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  1. It was incredible the number of goals we lost from individual errors that season. Stuff like Smith away to Albion Rovers. The reality is there were too many mediocre players who didn't put in the effort. Willis Furtado must be the only player I've ever seen lose fitness the more game time he played. It didn't help that Smith had absolutely zero tactical awareness as mentioned. The game was up when we went to Somerset in a must win game, and only changed from 5 in midfield once we were three down. Utterly depressing season. Thank f**k we got McGlynn back and gave him a couple of transfer windows to sort the squad out.
  2. You'd imagine clubs will cater for away fans on an individual basis. There's no way we'd turn down the chance to have Hearts fans buying into our stream online for example. Ideally, they'll do what Motherwell have done and guarantee that season ticket holders will be covered for games in whatever format is available. Raith have already done this before by giving season ticket holders audio commentary from Raith TV for away games.
  3. Aye, I'll be the same. When they're on sale, I'll definitely get a season ticket.
  4. Best away day I've been to. I've posted countless times about that game. We were ridiculously up against it. Nobody gave us a chance after what had happened before. It was an awful game from a footballing perspecting, and the second half went on forever, but what a night it was. First cup upset I'd seen us do when going to games.
  5. I can't remember the exact percentages, but the Pars were spending something like 200% of their turnover back in their peak SPL days in the early 00s. Crazy stuff.
  6. Forgot that happened. Mad that we got rid of Murray for four figures, and immediately used that to pick up MacDonald who added a lot more to our team. I can't recall thinking at any point last season "we could really have used Murray there".
  7. I'm sure at the end of this all, the whole of the UK will remember the time Dunferline didn't shaft the tax payer by sticking a group of mid-20s men on the dole. Mind you, I'm not sure that it's the best starting point to take tips on morality from a club who shafted creditors and who's biggest hero of the last 10 years is a sex pest.
  8. I'm sure Bill Clark said in one of his interviews that we'd offered short term extensions to all of our out of contract players to ensure they can be retained under the furlough scheme even if we've no intention of keeping them.
  9. Aye, this has to be the new normal unfortunately. The crowdfunders give us the best chance of getting through this until regular games are back. Usually at this point we'd have season tickets on sale which is going to be a big bulk of income we're missing out on at the moment.
  10. David McGurn: The first signing of last summer, and one which firmly got any dissenters back on side. Sure, there's always an element of 'never go back' but the man is a hall of famer. Did a solid turn for us but made the occasional mistake, such as Peterhead away. 6/10 Ross Munro: Came with glowing references from Ross County but never really matched expectations. Very shaky when coming for crosses and ultimately made a few errors. Still did a job at points, but the defence never really looked as solid. 6/10 Steven Anderson: When we signed Steven Anderson, Partick fans immediately said it would be a huge boost to our title challenge. A shaky defence got transformed when he was in the team as we moved to a back three. He was an utter rock at the back and added an air of professionalism to a back line which lost four goals to East Fife. He would've scored higher but for injury. 7/10 Kieran McDonald: First time we've paid a fee for a player, and we got an utter bargain. Macca scooped up three awards at our player of the season and has generally featured in most of the team of the years you'll see on here. He chipped in with numerous assists and a few goals. Defensively he looked solid enough, but going forward he looked like what we'd expected of Callum Crane last season: a marauding wing back. 10/10 Fernandy Mendy: Oh Nando. Signed on the back of pre-season games and then utterly bombed in the Betfred cup. The guy has buckets of enthusiasm and seems to have really embraced Scottish culture since joining. Sadly, he looked completely out his depth. 1/10 Michael Miller: Miller came in as a player who had slipped down the leagues after some bad injuries. He's been a utility player but generally been solid at right back. He's a threat at set pieces with headers and has a good shot on him, meaning he ended up with more goals than John Baird. 7/10 Grant Anderson: Another of the old gang returning, Anderson came in as a forward rather than the winger we'd known him as. He didn't get as much game time near the end, but he was invaluable at the start with winners away to Airdrie and Dumbarton. He also scored one of the most underrated goals of the season against Clyde at home. 8/10 Daniel Armstrong: After an underwhelming period with Ross County, Armstrong came back as part of the trio who really kicked our season into a higher gear. Scored an utter beauty of a free kick to equalise against Falkirk and put in a couple of good shifts, but generally struggled to reach the levels we know he can. 6/10 Regan Hendry: Alleged to have turned down more money at Falkirk to come to us because of how our fans had treated him, Hendry is one of a kind. Brilliant touch, vision and passing which is pretty much unparalleled at this level. He should be playing higher up than he is. Ran the show this season and I'm looking forward to see how his development continues. 10/10 Brad Spencer: The second of our midfield trio, Spencer has been an excellent addition. His creativity has been instrumental at points this season. He'll happily break up play or get forward with the ball. Works very well with Matthews and Hendry to orchestrate things in the middle. 8/10 Jamie Gullan: Looked a different player to last season where he only managed a solitary goal. This season he looked far stronger and more confident in his abilities. He managed to get a good haul of goals before going back to the edges of the first team at Hibs. His celebration against East Fife was one of the high points for our fans this season. 8/10 Joao Victoria: An absolute mystery of a player. He looked tricky at times but never really got going. Went on loan to Stranraer with a solitary goal to his name and not much working for him having fallen down the pecking order. 4/10 Lewis Allan: Scored a few goals at the start of the season but disappeared from the team in January having been booed onto the pitch when being subbed on. Benedictus said he was understandably devastated by this. Wouldn't surprise me if he drops out the game completely. 5/10. John Baird: Another returning legend. Baird came back on amateur terms after a wee sabbatical from the high life in Australia. Took him a while to get back up to speed but really looked like the player we know and love at the end of the season. Struck up a good partnership with Steven MacLean. 7/10 Steven MacLean: Came in from Hearts on loan and added a real edge to our team. We'd struggled to impose ourselves on teams in the first half of the season. MacLean changed that with his presence and determination to win games. He'd started to hit form at the same time as the pandemic but really seemed to grab the team by the scruff of the neck. Fantastic opening goal against Falkirk. For how the team changed, I've given him quite a high rating. 7/10
  11. Yeah we did. Airdrie fans on twitter were mocking us for paying a fee saying his deliveries into the box were awful.
  12. Definite no for Munro. We'd have been far better off had we had Thomson in goal for the full season.
  13. I think this is going to be a minefield moving forwards. In the next while, it wouldn't surprise me if there's a feeding frenzy over players who might have been offered new deals who opt to move clubs. I can see tears and snotters when clubs lose their better players because they can't offer contracts due to uncertainty, and clubs in a more fortunate position can poach players. It'll be interesting to see the first one where this happens.
  14. The real wind up is having Grant Anderson in that team. Scored a couple vital goals for us at the start of the season against both Dumbarton and Airdrie. By no means the high flying winger he used to be, but he proved a few doubters wrong when he came back to Stark's Park.
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