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  1. Romeo leaving the thread after another pitiful attempt at patter
  2. Nothing says alliance to another team like pointing out what a rip roaring c**t you're making of yourself. I have a feeling if wee Romeo is stuck at a red light for an annoyingly long time he probably thinks it’s in cahoots with Rangers
  3. I’m going to start giving him green dots just to blow his rage frazzled mind 😆
  4. Been told today that the photographer is actually a 17 year old schoolboy. He is convinced that McGregor is the guilty party. Absolutely shameful behaviour from a grown adult. Mcgregor literally walks by in the clip with his head down and mouth shut while whatever is being shouted is said 😂
  5. I remember Aberdeen fans a few years back (2016 or 17) breaking into a rendition of “what the fucking hell is that “ while it was on the screens at half time. Only for their end to quickly descend into total silence and a huge “Waheyy “ and laughter from all stands at Ibrox as their Board appeared on screen taking a sip and toasting the queen
  6. From the man who used an upside down smiley just a few posts ago
  7. Nobody is disputing O’Neil done a great job at Celtic. Just a shame for him in the end up he was no match for big Eck and his bag of EBTs It also doesn’t change the fact that Gerrard has turned Rangers around and delivered a title within 3 years as was his main objective . Cups have been disappointing and can only hope he learns from it and he now has to improve it moving forward . im not sure What your arguement is here . Are you wanting us to demand Gerrard get the sack or something ? One of the most pointless ongoing arguments I have seen from a Celtic fan on here to be honest.
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