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  1. Pedant alert: Not for a few years, now. They play at Celtic Park.
  2. I’d be playing the team that beat Dundee United, before we insisted on moving Moore out of RWB, Boyce in for Ginnelly, and Halliday taking Cochrane’s place. Three changes that weaken our team.
  3. Absolutely. The calling card of the inbred bigoted puddle-drinker. No shock that the OP falls squarely in to that category.
  4. Suspect you are correct. As I said, “oddball” thinking. I can categorically state that I’d be happy to see any other club than Hibs win a trophy/division at the expense of the OF. There you go though, clearly the ‘big team and wee team’ mentality is as strong as ever in some parts of Scotland.
  5. I’ve always found neutrals celebrating the return of the OF duopoly, and a non-OF team losing out to Celtic, a bit weird. I get it from Hibs and Celtic supporters, but it’s frankly oddball as f**k when it comes from supporters of clubs like Dundee United or St Johnstone.
  6. Chapsticks get a bit melty when kept too close to the body.
  7. Ooft. I don’t know if I’d go that far. Skin-tight trackie bottoms, handbags and embroidered ultra signs on trackie tops vs pork pie hats and Troop shell suits? It’s a tough call.
  8. There is no such thing as a decent looking shell suit.
  9. Are these handbags green brigade standard issue, or do they belong with another chapter?
  10. At least some of them are helpful enough to wear trackie tops telling us they are “ultras” though.
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