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  1. Ayr and Killie; just like Norwich against Ipswich. The secret is in the word local!
  2. Poor footage; it’s like watching a 1970’s cine camera video. [emoji848]
  3. They have taken my money but the screen is blank
  4. AJ has always preferred to play attacking football. He is a better manager than he is given credit for.
  5. I've been trying to get the the game for over an hour now; just gave up [emoji24]
  6. Apart from the first 20 minutes, I also missed the last 20 because my screen showed that there were technical issues, so I never bothered refreshing it. I certainly won't be asking for a refund though.
  7. Thanks for the updates on Duns and Selkirk; but are Kelso still around?
  8. So you think that is a good thing? Someone on the BOD should have told the Official site team to make that a priority. [emoji20]
  9. It would also help matters if they would list the 20/21 sponsors instead of the previous seasons’. Bought in 2019 [emoji45]
  10. Does anyone know anything about the return of Selkirk? It's been while since we have heard about their fundraising plans; perhaps the pandemic has shelved things for now.
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