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  1. whitburnboy

    FIFA 20

    Finished on 22 wins, bottled elite against a not so good player but he had 99 messi 91 pele and 95 maradona was 3-3 for ages and Messi popped in a finesse from outside the box. 4-2-2-2 in game, rashford and vardy uptop cause mayhem
  2. whitburnboy

    FIFA 20

    Yann sommer from the bundes sbc, actually needed a bundesliga keeper so i’ll take it. Hoping for Gnabry tomorrow to complete my team
  3. whitburnboy

    FIFA 20

    First one also, done the witsel sbc on friday aswell 🤣
  4. whitburnboy

    FIFA 20

    Got gold 1, actually thought the gameplay was alright this weekend could have got elite but for a couple of silly losses on Friday, gave away my last two wins and during the final one came up against a guy who was also giving away the win typical when the one time i dont need it i bump into someone doing it
  5. whitburnboy

    FIFA 20

    Went from 7–1 to 9-7 and now sitting at 16-7 gonna go for gold 1 tonight. Agreed on upamecano btw, bought havertz aswell but not really liking him will most likely sell after im done tonight.
  6. gangbangers you gotta bloddy love em
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