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  1. How many times have you said this over the years?
  2. They have to put a large percentage of women's matches on centre court or number one court or the snowflakes become outraged. Agree with you though.
  3. The commentator clearly reads pie and bovril [emoji6]
  4. Kyrgios is box office! Love him or hate him everyone wants to see his matches. He is naturally very talented and should currently be in a top 10 player. Would be a travesty if he didn't win a grand slam in his career but would only have himself to blame.
  5. Can Cori Gauff win Wimbledon at 15 years of age? Certainly looks the part and nobody really that consistent in the ladies.
  6. I know cant wait. There is a real hatred between the 2. Just hope Kyrgios is up for it!
  7. That must be why he was limping and not running for balls then.
  8. You never watched it then [emoji23]
  9. Did you watch it? He was winning comfortably until he got injured in the third set.
  10. Would be play every week at Hull? Would he be the main man at Hull? Would be in the reserves a lot at Hull? Plus its Hull!
  11. Celtic fan watching on centre court with old CR Smith top on.🤣 Sitting right behind umpire. Do Wimbledon let any old riff raff in these days?
  12. Killie couldn't afford Shankland plus he hasn't had his tetanus shots.
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