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  1. Anyone looking to play 6sside we play on a Sunday at the Falkirk stadium if anyone is looking for a game?
  2. Average mate nothing too serious but you're more than welcome to come along for a game
  3. We have a 6/7s team that play in the Falkirk Sunday league if anyone is ever looking for a game?
  4. Looking for extra players for a 6aside team in Falkirk we play at the Falkirk stadium on a Sunday night?
  5. Looking for a amateur team to train with to get fitness up etc ideally a new team that just started up in Falkirk area if anyone knows of anything.cheers
  6. It's a league and we at the Falkirk stadium and we play on a Sunday
  7. You're more than welcome to come along for a game
  8. We are the now but prefer to have a permanent keeper so everyone knows where there playing outfield instead of positions getting changed about
  9. Hi we have been running for about 2 years now struggling for a goalkeeper at the moment that would be great if you could help us out
  10. Looking for a goalkeeper for 7aside team in Falkirk area
  11. Goalkeeper needed for Sunday 7s team Falkirk area
  12. Looking for a goalkeeper and a few other players for our 7s team if anyone is interested get in touch cheers
  13. Sunday 7s team looking for extra players if anyone is interested?
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