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  1. The beer garden of what was the carousel has one of the best views you can get as far as pubs go.
  2. We don't have a good record with games we need called off. This is all very reminiscent of watching us lurch towards our game against Ayr when Stevenson was put in goals. As of 12pm, we'd had no response from the powers that be. Maybe they've put us on mute...
  3. Might have been waiting for the confirmation of tests. I don't think we'll be the first club this will happen to over the next few weeks with the way the government have been talking. Its really a question of whether we've followed protocols. There'll be an element of pressure on the SPFL to accept this given the rhetoric from the Scottish govt. You'd imagine Caley players wouldn't be too comfy risking their own health playing against a team who are undergoing an outbreak. If the game goes ahead, it sets a dangerous precedent: it could be us this week but another team down the line. It was inevitable really. Fans and players were asking questions back in October about how part time players could combine jobs without risking outbreaks. Most importantly, I hope everyone impacted is in good health and that there's no lasting damage.
  4. @Raith Against The Machine figured it out that its 13 goals and 6 assists in his 16 games against us. It really is incredible that we're against a club and player who both love games against us.
  5. Its over 20 years now. A thoroughly depressing run. Can someone do us a favour and tell us James Keatings is injured?
  6. I can almost guarantee McGlynn would be against it. He's renowned for his love of video analysis prior to matches - there's absolutely no chance he'd want to go into the game without preparing the players.
  7. The better team won comfortably. Fair play to Queens: completely bossed the game and we were outmatched tactically. I've done a wee report on the game here.
  8. Absolutely awful so far. We've got about four or five players who can be game changers on their day but when none of them show up then you end up with games like this and Inverness away. It's not been helped that we've been misplacing passes left, right and centre and resorted to lumping it up to Duku. The short corners are infuriating: we've had one which was effectively passed into the keeper's hands and one where the ball was played right back to the initial taker who was in an offside position. Very out of sorts performances: credit to Queens who have been disciplined and had good shape. Shields looks very lively up top and they've done well to find space in behind.
  9. Be nice if we could go back to passing it on the deck to Duku rather than hammering it long.
  10. RaithTV saying Charlie Cowie will be in goals now as Leighfield got injured in the warm up.
  11. Confident we'll get a win here but there's always a degree of concern when opposition fans are so adamant that they'll lose: Falkirk and Cowdenbeath fans in particular have been horrendously guilty of talking down their teams in the past only to show up and take all three points. It'll be interesting to see how we line up. Jamie MacDonald went off at half time yesterday and I doubt we'll get an update until tomorrow on whether he'll be fit for the game. Duku took a slight knock (which seems to happen every other week) but Lokotsch got among the goals too which will give him a bit of reassurance. After this one, we've got the Pars away, Dundee and Caley at home, Hearts home and away. That's a tough run of games by any stretch but we've already caught more than a few teams by surprise.
  12. This is probably one of the best Rovers teams going since the start of the millennium. We're all expecting the arse to collapse out it or wait until summer when our best players are all inevitably picked up by bigger clubs in the top flight. At the moment, our fans are just enjoying how we've been playing. There's only been a couple of games (Dundee away, Caley away) where we've not really been at the races: even yesterday in horrendous conditions we still had lads like Hendry, Tait and Ross all trying to get on the ball and causing issues with their passing and movement. Duku will understandably get a lot of attention. A lot of people both inside and outside of our fanbase were sceptical when we signed 2 complete unknowns but they've both been top class. They had both been brought in through a firm of agents so I'd expect both to be going in the Summer. Regan Hendry's contract is also up in the summer but it wouldn't surprise me if he signs a new deal simply to try to help us get a fee for him in a similar way to Dylan Tait- he's spoken at length about how he's enjoyed his time with the club and was still coming to our games even after his loan from Celtic was cut short through injury. If he does leave, not a single fan will grudge him the opportunity - he's a player who still came to Rovers after Falkirk tried to chuck significant sums of money at him to take him away. He then proceeded to put in four outstanding performances in against them and the only time they got close to stopping him was Michael Tidser going in knee high in a tackle. I think fans of other clubs will be more surprised by Rovers than our own support. At this level, teams are far more expansive and won't sit back: at league one we'd often come undone by teams like Forfar who would sit in and play to frustrate even when they were a goal down (the final game of last season being a great example). John McGlynn v2.0 has been a joy to watch - his first Rovers squad were miles away from aesthetically pleasing football but they got results. This lot have been completely different and if it continues for the rest of the season I feel like we might make a good case for a top 4 finish.
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