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  1. Factories are closing every day now. The supply chain is thinning down. The 3rd world will be desperate very soon. I honestly see Europe being overwhelmed as they try to enter in their millions. It's going to get a lot worse!
  2. I think we have the players, the tactics and positions we play them in beggars belief though!
  3. I’m sorry to say it, but it looks like Stephen Dobbie is finished at this level ☹️
  4. Partick Thistle when Rough was playing and Ayr United under Ally we’re both part-time I the top division.
  5. I can remember Arbroath and Cowdenbeath getting relegated in the 1970’s
  6. How many different clubs have been playing in the top league since Queens came down in the early 60’s?
  7. It would be good for you guys, part time teams tend to go down fairly quickly on a regular basis.
  8. The two Arbroath fans sitting beside me we’re excited about their club trying to find the funds to go full time next season.
  9. Since Creetown recently constructed fencing around their ground, are they intending to apply for licence any time soon? A wee question for the experts! Has the town of Creetown ever been represented in the Scottish Cup?
  10. The SFA should cut off any possibility of Junior teams qualifying for the Scottish Cup proper. Watch what happens then!
  11. incidentally, does Peter McCloy ever go to watch Girvan home games?
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