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  1. Unless your club is willing to spend 5 million on him, then NO.
  2. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Piss easy training match that for the dons, nae convinced we broke sweat. Nae sure fa that boy was, who scored for them, but a bit of a hit and hope type goal. And who was this player they suppose to have, that could play for anybody in the top flight? The boy with the bleeched hair? Should of been send aff for persistent fouls. Anyway, we have had a easy run so far, Partick at home next..
  3. Aberdeen FC vs Stenhousemuir FC, Scottish Cup Revenge

    And you come across as being a snowflake.
  4. Aberdeen FC vs Stenhousemuir FC, Scottish Cup Revenge

    You calling Dons fans thugs?
  5. Aberdeen FC vs Stenhousemuir FC, Scottish Cup Revenge

    Why not man up & tell them there & then?
  6. Aberdeen FC vs Stenhousemuir FC, Scottish Cup Revenge

    Ain't got a good feeling about this, Stenny will park the bus, the ref will be a bell end, we'll only win 3-0 meh..
  7. Aberdeen v Killie 26/1/19

    Well that was dire The Rangers reserves got what they came for.
  8. Shite, I'm glad we have cleared that up.
  9. Your correct, we could not unearth his talent, that is because he was shite, Peterbourgh figured this out, it cost us 200k to figure this out too. Hopefully we don't fall for this "he had the tag of a few million on head in the past, because he played well in a live f.a cup game" again. He found his level at St Patrick's..
  10. Why is it uncalled for? She may well of had a long term illness? Since she was a private in the army, i doubt that very much. I'm just stating the fact that he was shite, and a waste for 200k we spunked on him.
  11. Read it was around 120k Plus 6 months wages. Sister died suddenly in November. He was shite, before that happened. Unlucky or not, probably our worst signing in modern times, not many outside the ugly sisters can pay a fee for players, we have spunked the guts of 200k on this lad.
  12. The doom & gloom of the ugly sisters, when things don't go the way they want. It really must hurt when other Scottish clubs tell them to GTF(apart from those suckers Hearts). Instead of talking up our game & our home-grown talent, they resort to, he is shite anyway, followed by a detailed rant, about how bad the player is as if they are qualified to do so.
  13. Derek's Dandy Dons vs Fat Stubb's Team

    Dons to break down a park the bus Saints, with Anderson coming on 2nd half and scoring a peach for the 1-0