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  1. Still, at least when they did get rid, the brought in the right man to get them back to where they belonged.
  2. I went back and started reading the thread from the start. Not a lot of love for Hearts on here, eh?
  3. Have a great time, whatever the result. I’ll be going for the good old fashioned ‘lots of lager’ evening if we win.
  4. It would be a massive one for me. Obviously I hope we win, but we are right up against it here.
  5. Yeah, probably mate. I'll be sure to check the betting apps on the day, in case there's odds to good to miss on Rangers. Back in the real world though, there is always a chance, but we are really up against it.
  6. We are long second favourites for this. We have a chance, but it is going to take a monumental effort and we need Rangers to be off it.
  7. That's great. It kind of falls apart when the whole format of the sport has been redesigned specifically with excitement in mind though. As The 100 was.
  8. I went to see Birmingham Phoenix v the Oval at Edgbaston last summer, in The Hundred. It was good as a day out, but the sport itself, I just cannot get in to at all. Even the shortened format and pyrotechnics failed to get me genuinely excited.
  9. Gardening, and wee trips away here and there. Once this pesky cup final is out the way anyway.
  10. We’re St Johnstone just going easy in order to avoid injuries and suspensions v Hibs? Makes sense if they were. Hopefully it gives ICT a wee confidence booster though.
  11. Do you have any promising kids? What a fairytale if one of them made their debut and put in a man of the match performance. Sometimes a cometh the hour - cometh the man.
  12. Well done ICT. A great wee club from a great part of the country. Really rooting for you in the final.
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