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  1. Yeah, this is true. With more attacking players in the WB positions, we could play about with the three forwards. Two supporting a CF, or a deeper sitting player supporting a front two. Nice to have options.
  2. I think Boyce would probably welcome having someone to take the pressure of him a little. Might even play alongside each other in some games. If Boyce gets injured, we only have converted wingers/number tens, and Euan Henderson as back up. It's an interesting point though. I think Boyce realises that like every other first choice player, we are only looking to bring in players who will actively compete with them for the shirt. We will be looking to find better than Boyce already, but it's up to him to show that he can see off the challenge.
  3. I think we are bringing him in to tide us over. We have been trying to sign strikers on permanent deals, but our top targets are proving a bit difficult to get over the line. I'd sooner we brought in a temporary fix to help us secure third (and potentially a big wad), than go to third or fourth choice on the list, and end up with a guy that we need to shift from the wage bill, once our favoured targets become available. We tried to sign him permanently in the summer, apparently.
  4. Apparently we tried to sign him about the same time as Beni. He is contracted to Everton until 2024 though now.
  5. Doubtful that Ellis Simms will make it for tonight's game, but looks a decent player.
  6. I seem to have followed the same emotional pattern as normal with this fixture: See the fixture looming, and hope we get as many points before it as possible, to mitigate for a loss. A few days before, force myself to start thinking about it, and really, still not expect very much. Day before, and day of the game, remember how much I detest a portion of the Celtic support, and belligerently decide they are getting beaten. With that in mind... 2-2 draw.
  7. Probably just the usual for this fixture tbh. See Hibs have been trying to get in on the act recently too though. Songs about The Lisbon Lions not being around to see 10 in a row, and paedo chants. Maybe just seen as a sort of sibling rivalry when you chaps do it to each other though.
  8. As someone with quite a lot of family in Birmingham, I've been really bored these last few years going down to visit them at Christmas. We have just been having sausage rolls for dinner, and non-Christmas movies to watch. Watched Die Hard though, there's enough reasonable doubt to exclude it. I particularly liked the bit where the freedom fighting wizard falls off the building.
  9. No cause can be used as justification for innocent children being ripped to shreds by nail-bombs, whilst being pushed around shopping centres in their prams. Freedom fighters fight soldiers, they do not murder innocents. I actually support a unified Ireland, although I don't really see it as my place to get involved. I also support an independent Scotland, but I do not believe in "at any cost". The IRA and all their little off-shoots are terrorist organisations.
  10. Agree with all of this, including the part about our own support, past and present.
  11. So I must have misunderstood you, then. What is subjective about them singing songs in support of terrorism? I assumed that you meant the terrorist part was subjective? It isn’t subjective, the people they praise are terrorists. If that is what you meant, then you were attempting to condone either that, or the other behaviours that I referred to.
  12. Frankly, if you condone the songs that they sing at Tynecastle, then it doesn’t say much about you as a human being.
  13. Not really. Celtic fans at Tynecastle sing about terrorists. That’s a fact. It’s far from the worst behaviour they exhibit there though. Rangers don’t have a monopoly on rightly finding that sort of behaviour nauseating.
  14. That “greenginger” sad case, no less. Or ‘The workie botherer’ as he was known, when we built our new stand. Probably the same guy as said it on here.
  15. Aberdeen fans coming on with shite da patter, and keeping the thread bubbling along nicely.
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