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  1. One of the perks of supporting Stenny. It's the hope that kills you.
  2. I haven’t passed comment on the team so far as I haven’t seen them play since Colin took charge, however I’d assume most of the folk that have saw them play are thinking the same as the above. I could have understood the decision to bullet bomber if they had a league one / championship manager lined up to replace him but to release the statement they did then replace him with an inexperienced manager, this looks like it may backfire on the club. Only positive at the minute is that Dumbarton and Brechin keep getting beaten just now as well. Has the team been playing any differently to when Ferguson was in charge? Hopefully they can get a few bodies in in January and climb the table.
  3. Lol. You really should have a picture of yourself crying to go with this.
  4. Sorry I’ve obviously picked him up wrong. Positive he said it was his second stint at dumbarton.
  5. Would tend to agree with this. Who is out of work that would be realistically interested? Paul Hartleys reputation has severely nose dived, would he drop down to league 1, would we want him? Stevie aitken? I work with a dumbarton season ticket holder and he’s told me his second spell in charge was brutal. Neil McCann? Lol. Who do the board think they can attract to this position, they must have been speaking to someone as surely you wouldn’t get rid of a manager without having somebody lined up. Has there been any rumblings from in the club about who it might be?
  6. Still think this is a rash decision. I haven’t been to many games this year due to work but even when I have been I’ve never heard any fans calling for his head nor for me had there been any signs that his job was ever in danger. Just my opinion though. Also, not really wanting to defend the club here but it can’t have been an easy decision for them either given the association that bomber has with the club. Like others have said league 1 is so tight that a few back to back wins and your right up the table.
  7. I haven’t been overly impressed with him either since he’s came in. Looks a few yards short of pace for this level and a wee bit suspect when it comes to doing his job defending. Impressed with gibbo again. Thought we played well though but didn’t ask enough questions of airdrie when they went down to ten. That 90th minute save from their keeper though was absolutely outstanding.
  8. I’m no sure if cesc could handle two hours with a semi clad lunatic talking about jet packs, his granny (RIP) and the Jon Bon jovies. Teckle.
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