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  1. Fortunately, two of the teams below us, who have far larger budgets, have utter impostors in charge. If McPake or Crawford weren't in charge, Dundee/Dunfermline would be well ahead in second. Crawford has 3 away wins in 22 matches. Tuesday will be an interesting test of how we're doing. We pumped Queens last time down at Palmerston but gifted them a 2-0 win in one of our most passive displays of the season. Beat them again and we'll be in a really good position.
  2. We look far worse without Ross Matthews too. Matthews offers a counterbalance to Spencer/Hendry and Tait. He's exceptional at covering ground and has added to the attacking side of his game. Gullan and Vaughan are both excellent players individually but they look far better when partnered together.
  3. At least we're mathematically safe from relegation...
  4. For how we controlled that game for about 60 minutes of it, that was a complete shambles at the end. Two sloppy goals to concede. Again, we looked excellent in the final third but without Gullan we really struggled to carve out anything meaningful. Perfect results elsewhere as well makes it that little bit more frustrating. We need to be burying games like that.
  5. Regan Hendry has been absolutely outstanding. He's been playing with a lot of confidence from the last two games but he's completely dictating this game in the middle of the park. All still to play for in the second half but we've been in complete control so far though we could be creating more in the final third. Fingers crossed results remain the same as it would be a very good day for ourselves.
  6. The SPFL are utterly backwards when it comes to stuff like this. English Premier League highlights are up within minutes of the full time whistle on their official youtube channel. The SPFL still insist, for some unknown reason, that clubs wait until 12am on Sunday before releasing highlights. Any form of innovation on the technological side for stuff like streaming is made difficult for clubs. This season I've watched every away match regardless of cost. I'd rather no trek to Ayr or Dumfries twice a season to grounds I've experienced before: I'm sure fans of other clubs would say the same with Kirkcaldy. Hopefully it's a bit like the situation in 2012 where they were forced into a rejig for the better.
  7. It's probably difficult to say as nobody has been in Stark's Park since last year barring those involved in the youth side of things/off the pitch. Seems to have done a good job though: he's identified some areas where we needed to improve and set about getting them sorted. The stadium had gone through a bit of wear and tear: broken seats, stuff needing replaced like the CCTV so he's come in and got everything handled. We're getting (or have got) stadium wifi to help with e-ticketing in the future too.
  8. Apparently if you beat us at home then it inspires your team to go on a very good run of form. Caley and Queen of the South were both the same. Must be all the confidence coming from beating such a big team...or something like that...
  9. Didn't realise Linn was injured for this one. He was outstanding up at Gayfield. Glad he's not available for Saturday but there's still plenty of others like Hamilton to keep an eye on.
  10. He's a cracking talent but his reputation precedes him. A lot of clubs focus on him heavily. Ethan Ross was arguably less talented but had more success as he got more freedom.
  11. Aye, from last season I think Joao Victoria was the only one we brought in.
  12. Need @itzdrk to wade into one of our threads to start shithousing tbh. I'm fully anticipating that we encounter the same issue Ayr have had over the last few seasons as you say. If we get promoted, we might be able to keep some of our key players but failing that I'd expect Hendry and Musonda to both be off.
  13. If anyone gets out of line I'll rake out the match footage of the 0-0 draw back in December.
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