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  1. Arbroath vs Stranraer

    Lets get things right, the Arbroath "fans" who booed on Tuesday night was at max 6 in total who have not got a clue and their ancestors probably booed when we only won 36-0..... The vast majority of fans although disappointed applauded the team off the pitch.
  2. Rovers v Arbroath - the next instalment

    My team for Saturday :- DJ THOMSON LITTLE TOB HAMILTON GOLD WHATLEY SWANKIE LINN WALLACE MCKENNA Leaves some very good players on the bench to bring on if changes are required. The last couple of times Pongo seems to play well there and Spence being an ex-player as well plus you know what you will get from Stevie D.
  3. Arbroath vs Stranraer

    Overall on chances we deserved the draw and should/could have won, we hit the bar their keeper had some good saves (as did DJ) and we missed some sitters, never agreed with the starting XI and thought Wallace and Pongo both played well when they came on, Spence looks a good player as well, too soon to judge Donnelly but i do not think he looks fit, at one point after he had been on the pitch for only 10 minutes a Stranraer went haring past him to win the ball. Best for us was TOB/Ricky/Bobby/and McKenna. Stranraer seem to have a superb record at Gayfield so this was always going to be a sticky game but we still have a 13 point lead. Also agree the "fans" who booed at the end do not have a clue.
  4. Arbroath vs Stranraer

    My starting XI for Saturday :- Jamieson Thomson Little O'Brien Hammy Gold McKenna Swankie Linn Wallace Spence Also if things are not going well get Pongo on to unlock their defence.
  5. The Arbroath Thread

    100% agree and i am not saying Pongo should replace Gav in midfield who has been excellent this season but surely our most skillful/creative player at the club should be getting more game time, when Pongo has came on as a sub he has created chances or scored a goal.
  6. The Arbroath Thread

    I would not argue with this team, imo McKenna is a must in our starting XI and i would like him in central midfield next to Swanks, he is strong, decent in the air and drives forward and good in the tackle, he reminds me a bit of ex-Red Lichtie hero John McGlashan, McKenna played in central midfield against the Celtic XI and he was superb.
  7. Lichties v Loons 26-01-19

    Be interesting what team DC will pick on Saturday after a great result against Stenny 2 weeks ago and some excellent performances against Celtic (regardless if it was a friendly if someone scores a hat-trick then he is on form and must be a goal-threat). The team i would start with on Saturday is a team that i think would get the result required but admit very harsh on some players :- JAMIESON THOMSON LITTLE T.O.B. HAMILTON LINN MCKENNA SWANKIE DENHOLM WALLACE SPENCE SUBS :- HILL GOLD WHATLEY MCCORD KADER DONNELLY DORIS
  8. The Arbroath Thread

    kenwood65 that would be brilliant if you could could find your VHS tape, i have told Andy that you are looking for it so keep in touch.
  9. The Arbroath Thread

    Been asked by ex-Red Lichtie midfielder of the late 90's/early2000's Andy Cargill to put out an APPEAL to Lichtie fans if they know where he can find a video of his goal from the halfway line against Queen of the South keeper Andy Goram at Palmerston Park when he lobbed him from the halfway line, i used to have it on video as you used to get highlights of the old 1st Division games on TV in the early 2000's so it was deffo on TV back then. He said a lot of his mates do not believe he lobbed Goram from the halfway line so he is desperate to find it to prove it to them. HELP ANDY CARGILL TO FIND THE VIDEO.
  10. Lichties v Loons 26-01-19

    After hearing Pinks comments about McCord after the Brechin game and DC boasting about him earlier in the season i think Ryan will be staying with us for the rest of the season, even Ryan said in the press and on Licht TV that he was happy at the club and could not complain not getting in the starting XI given the form of the other players, he is a different player to any other we have, in his last few sub appearances he has been superb taken control of the ball and nobody at the club can pass a ball as accurate as him, i agree Gav and Gold deserves to start before Ryan but he is a superb replacement for any of them and i also agree if for some mad reason we sold him to an Angus rival that would just be utter madness as he would come back to bite you in the erse.
  11. The Arbroath Thread

    7 changes for the Celtic game and another fantastic display against them, McKenna was superb in his midfield role and Spence looked good and Denholm bgs a hat-trick but my M.O.M. was the majestic McCord who played a master-class in midfield who never wasted a ball, great problem to have but will be interesting the starting XI on Saturday.
  12. The Arbroath Thread

    Spot on that man Kane Hester is our most "natural" goalscorer and as has been said i think you will find it hard to come up with another AFC player to beat his goals per minute ratio, the only problem was he seemed to be your perfect sub striker and his "not so good games" seemed to be when he started them (and that is not having a go at him) but it is a fact, but at his age sitting on the bench every week was not good for him and the quality type forwards we have it was always going to be hard for Kane to get a start. I would have preferred the club putting him out on loan to Elgin City to the end of the season as i do think he will get better and would have been good to have had an option to keep him or sell him next season after him having a run of games at a decent level. All the best to him though as he is a decent lad with a great attitude and i am glad he is not in the same league as us.
  13. The Arbroath Thread

    Superb re-signings and new signings, we required to boost the squad as we were low on numbers so we have now boosted it and also made it better quality overall, well done to Mike Caird his Board and DC/Pink and the rest of the AFC back staff.
  14. The Arbroath Thread

    Agree a good defender and another striker if we are signing 2 players. We have a great squad but on the small side if anything, the only problem is trying to get top notch players who are not guaranteed a starting place. At the moment i would say Jamieson, Thomson, TOB, Little, Hammy, Swanks, McKenna and Linn are probably guaranteed starters with Gold, Whatley, Kader, Wallace and Doris fighting out the other 3 starting positions and McCord and Denholm waiting to get their chance, with Hill the sub keeper and Hester filling the subs bench and Smith now away back to the Pars we really do not have a big squad but 95% of the squad would start for most teams in this league. I thought McCord was excellent when he came on last week, controlling the ball and trying to keep the ball on the deck and passing to feet, same with Denholm we know what he can do, he has not became a bad player overnight but like McCord and Whatley at the moment when he gets his chance he has to take it. My only worry is if we get hit with injuries and suspensions (which is going to happen) we might struggle if we do not bolster the squad, imaging if TOB/Little/Swanks/McKenna were all out at the same time we would have to put 2 midfielders into the defence. The AFC Board have been great and DC usually comes up trumps with his signings so should be an interesting couple of days coming up.
  15. Arbroath vs Brechin

    Hope we get back to basics and play McKenna through the middle, imo he has been one of our best players this season but feel he is wasted out wide. Really need to get an early goal and put a performance like we did up at the Hedgetrimmers and get a good victory behind us to push on after 2 really tough games. C'Mon the Red Lichties.