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  1. I agree. And I don’t think the players are mentally strong enough to carry the pressure that brings. Home win and effectively the end of the campaign.
  2. From the style of play you can see that it is Archibald that is in charge at training. It’s the same unadventurous side to side slow cautious rubbish that was played post top 6. Wouldn’t surprise me if he had a role in recruitment as well, as most recent signings are truly awful. McCall, Archibald and Scally need sacking today to try and salvage the season.
  3. Archie would be punted with McCall. You can see from the shape and tactics the influence that Archibald has - side to side, overly cautious, backwards play, fill the squad with players who are past their prime or just talentless, plus blind loyalty to players such as Bannigan who are clearly beyond their best days.
  4. McCall and his halfwit assistants should be sacked tonight. No question. The team has gone backwards since they arrived and he has assembled a squad of absolute donkeys.
  5. One would have hoped that the management team would have spent the last 3 months on tactics and a game plan that didn’t produce the turgid rot that we had served up in the first 10 games. But no. Same again. No pace, no creativity, no oomph up front and a leaky defence. And the new geriatric signings won’t help. McCall and the two dumplings beside him in the dugout must be creaming themselves safe in the knowledge that they won’t be sacked since the club is so skint.
  6. Excellent. Signed a defender. When everyone, except McCall apparently, can see we desperately need someone who can score goals. Good work, Ian.
  7. Close down the lower leagues cos that’s where the risk of infections lies? what teams have all had to self isolate or had outbreaks? Sellick, St Mirren, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock. All premier league teams. So the wee diddy teams have been sacrificed for the transgressions of the “elite”.
  8. One of the WAT experts has cracked it - we’re shit because we’ve had to rebuild the squad. Not because we’ve got shit players or a shit management team.
  9. I’d be upset if it was a good player that we’re now deprived of for the next couple of days. It’s only Rudden. No great loss.
  10. Another blank up front. McCall really has built a squad of utter mince. And it’s not a new problem - he’s had a long time to deal with it. Loser.
  11. So if I’m reading the Fan Ownership piece in the Evening Times correctly, the fans Foundation gets a seat at the board table but the current board and Ms Low stay on? Excellent. Really can’t see why some fans have an objection to it.........
  12. McCall and Archibald know that they’re in the job till the end of the season regardless of what happens, as we’ve no money to pay them off. Questionable if we have money to sign strikers in January. Not that I would trust McCall with any new signings as he’s built another duff squad devoid of pace and goal scorers. The fan ownership piece should just be quietly dropped as it will be the end of the club if it happened.
  13. I wouldn’t trust McCall and his trusty assistants to sign anyone decent - they’ve built a complete dud of a squad.
  14. Absolute shower of shite. But hey, Jackie’s chosen few will bring us fan ownership and all will be well again.
  15. The 3 of them need to go imo. Whilst I appreciate it will cost a pretty penny, we cannot afford to go down and at this moment in time, we’re bang on relegation form.
  16. And that’s a perfect example of why the club is where it is today. Being satisfied with a goalless draw against Cove ffs. Or not kicking off because they beat us. Loser attitude in the boardroom, chief exec office, dugout and changing room. And now it seems on the terraces as well.
  17. Did anyone else witness the words of wisdom from Mr G Caldwell during the Hearts Arbroath game? What a dick. How the hell he impressed at interview I’ll never know. He must have slipped the interviewer something.......
  18. Blaming the SPFL and other clubs for us getting relegated last season was a complete smokescreen. The chairman and manager (and his assistants) were 100% responsible for getting us to League 1. And it looks like lessons have not been learned. Same shite, different season. No goals, no chances, no creativity or imagination. This is McCall’s squad now and he has no excuses. He has to win the next 3 games to keep his job.
  19. No point in loaning him out just to be crap somewhere else. Time to get rid of one of the few remaining Caldwell duds.
  20. Don’t know why people are bothering voting. Jacky will have already decided the name.
  21. These appointments by the Chair confirm that fan ownership is dead in the water. The realists among us knew that it would never happen.
  22. Does it not then come down to who owns 3BC - and if that was Colin Weir, then his shares in 3BC and subsequently the PTFC shares owned by 3BC, are part of his estate?
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