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  1. All orders requesting postage have been notified of postage rates and books have been sent out accordingly. The mail box was full, due to it having a small capacity, but it is clear now.
  2. If you are in the town, you can pick it up from my house if that suits.
  3. Just to reply to the above two posts. There will be a limited number of softback copies available from the club shop from Saturday onwards. As regards the hardback, they will be only be available from me.
  4. Just to update. The hardback copies of the book have arrived and I will collect them tomorrow. For those who have pre-ordered copies (and also softback) I will be in the Arena pre match Saturday between 1.00 and 2.30ish. For those who do not collect then, I will also be at the Fayre on Sunday. Anyone not at either, and have not asked for posting, get in touch to sort something out collection/ delivery wise. Cheers.
  5. The centenary history book should be available for collection at Palmerston this weekend. I expect to have the hardback copies on Friday. Will update more tomorrow or Thursday.
  6. Thanks. Hope you approve when you see it. Think it might keep you occupied for a while.
  7. I apologise for the delay in putting out an update as regards the Queens Centenary History, but I can now confirm that the book is in the process of being printed. For those of you who ordered the hardback edition, pre-payment can now be made and I will publish collection details when I have the books. Please email me at [email protected] for details of how to pay. Anyone wanting a softback edition, you can also now pre-order. Thanks for your patience and interest, IAIN.
  8. Between two and three years in the making.
  9. Hopefully about three weeks, but I will certainly update when I know exactly. Thanks for your interest.
  10. Cheers and thanks for your positive support.
  11. QUEENS CENTENARY BOOK. Right then, an update.The book is ready to be printed and the cover price is likely to be £40 hardback (all spoken for) and £30 softback. When I first posted, I was uncertain as to page numbers and therefore price, but can confirm it is 506 pages - complete history, 100 Palmerston Personalities pen pictures and full stats from 1919 to last season, all supplemented by countless photos. Oh, almost forgot, with a Foreword written by Stephen Dobbie. Should anyone not now want a hardback copy, please let me know asap - [email protected] Thanks and will update again when ready.
  12. Queens Centenary book

    All hardback copies of the forthcoming centenary history have now been sold. I will update on price etc. in the next few days. The book should be with the printers by the end of next week.
  13. Queens Centenary book

    Think it will be £35. Page wise, it is looking at around 400. Will know exactly when I get the proof copy whichnwill hopefully be next week.
  14. This weekend could well see orders for the hardback edition of the book close, as less than 20 copies remain. Anyone interested in a hardback edition please contact [email protected] Softback copies will obviously be available for sale.
  15. An update on the Centenary Book hardback edition. It was originally going to be only 100 - for obvious reasons as mentioned previously, but due to demand it has been decided to simply do as many hardback copies as are required. So, anyone now wishing to reserve a copy email [email protected] There will be a cut off point as the book is almost ready to go to print.