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  1. No wonder the West of Scotland clubs allegedly don't want promoted. They came, sat in, lost three goals and did f**k all. There was zero danger of an upset and it was a tedious affair overall. Second half we stopped fucking about with the final ball and it was game over as soon as the first went in.
  2. Good to see the club put out a wee bit on social media about the mental health awareness training that they've done. I've been guilty of slaughtering players in the past online. It's all well and good having a bit of criticism but it's quite easy for that to descend into an absolute shitshow, especially with social media.
  3. Fully agree with this btw. We were top of the form table before the game against Dundee. It's the tightest league in years but some folk are absolutely desperate to get into the hysterics.
  4. I feel like the club are damned if they do, damned if they don't re board members getting interviewed for RaithTV. If they release something about their plans over the next few years and don't mention the DG situation, then they're going to get slammed as glossing over it. If they mention it, then it'll invite people in to have a field day. I've been heavily critical in the past in the way the whole situation was handled, and they've created a rod for their own back with it, but I'd still rather we moved on from it because he's gone from the club and if we got rid of the key stakeholder, then we don't have a club. While I'd have preferred that they came out to talk about MacCartney's departure, it's clear that it's something of a similar situation. I don't feel that we should've ever given her the job in the first place given the clear conflict of interest with her being involved. Fully agree with this. And if we were to get a comment from anyone, I'd hope it was McDonald. I'd also not mind for us to give a bit more of a voice to our SLO and DLO alongside the fan's director.
  5. He'll be at Open Goal Broomhill within 3 or 4 years based on what I've seen. The red tops would have had you believing two years ago that he'd been a huge player for us. He flatters to deceive a lot of the time.
  6. Should be an interesting game. A few weeks back I felt Dundee would be the main beneficiaries of the league being so tight. It seems like you've been far from spectacular but nobody will care if you're on top at the end. I'd hope we keep the same line up as the last few weeks. The midfield are working well and Connell has some positive attributes even if its not going to get 20 goals a season.
  7. Really solid performance in what should be seen as a "bread and butter" game - without demeaning Accies who are a bit stop start but these are the types of games you need to win to ensure you're not in the mire. We look like a different proposition with Spencer and Vaughan returning to fitness. The summer signings all looked excellent today. Ngwenya and Millen looked composed and provided dangerous outlets going forward. O'Riordan got done for the goal but still did everything asked of him. Scott Brown is an absolute powerhouse. Vaughan's assist was tremendous. Really quick thinking and an excellent delivery. Liam Dick has had a tremendous season given the pelters he's had before. There were a lot of questions over Murray earlier in the season from some folk. Some of the bed wetting in the summer was daft. But Murray is doing a great job proving them wrong.
  8. I'd imagine Zanatta will get a few pelters. If he scores, he'll shithouse our fans. If he's subbed off, sent off, or misses a sitter he'll get pelters. The league is getting better for players shithousing fans - it adds a wee extra element in games and it's hilarious to watch folk frothing at the mouth.
  9. Think he was decent for Raith. I'm sure Dunfermline fans dislike him as much as QoS fans. As I bore people to death with I still preferred Simmons to Scott McLaughlin; absolute charlatan of a footballer. Aye, he had a few reasonable seasons with us. He was awful with the Pars, and their fans would slaughter him. My memory is a bit hazy about that period now, he might have scored a goal in a derby at some point but I definitely do remember him getting sent off at Stark's Park much to their delight.
  10. Worth mentioning rail strikes sometimes take place on a Saturday and usually the Fife circle trains are first on the chopping block for expendable services. If that was the case, you can get a stagecoach bus from St Andrews Square bus station in Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy as an alternative.
  11. What strikes me is his passing out from the back. He's very adept at finding players in space who are maybe 20 to 30 yards away in midfield. There were a few on Saturday in particular where he'd get the ball to Stanton or Easton who were exploiting Partick's lack of presence in the middle. We really missed that in the second half of last season where we'd play it along the back before finding an easy pass, while inviting teams to press.
  12. That was a tremendous performance. Every single player was putting in an above average performance to some degree. At the back, O'Riordan plays like a 29 year rather than a 19 year old. As touched on, Dick and Millen have improved dramatically. Ngwenya caused no end of problems in the space left by McMillan. Our midfield trio of Spencer, Brown and Stanton has a good balance about it. One point my mate and I enjoyed was when he and Bannigan went in for a 50/50. The play gets stopped and Bannigan picked up a booking, but both players went in with sheer determination. Brown got up, and the first thing he does us go over and they're both saying fair play. Connolly understandly got MOTM given the first goal. He's absolutely flourishing this season. Overall you can't find a fault in any performances - even Easton lost the ball but he's one of the best players for successful dribbles in the league so he's going to have days where it's more noticeable.
  13. Very stop/start from ourselves so far. The main issue is our lack of goals. We've the third lowest goals scored in the division and we've really struggled with a lack of an out and out forward. Neither Gullan nor Connell have offered much in the final third, and Frederiksen is very much still an unknown quantity. We've got Connor McBride available too but he seems to have dropped down the pecking order a bit. Defensively, we've not looked too bad - we've only conceded 13 goals with only Caley letting in fewer than ourselves (and Morton). Especially given that three out of our four signings in our current defensive pairing are completely new. O'Riordan in particular has been singled out for a lot of praise - at face value it looked a very risky signing to bring in an 18 year old on loan from England but he's played like a veteran defender so far. We've seen an uptick in form since the return of Brad Spencer. With Spencer and Brown sitting deep, Sam Stanton has progressed into a more attacking role and has looked his best since joining the club. We're still to get Vaughan and Lang back into the squad, but even if they're bit part on their return I still think we've got it in us to move away from the bottom three.
  14. Wasn't it a similar situation at Stark's earlier this season?
  15. Sam Stanton has come on at an unreal rate since the League Cup. He looks like a completely different player and absolutely ran the show tonight. Aside from that, Brown was excellent and Spencer did a good job of game management towards the end. It will barely get a mention, but other than his rash tackle Ross Millen put in a good shift on the wing and did really well to cause issues. After the booking, he put in a really disciplined performance. As others have said, he gets far more stick than he merits - we've had far worse defenders over the last decade. Ngwenya showed we can have an alternative outlet on the left which is nice. We never looked in any danger as the second half wore on. After Linn went off (Fermer really does kick the arse out of that Charleston Messi nickname btw), it was a procession of punts out from Arbroath to give us throw ins. They looked absolutely like an absolute gang. It's felt like Arbroath have had the same back four for years now, but now that Thomson is away it definitely feels like they're toiling. We really should've had 3 or 4 tonight.
  16. Some laugh when we spend the final 20 minutes pinging balls up to the Helicopter and we're told that we're hammer throwers.
  17. That top paragraph sums up why I enjoyed McGlynn's first Rovers team. We were never technical, but in the season we had Baird and Tade up top they were tremendous to watch. We'd put the ball into the channel with two players who would bomb about the pitch and defenders absolutely despised it. Tade was more of an athlete than a footballer at that point. It might not have been the prettiest to watch, but it almost got us promoted.
  18. Makes sense for clubs to do it. The cost of putting the floodlights on must be through the roof now. I'm intrigued as to how we deal with it. Sim was quite vocal that the community foundation was doing better than the footballing side. Nobody will really know how much liability the club will have over utilities for that. We might move our kickoff times, but what happens on weeknights when the community foundation events are on? It's nice to see clubs are open to change on this.
  19. Almost like most folk were happy to come back when there was a commitment he'd not feature or be part of the club.
  20. It probably won't be a popular view, but he's been one of our better players this season. Certainly much improved on last campaign.
  21. The lad is 6ft 8 and nicknamed the Helicopter. I live for this type of signing.
  22. Tbf, if John Sim is reading on P&B, he's going to be able to pull off a tremendous work of shithousing if he sees these replies and decides to take charge and play it.
  23. The club should do the sensible thing and not bother their arse with a minute silence. Nobody can boo that way and we avoid the over the top, hysterical grief which will have been thrust down our throats for over a week. Personally, I'd not bother with booing if they did play the anthem. Much like HS, I'd probably go wait in the pie queue instead.
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