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  1. It only took you 7 hours to come back with that extremely funny retort. Well done!
  2. Duffy hasn't had a shot on target all season. In fact, Duffy hasn't had a shot at all.
  3. Morton to get back to winning ways. Dunfermline 1 v 2 Morton
  4. It must be very difficult for the police to spot the odd one or two singing the sectarian songs.
  5. There's almost as much rubbish at the side of the pitch than in the stands.
  6. I may have missed a song or two, but I think sevco are winning 3-1 on sectarian songs.
  7. As much as I hate cellic I have to admit that was a great goal! Quote Edit Options
  8. Not only are you sad, you're a boring twat as well!
  9. Randy's Piles in boring, crowdwanking/pitchwanking post shock! FFS give it a fucking rest! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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