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  1. Didn’t your club tell supporters to wash ? also to get to a final you need to win a knockout stage . So doubt we will have a comparison for quite some time.
  2. I don’t need to wind anything in get over yourself instead of going round in circles trying to justify your neds being better than our neds because of their choice of strip
  3. You better hope your board dosen’t read this post and start getting ideas
  4. At one point was their an anti Irish sentiment in Scotland towards immigrants . Yes . That is historical fact in modern day Scotland I don't think there is any widespread hostility to Ireland as a country or its people There is certainly a bit of hostility towards the Celtic supports versions of Irishness they display. For many people outwith the Celtic support or who don’t have a clue about football or care about football they will forever intertwine Celtic’s portrayal of their Irish identity to that of militant republicanism , the troubles and support for paramilitary groups and folk are within their right to feel uncomfortable with that And before you start I’m not under any illusions that we are the opposite end of the coin in the regards with the loyalist side of things.
  5. What do Celtic as a support do in regards to modern day Ireland and it’s Modern day politics though ? was their banners of support at parkhead in relation to Ireland’s referendums on same sex marriage , abortion etc over the last decade ? Celtic and the supports link and definition of Irishness from the outside looking in seems like it is stuck in a 1920s timewarp and being totally dependent on a romanticised notion of the Irish struggle for independence at the turn of the last century.
  6. Will feel slightly longer this year with either entering European qualifiers at a later stage or all going well this week not at all . A few years back when having to do the full qualifying route a few seasons on the bounce it felt like the summer break lasted about a fortnight
  7. Just to clear up I am not sticking up for the MSM and the tabloids of this country . Find them just as repulsive as anyone else should
  8. I don’t need a paper to give me a misrepresentation of events. I know folk who attended . They gave me an honest and transparent version of their day and description of some of the antics they witnessed from bams which these things attract Much easier people to deal with than the holier than thou Celtic contingent we are blessed with here on pie and bovril who have never stepped a foot or even so much as witnessed anyone stepping a foot wrong supporting Glasgow Celtic ETA : my pals went out got pished , probably sang and danced and went up the road . Please note I don’t hold them personally responsible for the behaviour of the bams
  9. So is Celtic fans battering each down the gallowgate just a regular occurrence then and not just saved for title celebrations ?
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