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  1. Don't think many of them had the 'Privilage' of shooting off to Dubai either!
  2. The Government should get Lennon in for tomorrow's Covid Breifing!
  3. Everyone's negative apart from the ones that are positive.
  4. Did Duffy not come out the 'Elite Sports Bubble' when he came back?
  5. Who could handle it? Well your mob.2 weeks ago Yogi!
  6. 6-0 to Celtic with Yogi fawning over how good a side they are at full time!
  7. Hibs not scoring 2 goals burst my coupon. I'm not as seething as Jack Ross tho!
  8. Surprised you didn't get bigger odds on that tbh!
  9. They look better going forward with Turnbull, Craigan and Stubbs making him out to be the second coming of Iniesta however!
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