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  1. 1.No Hibs player has ever dived ever. 2.Your manager is a fanny.
  2. I'm sure you remember Lennon condemning the ref for the joke of a pen Mclaren got in 3-2 match. Swings roundabouts and all that shite. Stop greeting, you lost.
  3. What a team we have right now, great belief and working tirelessly for each other. Was as comfortable a 90 mins as I've ever seen, thought Saints were very poor and didn't really contribute anything to the game. Well done to the 120 brave souls who made their way through.
  4. Celtic are a club like no other with fans like no other. Thank f**k!
  5. But what it also doesn't show is how the Govan mob were time wasting from around the 35 minute mark as they were shiteing it, then how they conveniently overlook Defoe's blatant dive and run with Alan Power should be cited and banned because he bosses them every time. Utter clueless, classless shitebags to a man! Who else can they greet about to their pals in the media?
  6. Surprised by Dundee last night thought they played well first half and could of been up by more. Second half though it was all about Killie. They could never keep up the intensity of the first half and were punched out by the start of the second. Killie did everything but score and pretty gutted to come away with just a point. Would have been a joke if old man Miller had scored the pen.
  7. You fannies got your angry letter ready for Thursday morning after the Killie machine fucks you.
  8. What's the word on Brophy? I feel if he leads the line we will turn them over not so confident if it's the Rev. Could do with 3 points and a decent performance before we play the untouchables on Saturday.
  9. Whataboutery you for real. You know twat spelt backwards is tawt, think on that.
  10. That's hilarious from a support who have Scott Brown in their team. And he's not injured, if you look closely it's serial cheat Graham Shinnie. Boyd like the rest of us had to laugh at his performance 2/10, sadly still good enough to fool the ref but no one else.
  11. Good point, Shinnie is a c**t Aberdeen fans are a bit touchy eh! Ayrshire *** patter =desperate!!
  12. Well that was easy,.Forfar was a much tougher challenge
  13. I'd say Mcinnes is a snidey wee *** rat, not sure what he's like as a coach mind.
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