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  1. Probably 2 central defenders, 1 box-to-box mid, 1 winger and a striker
  2. Craig Moore's last minute winner up at East Fife in the business end of the 2017/18 season. Also Shankland's goal away up at Airdrie a week after.
  3. Sadly I think we will really struggle to stay in this league tbh
  4. Christ, he's a bigger salad dodger in that photo than what he was with us.
  5. Ross Stewart doesn't deserve the Scotland bench. Quality player under the right management
  6. Yeah probably; to be fair, I didn't think Adeloye picked up 8 yellow cards last season.
  7. Looks as if he's a temperamental character with 7 yellow cards and 1 red. For a winger, that is quite damn high.
  8. I always remember in the 09/10 season, the club always stuck an image of the supposed new ground on the programmes. Was some laugh
  9. High Street has taking a hit from online shopping, but if you compare the likes of Dumfries, Stirling and similar other towns, Ayr has taking a battering.
  10. You know Ayr has gone rapidly down hill when you're recommending weatherspoons food.
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