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  1. So what's a good thing to get into? I've found myself unemployed after working in hospitality, fucking hated it so half glad I'm unemployed so I can have a sociable life as well as working because working in a kitchen is no life at all. What's a good thing to get into? What are you's people doing? Can anybody recommend something to a young lad like me?
  2. Aberdeen 22,000 Hearts 22,000 Dundee 8,000 Celtic 55,000 Inverness 7,500 St Johnstone 7,500 Hamilton 6,500 Motherwell 7,000 Patrick thistle 8,000 Ross county - fine Kilmarnock 7,000 Put it this way, it would look better as the grounds would be pretty much filled. Look at St Mirren for example, well when we were in the top flight the ground is quite full and looks good. Celtic's stadium is too big. They still can't fill it and they are playing the best football they have for years. If that won't attract a full house then I don't what will.
  3. England will top the group and that's saying something, that's how shite the group is, seriously the easiest group we've had in years and we are still struggling. England are known bottle merchants and a good efficient Scottish side would wipe the floor with them but I can't see us getting anything more than a draw at Wembley because the way we are playing. It's the same every year with Scotland "we need 3 points tonight" then we get another chance at it because other teams have fucked it, if we just put these diddy teams to bed a draw at England would be a fine result and we would be on top. This is our last chance at it, we need the 3 in London then we can get back into it but I just don't see it, we get chances like this all the time but just can't kill it like ROI sides who just have that edge and they aren't much better than us on paper.
  4. We won't progress under Strachan, he's so stubborn it's unbelievable. I would love Alex Neil in charge. Young guy who knows the modern game. Strachan is trying to play like his Celtic team years ago!
  5. Fancy us to get 3 points somehow. They've got to come eventually!
  6. He can also make things happen from nothing, when he came on Saturday night we looked much better and managed to snatch that point.
  7. Strikers do need service though, if he's getting the service he thrives from he'll score.
  8. Surely playing a striker that scored 40 goals last season would help? No? When lee and Anya came on we looked better, more pace and runs behind the defenders.
  9. Pish from Scotland, same shite different year.
  10. Has anybody had the experience of changing there football team? Or has anybody ever convinced there pals to part ways and follow there local football team or somebody else? I'm originally from Irvine and now stay in Paisley and use to support Celtic all the way up till I was 18, I held season tickets and all sorts until one day I went f**k this I can't be bothered supporting a team I have no real connection with and all the extreme politics in the support and just got sick hearing about it and eventually got to the stage of hating them and most of the support because it's actually not about football. I started following St Mirren when I was 20, my local team and one of my local teams back in Irvine anyway and haven't looked back, it's great to support somebody on your door step and the actual excitement you get winning the odd game as you aren't use to it opposed to winning everything and getting into all sorts of shite nothing to do with football. I know a few stories of people taking there friends to there local teams and actually converting them from the old firm and it's actually brilliant and hope it continues before people get far too wrapped up in the old firm carry on. So anybody got any stories to tell?
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