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  1. Obviously it was an excellent result last night. It wasn't a stretch to suggest we were unlucky not to win and the full team put in brilliant performances. It's great to see so much belief in our national team at the moment. Over the 180 minutes we've played so far we created a tonne of chances against the Czechs and then created more than England last night. I said to my mates at the pub last night that we're not in a position where we've got a world class talent who is approaching the end of their career: we've got a squad who are a mix of players entering into their prime (McGinn, Robertson, Armstrong) along with the younger talents. Regardless of what happens in the Croatia game, there's every reason to be positive about our national game moving forwards. It feels like the Scottish game is thriving at the moment - we've plenty of players coming in from SPFL clubs. In spite of the billions pumped into the game down south, I'd far rather have our set up than theirs at them moment. Ten times our population and yet they couldn't handle our passing at times last night.
  2. In spite of the goals he got in the first half of the season if you offered me a choice between a fully fit Ugwu or Duku I'd take Gozie every time. He'll inevitably snow against us but I'm not upset in the slightest he's away or that he's gone to a club in our league.
  3. This. He should have the pick of the sides outside of the Old Firm along with suitors down south. You can't grudge the lad a move but he'd be setting his sights low if he ends up at St Mirren.
  4. If we'd kept him the season after we'd have been fine. Chipped in a few goals and assists each season and was committed compared to the shitebags like Johnstone and Roberts.
  5. I didn't make it to that game but it still bemuses me how he went from the lost lad at Ayr and Dumbarton to turning into an utter goal scoring machine. I know there's a lot made of him realising his spell with us was very much last chance saloon and there's an element of confidence. Ever since that goal against Hearts in the Betfred Cup he's never stopped looking like a lethal finisher. He'll forever go down as the player we reference when a signing doesn't look good on paper.
  6. Does anyone know what's happening with the FEFA...one of the Pars fans might be able to say but I'm sure I read that they intended to withdraw with the new German owners looking to go independent in terms of youth development. Out of all the clubs, we've definitely been the biggest winners from the set up. Both Bowie and Tait went on to become established regulars and Coulson and Arnott looked decent albeit in meaningless games.
  7. We started last season so well that it made it difficult for us to give them game time. If they're put in and we dropped points folk would ask why they're playing if they didn't step up. I'd imagine we'll see more of them in pre season. It does come back to the old adage of age being irrelevant if you're good enough.
  8. Aye. Livi announced before the end of the season and then mid summer we announced him as our players. Pre contracts are non binding so we didn't do anything wrong.
  9. So we shouldn't sign players from Alloa because of one transfer for a player who didn't have an impact? I'm really struggling to see your point here. We've had duds from pretty much every club in Scotland at some point.
  10. I feel like we're a bit damned if we do, damned if we don't with Gozie. He didn't get a full preseason and was very much a hit and a miss. He was excellent away at Hearts and hit a few goals in towards the end. But he never really set the heather alight. Pretty much agree with all the business done so far. Disappointing we've lost MacDonald and Armstrong but I'll be happy enough if we get Aaron Taylor-Sinclair in as a replacement. Replacing Armstrong will be a lot more difficult. The next few weeks should be interesting to see how we move forward. I feel like there'll be a lot of fans worried and feeling quite pessimistic but the McGlynn Rovers v2.0 have had a history of providing some positive news when it's needed (Hendry, the returns of fan favourites like Anderson and McGurn at the start of the 19/20 season after Murray/Nisbet left).
  11. Armstrong is a big loss. Chipped in with plenty of goals and assists. Agree about MacDonald: he has been excellent for us but he did have the occasional howler. The only that springs to mind was Arbroath away where he delivered their goal on a plate. I'd rather we'd have kept him but it's not the end of the world. We've yet to announce any additional signings and the players we have been linked with should all add to the squad would they sign.
  12. Pretty much this. One of the articles in the courier said final offers had been given to the players last week and there's a few away on holiday at the moment.
  13. This. It's very hard to gauge at the moment but it doesn't really seem to make sense. If he's been racist, then he should have the book thrown at him. You'd have thought the earlier red cards wouldn't have been factored in given they looked to be related to the initial foul at the sending off and then having a Caley player by the throat in the aftermath. Fwiw, here is the statement released on Todorov's behalf by Aamer Anwar.
  14. It will be interesting to see how many of those top flight jobs McGlynn gets linked to.
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