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  1. Is Armstrong still under contract there? He's been sensational for them after being a bit mediocre in his first season.
  2. Having made the trip to Annan away as a neutral a few seasons back, it's an absolutely tremendous away day. The social club is usually open at half time if you're after a pint, and overall it's an excellent ground.
  3. I don't think so. I think the wages are relative to full time at this level. It's similar to how people think that full time players will be fitter. There's absolutely nothing in it. The only main difference is that full time clubs can spend more time in training on organisation.
  4. This. There's naturally been a bit of animosity on the end of the 19/20 season but they've nothing but my support. f**k Jacqui Low and all her shitty attempts to subvert the fans. I seen a Rangers fan lead media account on twitter and their support are giving it "they'll get the same support we did in 2012". It'll be funny as f**k if the Jags fans can get their club through.
  5. Why would there be? There's no immediate criminal actions. Plenty of companies name speculative, poorly thought-out moves. L
  6. https://twitter.com/thecouriersport/status/1666333438969024512?s=19 In other news...
  7. It's certainly been on the works even before the new board came in. The finances for it might have changed. There's also other aspects that people might not initially consider like how ticketing gets integrated (admittedly this changes with fanbase).
  8. I think people are taking this... ...and running with it. Other than that, there's not been any suggestion from the club directly that any new signings will be made tonight. Previously before, they put up a follow up tweet for when we re-signed Connolly before announcing McGill.
  9. The good thing from our perspective is that Murray seems to have got the best out of Smith before. He's always been a very noticeable player when he's come up against us.
  10. Happy enough with that. Airdrie fans saying he'd regressed a bit this season but he's done well under Murray. Definitely had a Greg Spence air of inevitability that one day he'd end up with us after leaving Dunfermline.
  11. Given Fulton was linked to clubs down south I don't think he'd sign for us.
  12. He'd played minutes for Killie right at the start of the season, meaning he couldn't sign for another SPFL side outside of us after leaving Killie. EK would've been the best offer on the table. What was strange was that Murray came out and alluded in an interview days before his loan expired that he was likely to rejoin us.
  13. Folk ran with the Houston deal based on one Ayr fan replying to another on Twitter that he was away with Mullin to us. Incredible work.
  14. The FFP are sorted for coverage for the next few weeks then. Barrowman isn't wrong about the optimism around the place. Without wanting to go all "Good Feeling At Cappielow...", Saturday was a perfect example of an event organised where collectively every single person in that room had Raith Rovers as part of their identity, regardless of their age, gender or background. It was great just sitting at an event with other Rovers fans talking about our club and the stories that go with it. The new board have been quite vocal about saying that they'll not get everything right, but they're making themselves present and visible in a way which is something a lot of us on here have felt missing before. Barrowman is a brilliant addition for the club in particular - even on Saturday he stood up and just gave a wee spiel about how important it was we're all on the same page, how things are progressing, and how happy they are right now. It's not been touched on by anyone else, but it's mentioned that we're quite close to completing a couple of new additions within the next couple of days. Better check the weather forecast to find out if tomorrow or Wednesday will be good days...
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