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  1. Was fortunate enough to see Gil Scott Heron at Glastonbury 1995, his dad signed for Third Lanark and played a couple of games for some other less illustrious Scottish mob.
  2. Guard of honour at CP on the 23rd please, oh and 3 points it's the decent thing to do.
  3. I know you're the resident troll and you shouldn't bite, but probably not for the first time in your keyboard life I have to tell you that you're a prize p***k.
  4. Quite angry and pedantic these Hibbs fans.
  5. Of course he will be delighted good Killie boy is Clancy. Sure as death, taxes and Hibbsing it.
  6. I believe you'll find its one Hibs fan with multiple accounts, at least I hope so. No gif
  7. No one is losing the plot, just standard clichés assuming so. The standard of Scottish refereeing is horrific we should all be condemning that decision, not the result.
  8. Of course Well fans don't give a f**k, they got the 3 points, fitba fans should give a f**k though. Poor show from some Well fans.
  9. Fair play to the St.Mirren fans for not suffering a "Hillsborough type crush" forcing open the gates, intimidating stewards and the like. Yet another example how proper, decent fitba fans deal with adversity. Bit of a shambles from our end and hope lessons will be learned. As for the game it was not a classic, the win probably flattered us. Real Saints looked a lot more compact than last season and like us struggle up top, we had plenty of the ball but so desperately need the number 10 position filled if we want to push for 3rd again.
  10. 1.No Hibs player has ever dived ever. 2.Your manager is a fanny.
  11. I'm sure you remember Lennon condemning the ref for the joke of a pen Mclaren got in 3-2 match. Swings roundabouts and all that shite. Stop greeting, you lost.
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