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  1. Summed up well for me. Although I think we will bounce back after the Motherwell shitshow and get the three points. I also think this could be when our nearest rival’s purple patch comes to an end. Lead in third back up to a reasonable seven points hopefully.
  2. Used to store his pizza on the ceiling.
  3. Jose Quitongo was a bundle of crazy energy. I think I remember a former Hearts colleague saying Steven Boyack was a bit daft. Phil Stamp was another, I believe. Was Lee Erwin at Motherwell not a bit of a piss taker? Not that Biel Mohsni appreciated his sense of humour.
  4. Did not know that. Scratch him off the list then. Decent late summer for the guy then.
  5. I was going to say him and Bartley, but both now mentioned. Russel Latapy worth a mention? Was playing second division in Portugal before he signed for Hibs at about 28/29. Craig Gordon just seems to get better as he gets older, but he was outstanding even as a teenager. On a lesser scale, I think Scott Robinson is a better player now than when at Hearts.
  6. It was because of how good a job he did changing Dundee United’s fortunes around, that I was happy when he came back to HMFC. At that point it felt like exactly what we needed. From the outside looking in at United, he appeared to take a relegation threatened team, and had them up near the top of the league and competing with us. I think people are too quick to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to Levein. He has done well and poorly throughout his managerial career, and maybe United are the perfect fit? I think he would be a success there.
  7. Except that is not your only crime is it? That’s the problem you absolute moron.
  8. At least your owner has assured you that relegation is fine and that you will come straight back up. That must be a comfort at least.
  9. What’s the protocol for HMFC supporters here, in this topic? I am relatively new here. I assume when we were in a similar position, there was a lot of good will from United fans? I’ll try and be arsed going back to check.
  10. That was sort of what I was getting at. Was he pumping further cash in, on top of the loans. Cheers.
  11. Out of curiosity, because I genuinely do not know the finer details of another club's finances, but has Ogren put much money in? On top of the loans that I assume are responsible for this debt that is currently being discussed, I mean.
  12. Genuine and sincere heart-felt best wishes to all Ron Gordon’s bereaved family and friends. That is no age, and I hope he did not suffer.
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