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  1. Aye, pre-season games are a complete irrelevant as mention. If they could, I'd rather clubs would just agree to not publish results so folk don't start using them to get their hopes up/dreams dashed. It's all about fitness and ensuring players don't get injured.
  2. Dick Campbell I'd say. Don't he and his brother own their business outside of football? Staunch as f**k too.
  3. Vaughan experiencing pain from the scar tissue from his surgery so is seeing the specialist today according to McGlynn in the Rovers Review.
  4. Gregory Tade fell over a ball against Norwich in his first friendly appearance and folk were literally laughing at how shit he was. He went on to deliver us some of the best moments we've had since the turn of the century. Look at the responses to us signing Dougie Hill and Grant Murray in the first 30 pages or so of this thread. It's absolutely irrelevant how the players look in a 10 minute highlight package for a meaningless game. There's wetwipes on twitter calling us a 'shambles' for shipping goals in a game which had as much significance as the Falkirk FC 2019/2020 goal difference lead. Trust in McGlynn and we'll see how we go when actual game start. We're missing a lot of bodies at the moment. Give it time.
  5. In all honesty, at the moment getting fans back is a pipe dream given the cases are rising and its only going to get worse with more people indoors during the winter. If we open it up to fans, then you'll have a number who don't want to risk it then you lose that income. Then you've got the potential of outbreaks. If its cheaper to be behind closed doors and offer streaming then so be it. What reassured me was how optimistic Sim is for the current situation. I doubt he'd come out and be telling us we're fucked but he seemed quietly confident we're equipped for the current situation.
  6. I actually started typing the post saying "MacDonald will be number one" then I realised this is John McGlynn and I don't have a fucking clue how we'll end up.
  7. We don't. He's referring to Fife Elite which is a collective Elite group shared between ourselves, Dunfermline, East Fife and Cowdenbeath. Each club can pick up players from Fife Elite and so far we've done very well with both of Bowie and Tait. Coulson (scorer of our first) was also signed from there after turning down a contract from the Pars. I'd expect Jamie MacDonald to be the regular starter. I'd imagine McGlynn will run with one keeper until injury/suspension/form kicks in.
  8. I'd imagine Musonda and Davo will both be ahead of him in the pecking order.
  9. Even though it's a friendly game, it's good to see us looking to integrate Coulson into the team and give him some minutes. If he does as well as Bowie and Tait then it would be fantastic.
  10. Least Tidser isn't about to try to break Regan Hendry's leg again....
  11. Knock yourself out of you want to believe us offering a couple of two year deals is the same as something like Mileson, Melville or Masterton who all offered wages in excess of the turnover at their respective clubs. Its a complete different situation.
  12. This is an unprecedented situation: the last 20 years are irrelevant as none have taken place during a pandemic other than the end of last season. Nobody has a clue what will happen. We've just spent three years in a league with shit away supports and very little excitement. I think our board have kept that in mind with a view of consolidating our place back in the league.
  13. While I'd not be as bold to suggest we'll not be down on our income, we're in a far better league if there's no fans allowed into games. I'd imagine we'll look to open up our streaming to away fans (as you'd expect most teams) and even though we'll lose money on match day revenues, I'd far rather that we're in the Championship with Hearts, Dunfermline and Dundee. Had we been in league one, we'd have been fucked. Instead, you'd expect quite a lot of the fans of fans will pick up one uses passes for away games. It's obvious to say, but this is far more preferential to two bit supports from your Montroses and Peterheads of this world. I think most clubs will benefit in terms of away fans being more likely to purchase streams for trips they might not make (I'd not be inclined to go to a game against Queens away due to travel but I'd be happy to stream it). As for our issues in the Summer, there's been no verdict from the arbitration on legal costs as of yet but indications are positives. We initially started the crowdfunder in April based off the willingness of fans to chip in. Obviously, the court cases came into play but if we're covered for those then I'd hazard a guess it would mean we can use resources which had been set aside for any potential loss and use them for our squad. We've offered two year deals to two players and the rest of our signings have been players coming up from England on one year contracts. I'm not suggesting we're flush with cash by any means, but I'd hope we're OK to get through this period. Given how quickly the situation changes with case numbers then it's impossible to say where we'll be - even if we do end up in difficulty I don't think it's too disingenuous to look back at when we made the signings and think "well it was a different picture with how the cases were at that point". Each board will have their own strategy. Some might take a bit more of gamble to see if they can push on. Those that are more conservative might benefit if there's a shut down but also might face relegation if things start improving and they've gone with a weakened squad. Either way, hopefully turns out ok for the clubs. It's an absolutely brutal situation for people to be in.
  14. You'll regret that. He's just been on the Raith thread saying Anthony Stokes would be a good potential signing for Raith...right after he's left Livi due to their astroturf.
  15. Agree with what RatM. Good to see him get a link up for an MBA and stay in football. He had numerous critics but still got a decent goal return. There was a lot of speculation over what happened with him but hopefully he can move past it.
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