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  1. Surely this time? Hopefully get out of the tricky festive fixtures without too much damage/injuries.
  2. Inverclyde and Goldenhill will be the main long term teams still in it, Castlemilk are a good young team also but it can't be a good sign losing a top team every season, not sure what the script is with Motherwell Thistle but it doesn't look great judging by the weekend carry on from St Joes Twitter.
  3. Celtic -1 is about 11/4. I think I'll be playing that.
  4. I fancy Ruiz to do the job again.
  5. Oban Saints will be looking for revenge away to Rothie, should be another good tie.
  6. Just had a look at some of the Serbs results and they don't appear to be any great shakes themselves, their tie with Norway could be quite interesting actually. I'm away to get measured for my kilt!
  7. Another glorious failure on the cards it would appear. We'd have had more chance finishing 2nd in the three team section and getting drawn into League A path, that's where the system seems flawed.
  8. Turkmenistan - I think I read a story last year about a couple of missionary type hippys who went there to speak to try and speak to a group of Jihadis about changing the way they view things. Ended up being beheaded. I remember years ago when I was about 10 there were a bunch of street kids visiting our church from Guatamala had never heard of the place and have never heard of anyone heading there since!
  9. What was big Weinstein like on a night out, some character ihi?
  10. If Hibs got Ross straight after his spell with St Mirren then I'm sure it would be seen as a natural/decent appointment. Some seem to think he's damaged goods after getting the bullet from Sunderland but I think he was a bit unlucky (of course he had the biggest budget but the club is still a complete basket case).
  11. The Georgia game was a killer after the high of beating Ukraine at Hampden the previous Saturday.
  12. They'll be going for the Cathy Freeman Sydney 2000 attire!
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