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  1. "He's big, he's French, he plays in the defence, *insert name*, *insert name*..."
  2. I think I'll have a meltdown if we continue to do anything other than sign a proper right back. I genuinely think we'll start the season with McKay there in all honesty. And it will continue to be rotten. That isn't Dave's fault (much in like how we had no width when Matthews kept getting shoehorned in as a winger). It's just down to the system.
  3. Didn't know he was a Pars fan but the hatred of Rovers wasn't hard to notice. Either way, he's a fuming wreck.
  4. I've just realised he's put out an absolute belter of a tweet to @McGuigan1978 to carry on his meltdown. Well done Shaughan, you continue to brighten up our Friday evenings even after the end of AVFTT.
  5. Basically I'd notice he fumes every time Rovers get one over East Fife. After the last game against East Fife, I threw out a tweet about someone gathering his tears to intravenously inject. He put out a fuming tweet a few minutes later which I screenshot and attach on. I forget about it and enjoy my Saturday evening. The season rumbles on and less than an hour after full time at Dumfries, he's quoted my tweet trying to get it up me. And then he's brought it up again today for some reason. I'm still unsure on what council tax band I'm on for residing in his head, but it's nice to know I'm important to him.
  6. Fucking grim that we've offered another deal to an aging defender with permanent back issues.
  7. Absolutely. A deal for a player who was part of the third worst defence in the SPFL last season in his last year of contract. I liked Murray but that's an excellent deal.
  8. This is correct. People are writing off Victoria already, and in all honesty I'm absolutely fine with that. If he's putting a shift in, and we've got Vaughan, Hendry and Spencer in the mix, it might free up a bit of space for him going forward he might not have had at previous clubs.
  9. Objection, your honour. We played a midfielder in goals because our CEO, who was on the board of the SPFL, didn't understand the SPFL rules. Peak banter years Rovers.
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