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  1. Almost like most folk were happy to come back when there was a commitment he'd not feature or be part of the club.
  2. It probably won't be a popular view, but he's been one of our better players this season. Certainly much improved on last campaign.
  3. The lad is 6ft 8 and nicknamed the Helicopter. I live for this type of signing.
  4. Tbf, if John Sim is reading on P&B, he's going to be able to pull off a tremendous work of shithousing if he sees these replies and decides to take charge and play it.
  5. The club should do the sensible thing and not bother their arse with a minute silence. Nobody can boo that way and we avoid the over the top, hysterical grief which will have been thrust down our throats for over a week. Personally, I'd not bother with booing if they did play the anthem. Much like HS, I'd probably go wait in the pie queue instead.
  6. I try to avoid big statements, but I'd expect Arnott to be an excellent acquisition. I don't know too much about the standard of this level - I'd expect @CALDERONwill be a better judge given it's his neck of the woods (albeit no idea how often, if ever, he goes to HL games). We played a bounce game under McGlynn and Regan Hendry went to the manager after the game and was saying Arnott was one of the best young players he'd seen at our level. Similarly, Ross Matthews was full of praise. He's quite versatile, though he's not got the game time he maybe should've had.
  7. Very odd move. I'd have rather seen more of him and seen Coulson go out on loan. I'd have thought Arnott would be mid table league one.
  8. Yes, we should. The bigger question is how it impacts the community foundation given the floodlights are on most evenings at Stark's. Is the club still separate of Stark's Park Properties?
  9. If Caley have about 8 players out. Guarantee it'll be a plucky performance from the visitors after an early goal, and then Murray will chuck on about 6 forward players with no cohesion as they see out a straightforward win. Caley fans flock on here to tell us how much they admire their teams efforts under the circumstances. We sit greeting about how the referee is a c**t and how we'll never been them.
  10. Would struggle to get a worse draw than that. Away to Aberdeen for the fourth time this year and adds an extra game against a team who we're already scheduled to play 4 times, on the day of the Scotland vs Ireland game. Can't imagine we'll take more than a handful.
  11. While it's a shame to see him go, it's probably a move for the best for both parties. He's not getting the game time he'd expect with us, and it's a fresh start for him. At least he'll not be subject to any coaching lessons from absolute oddballs on twitter.
  12. I think it was right after Goodwillie had signed and Clark resigned from the board. On a side note, I do wish we had Clark still involved. I've only met him once, and it was for about 20 seconds on my way for a train, but I did thank him for everything he did for the club in the initial post pandemic period where he made sure we stood our ground on promotion. Just gave a wee smile and a thumbs up!
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