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  1. I wouldn’t shed a tear if his “big team” disappeared for good, to be honest. As long as he keeps performing for his ‘wee team’ that’ll do me.
  2. “Sticking up for the Jambos.” Tragic, mate. Thank f**k we don’t like either of you. I can not even imagine how bizarre it would be to try and be fwends like that. Dundee will be sending you poison pen letters if you keep this up.
  3. Whole lot of big chat about Halliday. Is this a different Halliday to the one that sent Hibs in to the bottom six last season? He sounds pish.
  4. I like posters like that guy. Very selective memory. A few years of his pishy wee club capitalising on only having one bigger club than them in the division, is the perfect set up for the depression that is about to set in.
  5. Good to see you taking your teams inevitable plummet back to mediocrity well. Purple patch is over Flossy.
  6. It’s nauseating. Thankfully the other wee diddy sook up club from up their way has returned to their natural position, in the division below. No longer have to read comments like: “I like you Hibs, but… “ from borehemoth old twats like that boy with Jesus in his avatar.
  7. Not HMFC, anyway. We will be dick-slapping the Premiership diddies like cock of the north.
  8. St Johnstone fans with their weird and repulsive constant sooking up to Hibs.
  9. It’s only when the rug gets pulled that it all properly hits you. Doesn’t sound like the UTD fans have a lot of say or power over things though, just like we (and I assume Dundee) never. I suppose it’s fair enough. What can you do, except push it out of your mind, enjoy the present and hope for the best?
  10. Be sure and accessorise with your beige Rover etc ... driving gloves ... uhm ... corduroys ... something about brogues
  11. Mate, it is precisely because of our troubles a decade ago that I said what I did. It did worry me at the time. As long as the largess of your owners holds up you will be fine, but surely year on year losses in the millions is not sustainable?
  12. Dundee United’s annual losses would worry me if I was a fan.
  13. What are the songs about Walter Smith and Goram, that we’re getting an airing in Perth last weekend? Seems a bit weird celebrating the death of one of your greatest players of my lifetime.
  14. He’s been watching Bushiri, JDH and Newell for so long, he’s probably forgotten what foitball even looks like.
  15. The same Toby Sibbick who helped dump Hibs in the bottom six, then helped earn us a cup final slot … that Toby Sibbick?
  16. That Bushiri laddie has really turned it around tbh. Big threat to us on Sunday. He and Porteous look pretty steady and watertight. Amazing turnaround from one who Hibs didn’t even want to keep to first choice, and the other guy that can’t wait to leave being captain. Hats off to them, I say.
  17. Looks a bit of a player so far. Probably best not to pick at the origin scab though, eh chief?
  18. Because Hibs’ committee signing policy is copacetic. And one of those signings is a guy from a Gambian academy, and his name is Bojang.
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