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  1. I think it is more a case of the players looking at the European games on the horizon instead of giving the next game their full attention.
  2. Last two we have played like we are a big team playing wee teams that we just need to turn up against to take the points. We are not.
  3. Can’t make games on Wednesdays at the moment. Tough game this, with our schedule and injuries, I’ll be happy with a narrow win and no injuries or prolonged game. Could see us losing this one though. Hopefully home advantage makes a difference.
  4. No idea about any of that, but the guy you are paraphrasing has quite succinctly summed up why we are where we are. A great many people have done exactly what he suggests, over the years. Tragic cases from up and down the country who get on buses, trains or ferries every weekend, to keep filling the coffers of two quite grotesque clubs, whilst their local club struggles financially. Probably a fair few fans in the Celtic end yesterday prolapsing with joy are from Dundee themselves. Many probably from Dundee United supporting families.
  5. I don't particularly like Dundee United either to be honest with you. PSG bumming Celtic in to oblivion would not harm the Champions League, and would not even make much of a ripple in the attention pool of continental football fans. Celtic or rangers being so far ahead of one of the bigger clubs in Scotland to the point where they are scoring a goal against them without reply every ten minutes is severely damaging to the game here.
  6. Not a particularly great achievement, no. I'd laugh my tits off if it happened though. Wasn't nice watching it happen to Dundee United, but Celtic? f**k, aye.
  7. This little exchange, right here, absolutely nails the reason why Scottish Football is now as dire as it is, in competitive terms. It is precisely because people from Dundee, Edinburgh, Paisley, Inverness and every other town and city in the country DID decide to just start supporting Celtic and Rangers, that things are as shit as they are. People with zero geographical attachment to Glasgow. The reasons are almost always: A- The Old Firm win most weeks B- I am a Catholic or a Protestant who does not like the other denomination very much Decades of this has now led us to the point where we are. Sad, but too late to try and get the genie back in the bottle now.
  8. Because the difference in resources is not as yawning between Liverpool and Bournemouth, as it is between Celtic and Dundee United. Essentially years of sectarian fan recruitment and glory-hunting, has seen Celtic and Rangers' supports grow to a level where they outnumber the fans of the other clubs in their own towns and cities. This has led to a massive inequality in money available to build a team. In England the gap can be quite big too sometimes, but even Bournemouth received £200m prize money for promotion, although I believe that is paid over three years? So say about £70m? Once you start getting in to those sort of figures you are able to buy players that albeit are not as good as what Liverpool have assembled, they are usually better equipped to compete enough to keep the scorelines respectable. The difference in resources from the bigotry and glory-hunting doped OF to their Premiership rivals is far bigger in terms of quality. If glory-hunting arseholes and the religiously bigoted from all over Scotland supported their local teams instead, then we would not be in this sorry state. The same thing happens down south with the glory-hunting, of course, but they are far less dependent on bums on seats to pay their way. Put simply, it was absolutely no achievement for a team of multi-million pound rated internationals to hammer Dundee United, whilst it was a fair bit more of an achievement for Liverpool to do it.
  9. See also Real Madrid and Barcelona. People who do not support other Scottish football clubs, and do not have to suffer their rancidness in their local football stadium eight times a season, often get taken in by it all. People in North America and many down South. There is a misconception that because Rangers are so openly detestable, then surely the club that hates them most must be the good guys. Celtic are just rangers but with much more efficient PR. Celtic at least rolled their turd in glitter before trying to punt it abroad.
  10. Sorta like ... 'no-one likes us - we don't care', essentially.
  11. Nailed it. Essentially Rangers accept that they are a pretty universally disliked entity. Celtic fans labour under the delusion that other people think they are some kind of force for good in the world.
  12. The poster you replied to (with this admittedly hilarious and in no way over-used - boring gif) is not a Dundee united fan though.
  13. I am no great fan of Dundee united, but that was shit to watch, and I felt a fair amount of sympathy for them. Terrible time to have to play Celtic when morale is on the floor after a poor start to the season. Actually very cringe watching the daft Celtic supporters celebrating the goals the way they were on TV. Aye, well done Celtic, a scintillating performance against a closely matched opponent. Can only imagine screeches of joy from the Sportsound team.
  14. Double whining St Johnstone thread for this pish.
  15. Beaton kept the score down. The Welly-boys should erect a statue of him.
  16. See when I get too fat to wear a fitba tap outside of my house? I’m going to scramble all over separating tarps up and down the country in a total rage.
  17. It was not the steamrolling I expected, so fair dues to the welly wearers I just adore watching HMFC right now. Who’s next?
  18. Championship 3rd place strugglers that season we’re they not? Or did they pip Hibs to 2nd? I forget what was happening below us that season.
  19. No, they have not. They are just very good at pretending they are better than they are and getting gullible people to believe it. See Porteous, Rocky and Nisbet as case in point.
  20. Of course. A real man of genuine principles. Just reminds me of that scene. ”yes, I know I am.” “Hibs, Hibs are falling apart - again… “
  21. It’s like when Ian Curtis calls Tony Wilson a c**t in 24 Hour Party People.
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