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  1. Queens striker Steve Dobbie and Queens fanatic Telboy Sorry I've no pictures.
  2. Sounds very likely the other side was Creetown??????????? The registration could be a thing of the past because if the end in the top two in future, they will eventually be allowed to compete again the the Scottish Cup. Are the amateur set-up also called Tarff Rovers?
  3. Is there someone still holding Tarff Rovers registration? What about all the club's detailed history and any trophies that they won over the years? Who owns their gound at Ballgreen? Is the ground still available to the village of Kirkcowan? What do the locals that live in area think will happen? Do the club still have a bank account and who holds it? What about the two sets of club strips are they still in someone's house? There must be more than a hundred years of treasures in the village regarding the club. I suppose it is too long now to ask about Whithorn FC but someone in that town must hold all the recorded details of the minutes held at the club's AGM every year. Maybe someone has handed all the stuff about the clubs to the Scottish Football Museum. Does anyone know anything about the two clubs, anything at all.
  4. When two clubs join forces and become one, it is called an amalgamation. When were they founded? Not 1994 for sure. You have always got to take the earliest foundation of the two joined clubs. That is when the history started. The youngest of the two clubs was the roots of foundation. Fact. Were Livingston founded in 1974? No they were founded by a team called Ferranti Thistle in 1943. Thistle and Caledonian never died, but were reborn through marriage, so get your facts right and all you hangers on to all the lies...........GIRUY!
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