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  1. On a side note, it's good to hear that Charlie Reilly's injury isn't as bad as first feared. It looked like it might have been a broken ankle at first but he'll only be out for a few weeks rather than months.
  2. On the red cards: Davidson's red card is horrendous. Utterly disgusting tackle. Airdrie's might be the softest I've ever seen. Never a straight red in a million years Matthews was a rash tackle but he's a bit unfortunate to be sent off. I'd have said a yellow for that but the pace doesn't help his case. Hopefully we appear to get him available against Falkirk.
  3. Absolutely. Not pretty but fucking hell we battled for everything today and I absolutely love that after watching shitebags like Flanagan and Barjonasor the likes of Gillespie who would show up for one game and disappear for four. Fwiw, Fife police were alerted to the incident at the bus but couldn't look into it further as they had to keep the road closed. It was an unfortunate incident involving the kids, but there was plenty of 'Haud me back' types kicking about. More embarrassed for the fans who were kicking off than the police.
  4. Firstly, I hope it's a quick recovery to Charlie Reilly. Really awful for stuff. What an absolutely mad game. It wasn't a dirty affair until the final ten minutes when there were more flash points than a strobe light at a rave. We controlled the first half well and caught Airdrie cold. In terms of the red card, Davo's was a stick on, Airdrie's didn't look to be one and I didn't see Matthew's. Hutton was fortunate only to be booked after hitting Anderson in the face when he was on the deck. That was our best shitfest of a performance in a while. Airdrie completely ran out of ideas. The long throws were mopped up easily and there wasn't any alternatives. Our players put in an absolutely incredible shift. Munro got another clean sheet, McKay and Watson played their parts and McDonald was excellent on the wing. Benedictus put in his best shift since his injury against Ayr. Utterly bossed it at the back. In midfield Dingwall put in his best shift and Spencer spent all day picking out passes. Bowie looked shattered after coming back from injury. Anderson put in an incredible shift and was a brilliant aerial outlet. Allan Did well with his hold up play and even Victoria got his first game time in months. While its only December, today is a huge win couple with a great result in Methil. We took our chance today and ended Airdrie's unbeaten away run. Murray and Hutton losing the rag was brilliant too. There's a long way to go but its the first game in what could be a season defining series of games. McGlynn and the players deserve really high praise. We didn't put in performances like that in the last two seasons. Roll on next week...
  5. If we could end on the current scores that would be lovely. We've had the better chances but Airdrie are still getting into positions though done relatively little with them. Dingwall is having a far better game albeit while picking up a stupid booking.
  6. Aye, it's a real problem for us. That's two of our our most consistent players along with an exceptionally experienced centre back. Miller has been a huge miss. We look a completely different team without his presence.
  7. Was that Duggan's first game since leaving us? It feels like he's barely appeared.
  8. Brad Spencer's dad liked a tweet of mine. f**k knows about Bowie's grandparents... get them on twitter too.
  9. I compared him to Graham Weir earlier this season. I retract that. He's a shite Stephen Reynolds.
  10. After missing Saturday, I hoped we'd show up tonight and look to put things right based off what people here said. We were utterly abject. In terms of formation, a 4-4-2 doesn't suit us in the slightest. McDonald is the only player in the back line who looked remotely interested in doing anything tonight. Anderson and Benedictus were both content to smash the ball up the park, often out of play or for long diagonals to forwards who aren't target men. Dave McKay offers no forward presence and is very much a utility player fitted in whenever we have an issue at the back. f**k knows when Miller is back but it can't be quick enough. In midfield, Tait looked energetic in the first half but faded as the game went on. He tried a few ambitious passes but was the best of a bad bunch. Both Bowie and Gullan were very quiet and didn't really have any opportunities of note aside from the chance at the end. Armstrong has looked good for two 45 minute periods (Falkirk and Clyde) since he came back but let down his team mates by shooting rather than passing. Tony Dingwall hasn't shown anything to suggest he's a good player at this level yet. As for Gullan, that's the second game he's had an excellent opportunity and not managed to score the winner (after East Fife). We could be in a really good position but for those chances. Up top, Baird had a poor game but it's to be expected when he's chasing long balls all game. Allan is simply dreadful: his goals have dried up and he's effectively a mediocre target man. I'm not sure what message it must send to Joao Victoria that he can't get a chance on the pitch tonight. McGlynn isn't doing himself any favours. We're nowhere near shoogly peg territory and we were missing key players like Spencer but surely our players should be capable of better than that.
  11. While the conditions are poor, it's no excuse for how bad we've been. I missed Saturday but tonight McDonald and Tait look to be the only two capable of doing anything. We won a throw in 30 yards out on the attack, only to play it all the way back to our centre backs. Allan and Baird aren't working together, and Baird isn't going to challenge for high balls. We need Anderson or Joao on but I can't see it happening until far later in the game.
  12. Nade's celebration on his first game back at Easter Road for us was brilliant. He'd been gone for a few years and he got pelters from the start of the warm up for being fat, 'ten men couldnae carry' etc. The big man then popped up with a scrappy goal, and headed to our fans for all of 2 seconds before doing a full sprint over to the home fans on the East Stand, tearing his shirt off. The silence was deafening.
  13. I've wasn't a Rovers supporter at the time, but what strikes me about Ally Graham is that he seems to utter love the club. He's here at every opportunity like a lot of the others.
  14. As ever, the media teams for SPFL clubs are given a ridiculous number of hoops to jump through while clubs in England/Germany will get theirs up an hour or so after the game. Our governing body make it ridiculously hard for you guys. The graft is always appreciated from yourselves!
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