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  1. Group games are better than friendlies.
  2. Best show on TV since breaking bad!
  3. ftk


    Ronnie will win but hoping Trump does it.
  4. I like how at the beginning of the video the guy in the long black jacket tried to hold him back then thought f**k it and just walked off [emoji1787]
  5. Does Scottish fitba need **** lite in our top division?
  6. Heat the person not the house. Electric blanket and TV in bedroom.
  7. Rightly or wrongly Scottish Football is all about the 'old firm'. It HAS to be 4 old firm games, nothing else! Instead of creating bigger leagues with stupid splits just leave them too it. Have a top league of 10 teams play each 4 times. 1 down. Could still have playoffs. Then below that we can have 2 leagues of 18 teams adding in some of the better highland/ lowland league teams. Advantages of this are that probably all the bigger city teams will be in the Premiership playing each other. Then most of the larger town teams that are full time will be in the Championship and all of the best part time teams in League 1. Overall should see more teams of a similar level being in the same league. Only downside I see is ambitious Championship teams complaining that its too tough to get into the Premiership and stay there. But that probably is the case just now anyway.
  8. Yeah should have been a brick! [emoji8]
  9. Have 3 leagues of 14. Play each other 3 times, 39 games. No silly split and cuts down on the playing each other 4 times. 2 up 2 down with playoffs for 3rd relegation spot. Only downside is half the league will have 19 home games and 20 away. But they can switch this the following season so it evens itself out.
  10. If Arbroath win the league, is it a bigger achievement than Leicester winning the Premier League?
  11. He has good technique.... [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  12. You could help fix the gap my taxing each club in the Premiership 50% of their revenue then distribute it equally between all 12 teams. E.g if £60 million was raised then each team would get £5 million back. Would significantly weaken the old firm and greatly strengthen the smaller teams. Need to fix the voting structure for this to ever happen though.
  13. Coming up on FreeSports too if anyone has rubbish internet.
  14. Will the 4th person to be interviewed Michael Moffat? We have form for this [emoji848]
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