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  1. Right I apologise for starting this nonsense I only commented on what I and others witnessed . The lady from up North and her son s did let rip with absolute vile towards Dods and The team once Dumbarton scored they re 2nd goal. On being told to calm down and back the team she turned and started on the guy who asked her to back off . No one threatened any kids and Bill Lumsden , Scott Keir and Harry Angus were nt even arguing with her . So they should be taken out of the equation. Once again I apologise and if 1906 wants I'll speak to him on Saturday if he PM s me . Matter finished. .. Mon The Broch
  2. Take it Aberdeen were away from home yesterday.
  3. lived in Brechin all my life and my daughter isn't so called she's 100 % genuine .
  4. Oh well shame on you , na but seriously if that's what's supposedly representing the club at away games maybe best staying away .I know supporters bus numbers are well down because of the (we goto every away game so we can shout and abuse who ever we want brigade ) .Whiche is a shame because there a lot of decent folk in supporters Club
  5. She just flew into a foul mouthed rant .The 7 or 8 guy s were everything from C*@T s to B*stards , maybe all hell broke out in a verbal context then haha . The guys she was screaming at are all okay ones even a police officer .
  6. He's the guy who does hedge TV right enough Ha ha . On a sour note me and my daughter were standing below the camera hut and during 2nd half all hell broke loose from the City Fans from up North and some older guys beside them . The language from the guys from the north was absolutely terrible and her kids were nt any better . I don't know there names but they should be ashamed of themselves . One of the guys goes to away games with the Undateables. This on a day when things were actually going well . I'm sure she's from up Buchan way .If that's what she bringing to Glebe Park she should stay up there and support Peterheed or who ever .
  7. Thought we just did enough to win .Surprised how bad The Sons are considering the squad of players they have . We controlled first 20 mins without looking dangerous .Dumbarton huffed n puffed but after Barrs freaky goal we fell right out of it and started to look poor again . Then 2nd half Dumbarton goal leads a charmed life they break away and guy scores a screamer. But we kept plugging away and the hard working Boris got his rewards . Well worked equaliser and from then on it always looked we could snatch it . We have to keep this going though although any injuries and we re goosed as we ve nought on bench at all . Everyone speaking about 3 signings coming in . But it ll all be hush hush I guess
  8. We're not really getting in a pickle but we have 2 fit defenders. It's more of a 'what the f**k is he going to do' type scenario. I see ! So your there for the taking ? Similar scenario to your first game at our place last year you had a wee crisis and were down to barebones it was our first real chance of a win ( on paper ) and we defended the whole fucking game . Then Willie D scored an OG in 90 mins .
  9. God you Sons fans are getting in a pickle over nothing .You will genuinely be shocked at how bad we now are even after last season's lows
  10. Ah right never thought it was that bad . We have a committee who are happy to lose games and see dwindling home attendances. As longs the boardrooms well stocked on a Saturday they re happy .
  11. You know what I don't think League Cup helps being so early in season .You have less time for friendlies, trialists at a minimum .. On paper the section set up s a good idea but it's all for the full timers . I think managers / committee s plans are really hindered by this .A lot of our players don t look near match fit yet lot looking heavy . In fact that's the reason we have 1 win in 40 league games ... The new set up ha ha ha ...
  12. Why is Aitken under pressure ? It's hardly a disaster your start to season and no shame on being relegated last season you guys have done part time footy proud . Swap fortunes with you guys any day . You ve a great squad once you gel you won t be far away
  13. That was a thread about Darren Dods. No it wiz na. It got derailed min
  14. Dods is looking for experienced defenders! !!! I give up !!!!
  15. You ll win no problem .The days of away teams being wary of the Glebe are long long gone . We are pants
  16. Not a bad start to the season then for Montrose? Brilliant start for Montrose beating a team with 1 win in 40 and a highland league team
  17. I thought he was alright with us . Some folk had no time for him .He did get shown up last season but who did nt . I just realised you ve got Michael Paton he's a player who always plays well against us . Always rated him
  18. To be it has been totally side tracked I put my hands up to that . I did actually set out to discuss Saturdays game. You guys have 5 or 6 ex City players so should be extra motivation for them
  19. No disrespect to Montrose you win games you lose games ! But we are having a meltdown about 1 win in 40 league games since April 2017 certainly not about losing to you guys . At the moment your a club on the up better management, better hospitality , better facilities. You are a COMMUNITY CLUB and good for yous . Us we re miles behind the other Angus Clubs on and off the field . You guys have been the poor relation for last 20 years but now your getting your time ... Enjoy it .. MELTDOWN OVER HA HA HA
  20. I know there was nobody on the bench yesterday that filled you with any hope . Books have to be balanced and club ran efficiently but we ve been in debt and came out unscathed that's the way little clubs work I'm sure another couple players in won t ruin the club . Get a couple better players in start improving then give Scots Cup a good go we might be lucky to get a plum draw again . Or don t they trust DD with the cash ????
  21. Well it's the battle of last seasons bottom 2 . Dumbarton seem to have strengthened and look strong candidate s for top 2 or 3 spot. Us well we're in free fall which committee and sadly us diehards have to accept . Can t see anything other than a Sons win .
  22. Na it's a blatant push for penalty .I prefer Smithy in midfield. . I felt Boris worked hard and never gave up. He s alright brings more to game than Isaac
  23. And Dods will continue to do his damdest to get us relegated. ..
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