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  1. There's not enough anger and frustration. Our manager and a lot of our fans see an 8-0 defeat as a cause for celebration. Yes we finished second but the play-offs are a separate entity. I still fail to understand the psyche of happy clappers.
  2. A lot of people applauded the team at the end. I just couldn't understand why.
  3. Yes. Contrary to what you have read on this thread there is every chance we can keep Dipo. He is under contract and any talk of a pending sale is based on nothing more than speculation. If anyone has definite information on any club putting together an offer then please share that information. Is he actually homesick or is that just speculation too? He is having the most successful phase of his career. That makes it a perfect fit for both parties.
  4. The irony is that Frankie Musonda was born in Bedford.
  5. From your evasive answer I will deduce that you have no trophies to display. If you ask nicely you could borrow some of ours. Thank you for your continued interest in Ayr United Football Club.
  6. Can you give an update on what you have currently?
  7. He is unpopular with Kilmarnock fans too. He sent off three Killie players in a match against Aberdeen. An historical precedent was three Killie players getting sent off against Ayr and his Dad was one of them.
  8. 1-1 versus Blyth. 3-2 win versus Darlington. Blyth then beat Darlington 4-1 to win the Absolute Print and Design trophy.
  9. It was 3-2. Our scorers were Paul Sheerin, Gary Teale and John Bradford. The crowd, if you could call it that, was 182.
  10. I am glad to shake hands on that deal.
  11. The photo was from Cowdenbeath 2 Ayr United 0 on 3rd September, 1949 (League Cup). I borrowed it from John Christie and got it copied. He is the goalkeeper in the photo. The stamp on the back was West Fife Press. Here is another from that game.
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