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  1. McLeish already has a very poor record since taking over. He seems to be writing off tonights match as just practice for Monday. the compliant press will let him off lightly as usual following another defeat. Regardless of Belgiums current status, a defeat on home soil should NEVER be accepted as inevitable. Neither should selecting players who are currently reserves.
  2. We all have our opinions, I hope we do well but have grave doubts. Time will tell.
  3. The way its going, saints should be moved to the English non league section. Very worried about the way Stubbs sees non league players able to step straight into out Premiership. Shows what he really thinks about our football.
  4. The implication in a "short career" seems to be that after you retire from football, with another 30 or so years of working life left, you can just go to the golf course while the rest of us continue grafting.
  5. I do understand the FIFA criteria and that other countries can and do use them. I don't care about players eating haggis (disgusting stuff) or singing the national anthem (disgusting anthem) Don't know what a pizza crunch is, mind you. I have said endlessly that I have nothing against English people, just that they shouldn't be playing for us, they have their own country and its a better team than ours by far. I heard the commentator last night say that over half the Tunisian team were born outside that country, it didn't seem to do them any good however that's their business. Do you concede that there are many like me who believe that the inclusion of players who are not Scottish is not only bad for our domestic game but denies home based players the chance to represent their country ? There was an age old argument previously about home v anglos which used to enrage fans here when unknown players from down south were often picked before fans favourites here. Every one of those players, however, were Scots, and tended to play for the top English teams. Nowadays we are picking unknown second and third division players and are at the lowest point in our history with no sign of qualification in sight. Please at least have the decency to respect my opinion whilst not agreeing with it. I wont have a dig at Thistle although I did recently, I hope and expect a right good challenge from them this season and the team of Jimmy Davidson, Johnny Mackenzie and Alan Rough will always have a place in the top echelons of our game.
  6. Instead of your wisecracks (which are not in the least funny), can you explain to me which criteria you consider acceptable for a player to represent Scotland ? Please don't quote the so-called "granny rule" as I would expect. Would you at least concede that whilst you are obviously happy to have players with little or no connection to Scotland , for example born outside the country, never even been here, never played here, blatantly using us as a fall-back position, it is possible for some to believe that for international football it devalued things ? I dont ask you to agree but at least to appreciate another point of view. Even if any of the , as I see it, "ringers" were decent, I still wouldn't approve. I know I am fighting a lost cause with someone like McLeish in charge (75% failure rate so far) who has been blinded by his unsuccessful time in England yet rates their teams so highly. Perhaps he wont last very long in the job, one can only hope. If you really do support Scottish football, enjoy next season watching the Sons.
  7. Many a true word spoken in jest. Some might even have the most tenuous connection and be considered able to qualify under the ridiculous current rules, lol.
  8. Only saw the second half - up until the third goal - but very disappointed in Scotland, particularly their passing inability and lack of fight. I think they ought to get shot of the guy in charge, he is hopeless. The England players liked to be more up for it and confident, which was understandable given the paucity of their opponents.
  9. I get what you are saying, but surely every match Scotland play matters ? Every defeat plunges us further down the ratings. McLeish is a very bad appointment, he did not deserve to be employed by our country again.
  10. 75% failure rate for McLeish now. His only excuses seem to be " it wasn't a heavy defeat". That's a great comfort to the fans, no doubt. Did the idiots who selected him really expect anything other than failure ?
  11. Could you imagine in any other country where not only the 2 clubs involved in that incident ( and they were notorious for that kind of thing for generations) were forbidden for nearly 40 years to enjoy a drink at the match....but every other club was punished in that way as well ? And we continue to put up with it to this day !!
  12. Yet another pathetic display and defeat. McLeish is a very bad appointment for quite a number of reasons. The goalie was rubbish, as was Phillips as usual. The guy who came on , McBurnie, looked like a juniors player. Morgan was the only decent player, surrounded by duds.
  13. Exactly ! Unless the club moves to England, where he and his family are based. No thanks to his offer.
  14. Much like lots of the Scotland International players.
  15. Normally wouldn't care a jot about Partick Thistle but your endless nitpicking and abuse on another topic has undoubtedly inspired an emotion of schadenfreude following my predicted demotion.
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