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  1. Keeping on the topic of John Sullivan characters does that make Celtic “Wolfie FC”
  2. Holy smokes . It’s the pie and bovril Celtic cohorts very own dynamic duo
  3. Have Celtic ever not been triggered by a referee in the build up to a game against us
  4. Your thought provoking input will be greatly missed good luck on your future endeavours
  5. Our academy dosen’t have a referee training programme … well officially anyway
  6. He’s a PE teacher at Boclair academy which Rangers academy has links with
  7. Some finish from queens for their goal and a really impressive away crowd for a Tuesday night . Probably only Celtic , Hibs , hearts and Aberdeen will better fill out that corner . Would say Dundee Utd aswell if they find a bit of form Good bit of squad rotation but Sakala as much as he tries I just don’t think has a career much longer at Ibrox . Will always have his song though
  8. That was a monumental acheivement for a squad of 35 all born up the same close in Parkhead cross or something like that
  9. I can see that about the early group games but not the bodo games . They came when you were probably at your peak form in the league think it may pay off against Shaktar particularly at parkhead but going full angeball against Real Madrid could get very ugly very quickly. Would be naive not to change set up and tactics against them with the aim of at least making a game of it
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