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  1. You will settle down after a few seasons at this level. However I do congratulate you for managing to fill about a quarter of your seats. In the meantime thank you for your interest in Ayr United Football Club.
  2. Ayr beat Killie 2-0 in the league in the last season the clubs met in the league.
  3. Yes I do know what a cup is. We have plenty of those. Would you like to borrow a few? Please supply your own polish.
  4. We have three matches before that game. Not too many fans are likely to purchase for a match that's four games down the line. I will be at Rugby Park but you'll have to wait a little longer for my dosh. Sorry if this gives your club a problem with cash flow. Just pawn the Ayrshire Cup in the meantime.
  5. I don't recognise the Joe Chalmers that the Dunfermline fans are going on about.
  6. The absence of John Doyle makes me uneasy about the Hall of Fame. Also Jimmy Smith who put Ayr United into the Guinness Book of Records.
  7. That is true. He was brilliant at times. However he was hugely inconsistent.
  8. McBookie closed the book on Billy Stark when Ian McCall got the job. They also closed the book on Jim McIntyre when David Hopkin got the job.
  9. I disagree that not getting John Hughes will forever haunt us. We are above Dunfermline in the league and he has still to prove himself.
  10. In our 5-0 defeat at Palmerston Gary Harkins turned Robbie Crawford inside out twice in rapid succession before curling the ball into the top corner. He seemed to take inspiration from the booing.
  11. Facebook is only a means of obtaining an e-mail address to send it to. You could even PM me your e-mail address via this site.
  12. If anyone wants to subscribe for the free pdf programme it's just a matter of going onto the Ayr United Enquiries and stats Facebook page and sending your e-mail address on a PM.
  13. On the night of the cup replay I couldn't sit down at Rugby Park. Stood the whole game through not being able to find an empty seat. Same experience at Ibrox in the League Cup three years ago.
  14. In face of Lowland League opposition it probably seemed like a good opportunity to give Bilham and Jeanes a chance. Eight changes from the Saturday and Ecrepont making his first start makes it even more clear that this tie was not approached with the intensity of a league fixture. Rightly so – our Lowland League opponents did not register a shot on goal. Personally I share the club’s contempt and I could not care less what the blazers decide on Monday.
  15. I don't understand what made them do it. They didn't invade the pitch when they beat Rangers last week. It was a last 16 tie in which they played against ten men for 40 minutes after getting a reprieve from a non penalty then winning a shootout. They are definitely guilty of small club syndrome.
  16. Back-up goalkeeper George Anton was sent on a scouting mission to look at Alloa winger Tommy Hutchison but Ally MacLeod was uncertain of his name. He took the view that, of the two Alloa wingers, his target would stand out. In that particular game, Harry Rutherford stood out as being the better of the two. If only he had picked another day to be a standout! On reporting back, the name Rutherford was mentioned to Ally. He believed that this was the player whose name had been brought to the club's attention and he was purchased for £4,000. Ally took little time to realise that the club had bought the wrong winger. This was in November 1966 and I was one of the many fans bemused by the club paying a generous fee (at the time) for a player who was mediocre at best. This story did not break into the public domain but was told to me by Dougie Mitchell several decades later. Dougie was an Ayr United player at the time and he heard Ally's "I've signed the wrong player" rant (there might have been an expletive).
  17. Paying Alloa Athletic a transfer fee for Harry Rutherford in a case of mistaken identity. The deal was concluded in the mistaken belief that the player being purchased was Tommy Hutchison.
  18. Aye, he did something similar for us in one of his first games he will soon resort to type Yes he scored for us at Albion Rovers on his debut and never scored again. It was Bruce Anderson's debut that night too and he scored twice but never scored again.
  19. We would be getting excited about it if we weren't denied entry.
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