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  1. Was there not a mention of someone from the Currie (European) family toying with the idea?
  2. Morton again? It's every other week, same old, same old! This is becoming bloody tedious so it is!
  3. Having a team of non goal scorers is going to relegate us!
  4. Clearly Queens are shite too, our tactics absolutely stink!
  5. Does anybody like the new Irn Bru energy drink?
  6. It'll be great to see a Nithsdale Wanderers/Kello Rovers derby as they are only a few miles apart.
  7. Most of the lower leagues in Spain, Germany, Italy and France play on 4G plastic, yet their control is fabulous compared to Scottish players.
  8. Well worth watching the highlights for the 3 goals alone! [emoji14]
  9. Perhaps Billy should stay out of the dressing room more often!
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