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  1. The idea was to put people off entering these silly events and to keep the traffic flowing. We're confident that Pedal for Scotland can be shut down by 2020.
  2. During a post-Brexit interview, Nicola Sturgeon had suggested Kezia called her to say she'd no longer oppose independence. With her father and pussy interest both fervent supporters of independence - it seems plausible.
  3. Today I wore my jacket for the first time since April 6th. How did I know April the 6th was the last time I wore my jacket? I'll be revealing the answer at 22:30.
  4. Betting markets suggest a Yes vote will carry, but opinion polls show a narrow lead for no. Are we expecting a boycott by No voters to lower participation and dilute the result?
  5. Pre-bought ripped jeans seems to be popular just now. It passable on a woman with nicely shaved legs, exposing a high hairy knee to the world isn't attractive in the slightest.
  6. I live in Perthshire, TAJ. You will never reside in Perthshire. The banks just wouldn't let it happen. Team poverty?
  7. Hopefully, you won't be dealing with teenagers in your bed. Team: Celtic.
  8. Quite. And I'm not sure heedthebaa is even remotely apologetic for this afternoon's thrustings. This poor woman raised a child unable to wipe his own arse aged 16. Today, she's in her finest attire ready to celebrate lunch with some ham hock, chicken balmoral, poached pears and some decaf. And our borders based deviant's turned on and ploughs his mother for the first time since his 21st. That's why he made my top 5.
  9. Good idea for a fat camp shred and overheads would be low. Market it at £199 with a money back guarantee you'll lose 30lbs by Christmas.
  10. Pleased to report some of the C.A.S.T england division were out in protest last week. How have we arrived at the situation where cyclists can use the road whenever they wish!!! But......motorists (who've funded the road) are restricted to only using the road at select times. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4418471/grumpy-pensioners-who-used-sticks-and-canes-in-bid-to-block-cyclists-during-tour-o-the-borders-branded-disgusting-by-race-boss/ In the 00's the Fathers for Justice team were loud and proud. Please do the right thing and join CAST and lets allow the heavily taxed motorist to use the road he's paid for.
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