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  1. The current BOD are maybe Queens fans, but none of them have a clue on how to run the business side of the club. The apathy towards Queens in the town is probably close to the worst it has ever been. They make mistake after mistake; it’s all about me me me and f**k youse lot. They have taken Queens to a level that is way above their abilities; they haven’t got the know how of what to do next. I just can’t understand why they want to keep things in a 3 man committee type rather than publicly invite non executive Director on to the board. Just get a fucking grip!
  2. FFS people, if we didn’t have fans volunteering to film and commentate games; we would be far worse off for it. Just get off their backs and let them be [emoji45]
  3. I found this programme very racist!
  4. I like the style this year; we will be in the top 6 for sure.
  5. Was there not a poster called Truthy several years ago who was banned for the same thing?
  6. FFS, they did absolutely fine. Real fans doing their bit for the club and the worldwide viewers. I was happy to see the game irrespective of the quality; I’m going to miss watching Queens when the fans return and the streaming stops.
  7. Bring back old Truthy, he knew how to wind us all up! [emoji15]
  8. Nice one Queens [emoji4] Just a shame that the 20-21 shirt draw sponsors are not listed on the Official site.
  9. Sat Sep 12 Biggar.Un - Fernieside Bishopton - EK.Harp Blackhall - Southpark Blantyre Vics - Greenock Carluke.Th - Kirkfield.Un Castlemilk.Dyn - RREK Crosslands.Un - Baillieston.Th Doune.Castle - Gartcosh.Un E.Dunbartons - St.Davids EKYM - Harestanes Elgin.City - Lossiemouth Ferguslie.Star - Erskine Glebe.Hibs - Newmains.Hams Huntershill - Springburn.Th John.Street - The.Forrest Kilbarchan.Th - Ferguslie.Star Kincorth - Cowie.Thistle Linlithgow.Rose - Troon Moorpark.Ath - Dumbarton.afc Motherwell.Th - Dalziel Neilston - Colville.Pk.E Netherton - Cleland Newlands - DTI Newshot - Bridgewater Rhu - Dumbarton.Un St.Francis - Belvidere Shawbridge - St.Mungo Singer - Tollcross Southside.morn - Red.Star Southside.Un - Lok.Glasgow Steins.Thistle - Dunblane.SC Stranraer - Stranraer.Res Tantallon.Vic - Bargeddie Vale of Leven - Maryhill Wishaw.Rangers - Carluke.`spurs Woodside - Dean.Park
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