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  1. Seen on twitter they had a green screen where kids could be mocked into a wee film where they sign for Rovers and get their debut. That's an absolutely brilliant idea. Overall the event seems to have been a really good success.
  2. That kit should sell really easily. It's an absolute belter of a strip, and as San Starko Rover says it's one which is a good throwback to the SPALL kits of 85-88.
  3. We've made a huge jump this season from McGlynn to Murray. Should be looking for a top 4 at least.
  4. FFP saying Vaughan underwent a minor operation which was unrelated to his ACL. It shouldn't need much rehab and that he should be back from it quite quickly and into training again.
  5. He's an excellent defender overall. As R.R.FC says, he can play across the back line. He's by no means perfect, but you'll get more good games than bad ones out of him. His injury record can be a bit of a concern. Overall though, you've taken a player most of our fans would've wanted to keep. I was expecting him to make the jump up to a lower half top flight team.
  6. Initially, this looks pretty shambolic from our side. I could understand if he ended up at a club in the top flight, or who would probably be able to blow us out the water (Dundee). But to lose him to a team who finished below us seems like we've been caught snoozing. His tweet when he left sounded like he'd been waiting for some engagement from us with him stating "it looks like my time at Raith is up". It definitely didn't read as someone who was running for the exit door. The Pars fans were celebrating taking our captain off us. Now they'll see what we're like when we're actually disappointed a defender goes.
  7. Sorry if this this dismissive but i can't see any of those happening. No chance we'd get McCart given he was linked with Hibs recently. Fontaine seems to be perma injured and Ciftci seems to fall into the Griffiths category.
  8. Not so much getting it wrong. He just copies whatever the Red tops have on their transfer updates page and passes it off like he's in the loop. He's stopped with some of the Wilder shouts. I was tempted to put something on here about Mark Stewart coming back to us as a player coach just to see if it got spewed back out in 15 minutes.
  9. That account is an absolute grifter. Pretty much every transfer "source" involves either the Sun or the Record's live transfer updates. A shite attempt to be ITK.
  10. Yeah, I'm wondering if players might price themselves out of contracts at this level meaning that we see more signings similar to Boyd.
  11. I'd seen the rumours on the Caley thread from multiple folk, but it looks like he's away down south.
  12. I'd be surprised if Tumilty moves to Caley given it's effectively a sideways move when everyone thought he'd go up. It might be he's turned us down then no offers from the top flight ever materialised. He'll do a good job if you do sign for him. He's excellent at getting forwards and should be popular with the fans. We'll be a weaker team without him.
  13. I was worried, but he started following me on twitter so that's me down as a Rovers fan.
  14. Aye, I'm glad to see Jim gradually return back to the club. I've never spoken to him but he's another example who has put a lot of time and effort in to the club over the years without expecting much, if anything, in return. It's clear that volunteers are the lifeblood of the club. There's loads of good people doing some really good work whether officially or unofficially.
  15. I can't say I've seen any criticism of the video myself. I wasn't in the video, but said I'd not be back until he was gone. I'm comfortable with the steps taken, and while folk wanted wholesale change ultimately we're in a position where he never played for club and isn't training - the club are still in the process of negotiating his release quietly in the background. There's been change at the boardroom level, and while John Sim is still the kingmaker at the club everyone knew we'd not see a full change in ownership given how much leverage he holds. I've been hugely critical of the club's marketing in the past but they've really raised the bar recently. There's still plenty of people behind the scenes at the club who give me every reason to be optimistic about the direction we're going in.
  16. The lad who ran down the stairs to do the "haud me back" at Ben Williamson should ensure there's at least some entertainment.
  17. Can't see us getting rid of a player with over 200 appearances for us. If anything he's a prime candidate to be our new captain. I suspect we'll thin the numbers by getting all the youth players out on loan.
  18. Shame to see both away. Frankie in particular took a gamble by moving up here (obviously, we did the same by signing an unknown quantity) but now he's picking up caps for Zambia. Tumilty has done well for us and it'll be a shame we won't have nearly as strong an attacking presence down the wing. His efforts for the third goal at Rugby Park in the first league match down there was tremendous (particularly given he absolutely ruined Daniel Armstrong).
  19. I'm intrigued to see where he ends up. Pre season is starting for most clubs now. He must've had offers at least tabled given we tried to extend his contract, unless he's made a monumental f**k up.
  20. Probably need to view this from the Ross Matthews on the wing or Dave McKay as a full back. Just because a few managers went with a wild idea, doesn't mean its something we should persist with.
  21. Not expecting a world beater but we've had plenty of signings before who have come in to reactions of frustration only to do really well. The main concern I've got is that he's coming in on the back of an injury hampered season down south. It's a two year deal, so Murray clearly has faith that he won't have any issues.
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