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  1. Was thinking that myself - we got stick for moving the lines on our pitch but we could only do it half way through a season once everyone had played us once on the same dimensions. Why not move games to small stadiums when you want to limit the space and big stadiums when you think you can exploit it if that is the case? The bizarre precedent has already been set when they were able to use Hampden so it's definitely a fly by the seat of your pants rule.
  2. In terms of single performances no worse than Edinburgh who we played away last week - they offered almost nothing all game (although they did hurt us with two comeback wins earlier in the season). You just managed to score a fairly nice goal from 25 yards to make it a bit nervy until Murray Miller took it into his own hands. However, you don't have any coherent or effective attacking outlets - your full backs are definitely one of the weakest areas on the park and it showed with Doyle and Coulson getting in behind repeatedly. I think we've had Montrose's number but they've not impressed me this season - they've had a decent first half against us a few times but fell out of the game completely - Kelty Hearts have had no more than a few spells in games against us and I think we'll rue the dropped points there. Queen of the South are up and down. Peterhead were absolute no-hopers both times we've played them at home. The guy on loan from Arbroath whose name escapes me was the only player I noted as looking likely to contribute anything the last time. I don't think the table lies though. You're incapable of picking up points which is damning. There is not much nous in the Clyde team. Although League 2 is a long way behind from what I've experienced so you may sneak a playoff victory by a freak result or two.
  3. As one sided a 2-0 as you will see. The sports centre was hilarious today - there were more people there for gymnastics and the local South-east Asian football teams playing on the other pitch than there was to see our League 1 game. The access to the other football pitch was through the stadium (wtf?) so people would randomly wander into the Alloa crowd all game trying to see their friends on the other pitch. To make matters more farcical the tannoy was blasting out pure white noise from about midway through half-time to the 50 minute mark as if your viewing experience wasn't torture already. Parking at Meadowbank is also well thought out - last time it wasn't so bad but this time - there was a whole level of ridiculousness. If you were lucky enough to get into the car park - you couldn't get out as people weren't validating their parking tickets and the gate wouldn't open to let them out. All I can say is one of us better get promoted because it's a miserable place.
  4. Not really sure about the Bournemouth one as I didn't watch it but you can't score from a handball whether it's accidental or incidental or what. It should have been disallowed.
  5. Actually if anything that confirms it's a handball. Not that any of our players claimed for it or any referee would spot it in open play but it's the armpit not the sleeve that makes it a handball. Bit too low for an armpit...
  6. Breen's back - Hamilton's header - Wighton's hand Was told tonight that Wighton gestured that it hit his hand to his teammates by someone in the Alloa support over that side and certainly looked that way in the replay. Unfortunate because we were having a decent spell at that point of the game.
  7. Can't say I'd be too frightened of meeting either of these teams in the playoffs.
  8. It wasn't - just the same narrow diamond - but Coulson was played as a forward instead of in the pocket. As he's got a good pedigree as a winger he worked the channel well.
  9. I disagree, highlights with commentary is better - there's a visual aspect and an auditory one which is better for keeping attention. Tone, pace and volume can convey the seriousness or lack thereof in a chance and they do add a lot to the game. Of course, live commentary editing on the other hand is a difficult skill because conversations can go on while a bit of play is developing and choosing where and when to cut is an acquired skill. With Falkirk TV I think there's an issue of being too authoritative - they want to tell you a narrative which can be quite jarring when there's no substance to it beyond Falkirk FC = good . As commentaries go though I don't think the Airdrie one was particularly bad.
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