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  1. Jack Aitchison seems to be both scoring and creating goals at Forest Green, who are top of League Two.
  2. Listening to the radio today, Olly Shaw sounds like he had a decent game. Apart from him is there any other strikers coming through?/
  3. High hopes for Souttar and Porteous (if Hibs get to Europa groups that would be class for his development) Also high hopes for Chris Hamilton, who played for Hearts against Killie last seasin
  4. Pep, I agree w most of your analysis re Scotland, but Bates is a solid player, just got nowhere near the technical or defensive attributes to make it at the international level.
  5. Tierney at right back would make the most sense IMO, at least until we have a suitable one (arguably did with Bardsley, and Hutton to a lesser extent, but hey-ho)
  6. Agree, still holding out for Ralston until some other c**t comes through. Paterson just isn't good enough
  7. With our Nations League campaign on the horizon, what do people think our starting line up should be?? After getting a look at some of the fringe players in the Costa Rica, Hungary, Peru and Mexico games, I think the team will be smth like this: --Gordon-- Tierney--Hendry--Mulgrew--Robertson McTominay--Armstrong (or McGinn, depends on Stu's form for Southampton) Forrest--McGregor--Phillips Griffiths (or McBurnie depending on Griffiths match fitness)
  8. Anyone know when we will get ticket info for Belgium and Albania games?
  9. Was he the lad who was touted for Everton or am I thinking of Lindsay?
  10. Agree with a lot of what you say, but, you are wrong here. I doubt Faddy, Grant and Eck are the sort of coaches to be developing and improving players; never mind altitude training.
  11. For right back I am hoping Ralston comes good, or Bardsley sees the light and comes back
  12. McGregor Hendry McKenna Mulgrew Fraser Robertson McTominay Armstrong McGregor Griffiths Phillips
  13. Hendry has some great attributes in terms of playing with the ball at his feet, especially the whole taking the ball for a walk up to midfield. Also, his passing is a joy to behold at times; a rarity for a Scottish center half. Like McKenna he seems to have came from nowhere, couldn't even remember him at the Jags!
  14. Ah see ur point, but McTominay is more of a sitting midfielder?
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