out to be a footballer: Match_2.mp4
  6. I heard we want to relegate Morton. And now that the pressure's off it will be full joga bonito, cruyff turns in our own box and everything.
  7. Hope we give it for free due to the seethe it'll cause from other teams. The club that brushed stealing the PPV from the others under the carpet? It'll just be another week at the races for Heart of Midlothian.
  8. My list would've been Paul - from the bottom division to 4th in the Championship at Christmas. Jack* - his time was so short but since the squad he built is still the spine of the team I assume the man has some talent. Jim - A second place finish with a loss on penalties, a third place with a playoff win and survival in the championship. Peter - survival in the championship, if it had continued we'd not have made the promotion playoffs but we'd have shot up the table. A failure to beat expectations with this year's relegation. Thought one journalist put it well when he said : Barry - scraped survival after the wheels came off post-hartley, struggled again the next year but kept the squad intact and competitive enough for someone else to come in and save us. . . . Danny - scraped survival, our established players all jumped at full time or better pay elsewhere and Danny went on holiday for three weeks.
  9. https://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/2021/04/21/peter-grant-to-depart/
  10. It's been downgraded (quite rightly) to a yellow card.
  11. Can confirm Neil Parry's sending off was for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity. Confirmed by the referee and Crawford Allan. I'm having a mental breakdown here.
  12. Could also be that the disciplinary panel were sacked after upholding this decision. But Greg Aitken remains in the job and continues to make the rules up as he's going along.
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