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  1. Picked the worst time to go on - it's back on now. was just fiddling with the database for 10 minutes.
  2. Nah, very unlikely, you can still wander round to the traditional away side and sit where it'll be fairly quiet if you feel like it but so far against Partick and Forfar it's been fine and fairly mixed. It's almost a decade ago but before we got into the Championship I don't remember many segregated games, everyone used to change ends.
  3. No segregation and only one set of turnstiles open. You can go anywhere but behind the goals at the railway end. Means not having 6 stewards for very little reason and the pie hut can serve both home and away.
  4. I think there's a bit of friendly fatigue kicking in, in general @Father Barrys Sign (Top Half). I'm certainly ready for the competitive stuff to start now.
  5. On the tactical side I've already taken to calling it the 3-4-1-2. But when we push it is essentially a 3-2-5 harks back to a great age of attacking football.
  6. Not sure. Colin is his dad's name I think he's got 10 or so Alloa appearances back in his day.
  7. There's only one guy who's emailed me and I replied to his email earlier. I strongly suspect I'm in his spam/junk folder. Right now I'm doing an update to the website so don't be too perturbed if you can't get on.
  8. I assume your left back will know the number 10. Pretty sure they are brothers Number 11 is subject to paperwork but as far as I know he'll be back at his parent club for a full-time pre-season so his appearances may be limited in upcoming friendlies. Number 19 everybody knows already SFA is just being very slow to process this year for every club. Also the kids are all technically trialists just now but because I've played with/against him I like Jamie Comrie, number 14, as a player - he's got good feet and technically very good, not shy in a tackle either but could use a few extra stone of muscle to play mans football. He's only 18 so his time will come. Madjid Suleyman, Paul McLaren are youths too but I'm less knowledgeable about them. There's a number 5 yet to see anything from him to say he should get a contract. The number 9 on Tuesday was a kid too. Local boy from Clackmannan. I was filled in on details scored that he scored a lot of goals for Dunipace U20's but he lasted 10 minutes and had a recurrence of a hamstring injury so I don't imagine we'll see him again. Goallie in the second half had nothing to do - but another local. Somebody recognised him from Sauchie Juniors - they've played with him at youth level and they said he was good.
  9. ... I can't guarantee it but just go on Wasp TV and you'll get what you get. Won't be any comms. If you've not got a PPV just buy the stirling one early - it'll cover both games.
  10. You want me to put something out on twitter for that?
  11. Great combative midfielder. Quick and strong, sometimes raw in the challenge and will pick up a red or two when he gets it wrong and sometimes makes the wrong pass but if you watched the Celtic game back made 10 or 11 brilliant tackles against the highest opposition. He wins the ball at times where you don't expect him to. Sets up a lot of counter attacks.
  12. https://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/event/alloa-athletic-v-partick-thistle/ I'm not wanting to put it in official channels and tell folk to park at Morrisons but that's usually fine for matches. Car park closes at 11pm so plenty of time to get in and out. Don't park at KFC they'll chase you for money and while I've not heard of any bad experiences at Lidl for safety I'd recommend not parking there.
  13. I expect two in before tomorrow subject to paperwork otherwise a nice strong showing from the Trialist family is coming.
  14. Can only assume from this thread your next signing will be unveiled in a Lady Gaga-esque bacon kit.
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