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  1. Probably because of the Jekyll and Hyde nature of Ayr's season; I'm guessing.
  2. Morton v The Wasps

    Said that this morning to someone. Gave it the kiss of death imo. Still another Tuesday game suits me.
  3. Morton v The Wasps

    Well the obvious and boring question now: is this likely to be on?
  4. Athletic (A) vs Athletic (D)

    Great stat that will be getting used again then
  5. Athletic (A) vs Athletic (D)

    4 if memory serves but that was after the last time we were there wonder if anyone has caught up.
  6. Athletic (A) vs Athletic (D)

    Could anyone update me: Is Alan Trouten still the top scorer at East End Park this season?
  7. Wasn't meaning we will be relegated, although I'm not discounting that. They just didn't pick either us or Queen of the South for the televised games.
  8. They like talking about us on this new channel. Shame we won't be on it any time soon.
  9. Off the football completely, after the game completely died after the red card, isn't having the news on so quick after going to make hilarious watching when someone needs 10 minutes of treatment?
  10. Some folk talked about 'the rayvolution' at Falkirk and it's not a return to great football or anything. They've just replaced the folk that make 3 schoolboy errors a game.
  11. Get the terrace boys to do the analysis on the championship games. All these ex-pro's doing analysis and commentary are just too contrived.
  12. Queens v Alloa

    We'd have lost if Kirky never came on. Thought the subs slowed down the Queen's onslaught myself
  13. Queens v Alloa

    This is what I thought of first
  14. Queens v Alloa

    Said Kirky signing would be worth 6 points over the rest of the season. That's 3 in the bag and still got a fair few games left. I might need to revise that estimate.