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  1. I'm no Bullen fan but realistically he is going nowhere. Looking at the big picture the club will think he is doing a great job.
  2. Alan Forrest, he's better than James!
  3. 5. Milkybar 4. *New Entry* Cadburys Caramilk 3. Turkish Delight from fridge. 2. Creme egg from freezer 1. Kinder Bueno White Chocolate - (basically crack cocaine, one try addicted for life)
  4. Somebody replied 'how am I going to watch bargain hunt?' [emoji23]
  5. If we got promoted I think the club would just delay the north terrace redevelopment until the following season when we are relegated [emoji857]
  6. Simple 50% tax on all revenue of Premiership clubs split evenly between all teams in the top league. Thank you
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