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  1. Here is a good question for fans of both clubs, name the players who have played for both clubs?
  2. In regards the Gayfield capacity debate the current Gayfield capacity is 6,600 which the ground can hold no problem at all, this is near enough the same size of ground which held 13,510 in the 1950's, the reason why it is cut to 6,600 is because the number of crush barriers and exit gates, a few years ago the capacity was nearly 5,000 but got raised to 6,600 as the club improved the crush barriers. In regards the all-ticket scenario, i also agree because of the time of year (loads of folk are away to other places on works Christmas days out this Saturday) and the current feeling with DFC fans about their club i think we could have made this game pay-at-the-gate and i reckon we will be lucky if there is 3,600 at the game, hopefully the club/Police has a re-think and has a pay-at-the-gate on Saturday morning or at least sell tickets up to 1pm on Saturday for both ends of the ground. C'Mon the Red Lichties.
  3. Decent result today although being a Championship side most folk would say we should have won at a canter, was working today so was not at the game but watched the live update and we had the majority of play/shots/corner-kicks etc but folk at the game would know better than me. Had a few phone calls from mates at the game and said we had a big support down there. Looking at this game imo this was set up for Stevie Doris to play in with a tight park and battles going on, say what you like about Doris but he is very strong, great at holiding the ball up and can take a goal, i thought he was excellent when he came on against ICT, regardless he never started i was surprised he never even came on as a sub but i suppose DC knows his squad better than me. The main thing is we are still in the draw but this will only be a decent result IF we finish the job at Stade La' Gayf.
  4. Great squad above and i probably could name 80% of the players which i will do later but in the back row you have ? - Carson - ? - McKenzie - Yule? - Murray - ? - Sellars - Arburthnett. middle row - Milne - ? - Fletcher - Donald - Penman - ? - Wilson - Haxton - Rylance - ? front row - Payne - Mitchell? - Cargill - Cant - Reid - Walker -
  5. Heard DC say last week that we had a friendly tonight, any idea who against and where it is getting played?
  6. One thing i would not be surprised with might be putting Stevie D out on loan to get regular game time and bring in a striker on loan (Lee Erwin)? I do not think Stevie D is finished at this level it is just his fitness, a match fit Stevie D could still do a job at Championship level. The problem is when Stevie does not play for a while like McCord he piles on the weight it is not being lazy some folk this just happens too. In regards Donnelly being compared to Templeman i could see what folk are meaning as both are tall and skinny (like Peter Crouch) have good control and not that fast but Donnelly is still young and has to get a bit stronger and better in the air, Templeman is one of them players i always wanted the Red Lichties to sign, he was a great player who had a good goal-scoring record against us just like Trouten another player i always wished we would sign and another with a great goal-scoring record against us which hopefully stops this Saturday.
  7. Sure Surrey Racing was across the road from the Webster Theatre, i had both the maroon home and white away kits, and a bunch of us wore them at a Scotland game in Berne in 1991.
  8. Total change of a subject if we were to look to bring in a loan player and 99% fans have said from day 1 the area we should look to add is in the striking department what about trying to bring in an ex-player who was on loan to us in the past in Lee Erwin? He is signed for Ross County but does not get a game, he is still young, big at 6 foot 2" plus he had a bit of pace and sure he scored 6 or 8 goals in in something like 11 games for us in 2013. I am a massive Doris fan but i think he needs to be playing every week like McCord did to keep match fit and the weight off, big Donnelly is doing well but is not a striker and Spence who i had high hopes for is off form and struggling to get a game, you can play McKenna up there but he is a number 10 for me. Worth a shout imo. C'Mon the Red Lichties 36-0.
  9. Outrageously harsh on our Championship winning team! If that was the case, you might be very worried that we've not added at least a couple of good creative players to push out players like Linn who haven't created chances for 6 months? ?????? Simon were you on the Buckie when you wrote this? at no point was there a slant on last season's superb Championship winning team who supplied great service to our forwards, the fact is as has been stated above was Spence was not match fit when he arrived at the Red Lichties and after not scoring in his first few games you could see his frustration, he has had a good pre-season and is looking fitter and sharper and is scoring goals and long may that continue, your statement can only be described as "codswallop".
  10. Spot on, Spence is a penalty box striker and if you give him service he will score goals, was working last night so only seen the highlights but his first goal was a typical poachers goal but great run to beat the offside trap and his second goal was great footwork and a calm finish, he also looks a lot fitter this season, Spence and Doris are totally different strikers with Doris being a superb lone striker but if we play 2 up top then Spence is you penalty box striker, both great at what they do. Well done on your 2 goals Spence, after the crap he took on this board last season give the boy a bit of credit as he is OUR player ffs. C'Mon the Red Lichties.
  11. Find this very strange, for him to drop 2 leagues and play for the enemy is bizarre. Obviously do not know the full facts but he is local and a Red Lichtie supporter and played in the SPL and Championship so has the pedigree and in no way am i saying he is better than T.O.B. or Ricky but imo he would have been a superb signing for the club as Ricky could play in various positions and Waddell would be a massive threat in the air at set pieces, i thought we could have signed him and put a clause in his contract that we would let him go if a full-time club if somebody came in for him plus we would have got cash for him, i think the club has missed a trick here unless there is a good reason for not signing for us. I am not going to question DC as in general his signings and decisions are normally very good but as a supporter i find this strange why we never signed him and even more strange who he has signed for. C'Mon the Red Lichties.
  12. Well done that man, top class from a non-Red Lichtie.
  13. My criteria what it's worth is the following :- Over the last 10 seasons when both clubs were in the same leagues who had the bigger home attendances and the bigger away support? Has Alloa recently been playing in higher leagues than the Red Lichties then the answer is yes but are they a bigger club the answer is no, it is a similar scenario saying that Fulham are a bigger club than Leeds United because they have been playing in higher leagues than Leeds!!
  14. How anybody can call us the smallest team in the league is beyond me?? Surely you would class Arbroath FC a BIGGER club than Alloa Athletic?
  15. Never heard anything about Hammy, is he still under contract? hope so as a good versatile player.
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