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  1. 'Dirty Arab b*****ds' I know it's not racist but neither is our song. Is pot calling the kettle black racist too?
  2. And Dundee's 'racist' songs about people from the middle east are ok? [emoji38]
  3. Only because there was no bricks lying about [emoji6]
  4. I wouldn't trust Kirkland as far as I could throw him. He just wants his hands on Somerset so he can expand his housing development he is planning on the car park he bought.
  5. I heard there is a poo in a shoe stall where you can buy things to throw at McCall. [emoji16]
  6. We dont have 2 strikers [emoji852] We do have zero defenders though [emoji849]
  7. Shankland hat trick coming up!
  8. Bet Celtic wish they were playing with Young Boys this week! [emoji16]
  9. Bet Celtic wish they were playing with Young Boys this week. [emoji16]
  10. Scotland will win the Euros now! #lawrencevanbasten
  11. Scotland will win the Euros now! #lawrencevanbasten
  12. "Hopefully in the near future" ? So you are looking forward to him leaving too? We need a new owner who is going to drive the club forward both on and off the park. The club has been neglected for far too long. Time for change at the top!
  13. That would be the same for any club if the owner walked away without a new buyer.He said a few months back that he was in talks about a takeover. Probably another one that fell through. From what I heard over the years he is notoriously difficult to deal with and has no intention of leaving the club unless he gets a mega offer.
  14. How do you know that? The next owner could run things alot better? Gretna was a far smaller club than us. Ayr, qos and morton have all under achieved in the last 30 years compared to the 10 or 15 other similar sizes clubs. Both on and off the park. I blame the owners for that.
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