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  1. I am surprised that Bill Ng has claimed that he watched as Rangers lifted the European Cup Winners Cup in 1972. The match was not screened live. I was at Hampden that night to watch Scotland versus Wales and I watched the highlights from the Rangers game after I got home. The match was definitely not on live television. (Unless my memory is a bit rusty and I'm sure it's not).
  2. Credit where it's due though. You have to admit that 'Firhill for thrills' is original!!!!!
  3. The SFA have stepped in and spoken about the dealings at Rangers. What about the SPL? Have I missed anything?
  4. Billy Dodds predicted that the Ayr United v Falkirk cup tie would go to extra time. Maybe it will but it can't happen tomorrow night.
  5. This week the Daily Record gave Calvin Ayre a new name. They called him Clavin and compounded the mistake by using that name in a headline. The article then went on to refer to him as the Ayr United owner. A day later they correctly referred to his proper name and status (sponsor). Okay we all make mistakes but gaffes like this are happening all the time and these people are supposed to be professionals. Enthusiastic amateurs would do a far better job.
  6. The Sunday Post could stand accused of a few things but you could hardly accuse them of being ahead of their time.
  7. The description of McGowan's goal implies that it was a tap-in. In truth he ran from almost the halfway line, beat players on the way then drove it home from a tight angle. The Ayr United beating Ayr United reference is typical of the BBC. They might have been pioneers in their day but if their website is anything to go by they have become an object of ridicule.
  8. I hope that media people are reading this topic. If it is their day job they have a responsibility to get it right. We have page after page about supposed professionals making derisory mistakes. They really should be reading this topic and taking it to heart. We all make mistakes but the Scottish media are getting it wrong on an industrial scale. The exception tends to be their coverage of the Old Firm. With their minute scrutiny of all things OF it would give them a better chance of getting it right.
  9. Widespread assumptions are made about grounds in the lower leagues. The media would have you believe that Ayr United's success against SPL clubs is largely down to the tight pitch at Somerset Park. Tight? The pitch dimensions at Somerset are identical to the pitch dimensions at Tannadice and Pittodrie. Also, the pitch at Ayr is two yards longer than Tynecastle. Maybe Auchinleck Talbot should be complaining about Hearts having a tight pitch. However I like adverse comments about Somerset Park because they can induce a fear factor in SPL clubs. Before our cup replay against Hibs last season Colin Calderwood was talking as if he was taking his team to play in Barcelona. The expression "crumbling" in relation to Gayfield is awful not only because it is untrue. It is especially awful because it is a cliche. Why can't journalists be more original and apply some thought to the story they are writing?
  10. It's hardly the best of days for the Sunday Mail though. They are clueless about anything outside the SPL. Or maybe they are just plain clueless. I was disappointed that Ayr United v Partick Thistle was off next Saturday. But fear not. According to the Sunday Mail that game is on next Saturday. What about Partick Thistle v Culter that day? No mention of it. Come to think of it they have not listed Montrose v Ayr United in Tuesday's fixtures either. Not to worry. I bought the Mail On Sunday too. That's a posh paper so there should be some sanity in there. Afraid not. The same shameful hat-trick is replicated there. It is a travesty that people get paid to compile such junk.
  11. Quite apart from some dodgy journalism, the forecasts in the original post are beginning to look ill-advised. I believe that Dundee will climb but not far enough to win the league. As for Peterhead, he would have been way wrong even if he'd meant Division Three.
  12. It's a bit like that with Ayrshire. The maternity hospital was in Irvine and there are thousands of people who were born there but have never lived in or near the town.
  13. According to the BBC site, the Clyde goalkeeper at Annan on Saturday was Mental. Okay, his actual name is Mentel so it wasn't far away but the reporter should have realised that he was walking on eggshells with a name like that and got it right.
  14. I panic when Ayr United concede a corner-kick. Even supposing we are 4-0 up and it is the 93rd minute. God knows what it is like for you right now. The financial situation at Ayr has not been all that clever for the last five years. That meant that we had to fight to stay in the Second Division as a part time club with a lot of ex-juniors. Some of them were so bad that they even struggled to get a game when eventually going back to the juniors. On these all-time worst X1 threads a lot of our candidates are from the past few seasons. We have had our share of misery and mediocrity but it now seems like a better option.
  15. You would think that the Scottish Football League website would have some information on all of this instead of being awash with trivia.
  16. This is only guesswork so, for what it is worth, here is my guess. The hearing will be deferred for a month in order that a small inconsistency can be clarified. The history of this hardly points to a snap decision.
  17. I don't understand the bit about administration leading to a stable future. Because it has happened before, will administration not just be the preliminary to winding up?
  18. It is twice the distance from the midpoint to either extremity.
  19. Yeah, that's what I thought. In terms of the league structure for next season it looks like business as usual. The clock is ticking towards 8th August and with every passing hour it is difficult to envisage anything other than Livingston playing in the First Division this coming season. I have no problem with that but like many posters on this thread I wish the whole thing would just resolve itself.
  20. The league season starts a fortnight on Saturday. This surely indicates that Livingston will be a First Division club in 09/10. Are the other scenarios not too late to implement anyway?
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