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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    I reckon that too but Naysmith is on record as saying those are not his instructions !
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    To quote the late, great, James Sanderson " were you at the game today ? " Whatever his name, their number 9 was a nuisance all game but then again to cause our defence a problem may not be the greatest recommendation !
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Well , well , not much has changed. Passed off the Park for the first 35 minutes by a very confident and comfortable on the ball Stranraer side whilst we continued to punt it aimlessly long, Last season Naysmith said those were not his instructions and that the players were deciding to do it. I cannot believe they choose to defy him so repeatedly and can only deduce that he is actually authorising that approach. Time after time Bell - as Murray was last season - was in acres of space on the right but we chose to bypass him and lump it up. On the rare occasion we did try to find him it took 2 or 3 passes to get there instead of 1 resulting in Stranraer defenders having time to mark up. As I said, they were much slicker and sharper in their passing than we were. I really was hoping Naysmith would have sorted out our defensive frailties for this season but that first 35 minutes was appalling and the remainder of the game we looked dodgy every time they attacked. How on earth are we going to cope against decent Championship teams ? We will not be able to give any of them a 2 goal start and still come out on top.. I do not believe a defence containing Robinson, Hamill, Dowie and Higgins could perform any worse than what we witnessed today. Still, the Manager knows best. Lyle would still offer much more than Dykes ever will - still too easily outmuscled and lightweight. In actual fact, I was much more impressed by their number 9 - Layne I think - and since we are looking for a striker I would strongly consider him. Great pace, good touch and general nuisance all game. Indeed several of their players were very impressive. Credit to their Manager as - apart from crazy 5 minute spell - they looked well organised, disciplined and very comfortable playing football the way it should be played - something Naysmith has failed to do since he first arrived. Obviously , pleased to score 5 and win the game but we will struggle all season against better teams if we continue to defend like that. Dobbie and Harkins showed their class but we cannot rely on them to get us out of such a mess every game.
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    According to the papers today Stirling is not in our plans with both Dumbarton and Ayr interested. If this is true why on earth did Naysmith sign him in the first place ? Yet another example of his poor management skills - he would rather ditch people than work with them to get the best out of them. It seems the majority of fans thought he had something to offer but was never given a decent chance. Will this be another contract that has to be paid up which we can ill afford ?
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    An opinion, but based on what ?
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    Hugely disappointing . Your wording suggests that is all down to the player himself but if I have got that wrong then surely you would have to agree that it was down to extremely poor judgement by our Manager in not selecting him when fit and available and playing him up front with Dobbie - hugely intelligent, talented partnership.
  7. The Queen of the South Thread

    Let's hope we sign him up then ! Probably would with a different Manager at the helm. It's just nonsense that ' he's done' . I always thought he would continue as he is still fit and smart enough to pla y regularly. He has been disgracefully under utilised this season by Naysmith, he is the one that should be going - hopefully still time for that to happen. If not staying with us , my money would be joining up with Beany at Dumbarton. Wherever he is all the best to him.
  8. Queens v Inverness

    Absolutely nothing to play for but I hope all supporters will recognise the significance of 21st April game. The opportunity to pay tribute to the legend that is Derek Lyle and what will be his last appearance for us at Palmerston. It's a real shame that his finale is taking place amidst a dreadful home run - and season - but I hope many can put that to the side and come along and create a bit of atmosphere for his farewell. Of course this is dependent on him being selected but as there is no other purpose or meaning to this game whoever is in charge - if they can't work it out for themselves - should be instructed to start Del and take him off with about 5/10 mins to go to receive the applause he so richly deserves for his outstanding contribution to Queen of the South Football Club over many years. I am sure every fan would want this to happen and boy, do we deserve something to stir some positive emotion within us at this difficult time So, 4-4-2 with Dobbie and Lyle up front and hopefully a goal or two for the man himself.
  9. Queens v Inverness

    Wasn't there yesterday but that is spot on for all the games I have been at and indeed for most of the season.
  10. Doonhamers v Bairns

    I don.t think we are either good enough or deserving of a play-off place this season but it's important to keep going. Dunfermlines next 2 games are Livi (H) and Falkirk (A) both of which are loseable. If - and it's a huge if - we were to win our next 2 we would be back above them. Morton have Livi next which is another huge game. If Livi were to continue their great form then we would be right back in it. It has been - and still is - very difficult to be motivated to go this season ( worst since relegation) but I like a midweek match, have time off work and the temperature looks to be rising so I'll give it a go. I have a vision in my mind of what I would like - hope - to see tomorrow but fully realise Naysmith will probably not have the same one and will come up with the usual fayre. With Dobbie and Dykes out , Del has to start alongside Todorov with Todd fulfilling the 'Russell' role on the left. With those two up front, never mind going up the middle, we need to get crosses in the box for them to get on the end of. It has to be 4-4-2 tomorrow. We all know the defensive frailties so I'm not going to go there and concentrate on the offensive threat. I know this all seems like 'pie in the sky' but I have to cling on to this hope to get me along tomorrow. I would llove for this to happen and produce a stirring home victory for a change but more than likely Naysmith will do his usual to frustrate and disappoint the fans.
  11. QoS v Livi

    I would never resort to insulting language like that. I think you will find my comments re. Naysmith are DUE to facts and results - and his approach to football - not "regardless" of them. To disrespect Gordon Chisholm in that way after what he led us to is absolutely disgraceful. Dobbie could not have been benched for Europe had Chisholm not taken us to the Cup Final in the first place !
  12. QoS v Livi

    Disgusting and disgraceful comment.
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    If the system is there then I guess we should use it to our potential advantage. However, it seems too easy to resort to this. I thought the point of having a squad was to cover injuries. As I understand it, we have one striker injured - Dobbie- which leaves 4 available if you include Dykes, which our Manager certainly does. That is more than ample numerical cover especially given we only usually play one strker anyway. The game has become ridiculous with the excessive number of subs allowed and various loan systems. I wish the lad well but imagine our Manager will invent some elaborate plan that will detract from any attacking threat he may possess.
  14. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Totally agree and I have everything crossed for 28 April.
  15. QOS V League Leaders

    100% correct, He has to go .