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  1. They seemed to cover that up pretty well against Dundee Utd and Ayr !
  2. No, in answer to your last sentence. He is going through one of these patches that he always does but I have no doubt he will hit a ' hot streak' soon. I may be wrong but in my mind he tends to go on runs where he scores 2 or 3 per game and then can go several without scoring rather than scoring 1 on a regular basis. Nothing is coming off for him right now and when it doesn't it looks terrible. He is snatching at shots and dragging them wide and trying to run through several defenders which is wonderful when it works and looks awful when it doesn't. By the way, as I commented on the match thread, Kidd put in an excellent shift yesterday. The stick he has had has been way OTT.
  3. Excellent team performance yesterday which gained a massive 3 points and psychological boost. Well done to the Management and Players. I thought it would be a difficult day, for obvious reasons, but we dealt with it very well. Kidd has taken some over the top stick since his return so very pleased to see him perform so well yesterday. They certainly pummelled us in the closing stages but we held firm and rode our luck at times. We have an excellent goalkeeper in McCrorie. The striking department is still not firing and I think the Management are still searching for the best combination. Personally, I would like to see Dobbie and Oliver up front together but it seems Oliver may be carrying an injury. I hope Murray is back in the starting line up soon as he adds energy, pace and trickery going forward. That is no slight on Pybus as I think he is one of our most influential players. He could be moved back centrally. However, I realise we must balance the defensive duties with offensive in the wide positions. Spot on decision to bring Osman on yesterday and go 4-2-3-1. He looked decent.
  4. You have your ' Dobbie tinted ' specs on. He has had plenty of opportunities but his finishing - which I am sure he would admit himself - has been very poor. How he didn't score yesterday with just Fox to beat is a mystery. Would have killed the game at that stage.
  5. I think McIntyre - in some peoples eyes- had a poor start and many wanted him out but we ended up in the play-offs. Of course. we don't now have the quality he had available but I guess I am just making the point that there is plenty of time for things to turn around. Although as we saw under Skelton, after a magnificent start, losing can become a habit and lead to all sorts of problems. I don't like singling out players but I have never seen anything in Brownlie from the day he joined us nor any improvement. I would have Chris Higgins instead any day of the week.
  6. This must be a wind-up ! Nevertheless, it merits a response. What's happening in the Arena directly affects what's going on on the pitch and the Board are quite right to be heavily involved in that. If they hadn't done what they did with it we would certainly be a part-time Club in a lower Division at best or perhaps even fighting to survive as a League Club. It's hard enough sustaining Full-Time football in the current circumstances - we certainly couldn't do it purely based on the numbers we get through the gate. Promoting a ' plan and vision' is not going to significantly increase those numbers. As far as I am aware though, our objective is to be challenging for the play-offs and seeking promotion. We have to live within our means and hope that the current Management and Players can produce performances to have us competitive. Some may say it's been a disappointing start to the season but we have to remember we have a lot of new players and it will take time to gel and also for some players to reach peak fitness. There's a long, long way to go so let's get behind AJ and the boys just as some did with Gary - although that almost ended in complete disaster !
  7. I think those objectives are challenging rather than uninspiring. Just think Bolton , Bury, Gretna etc. and we should be grateful for what we have.
  8. Lovely day out in Arbroath today. Great weather and very friendly, welcoming locals. Fantastic traditional old ground with access all areas. There were some issues with utilities and services but these things happen, nothing to get steamed up about ! Very average game which looked like a nil-nil from very early on. First League game certainly isn't the time to be singling players out with excessive negativity. There's an awful long way to go so let's see how it goes. - Of course there is no doubt that the overall standard in the Championship is nowhere near what it used to be , sign of the times I guess. Nice to see JT today - Legend.
  9. When will some football fans realise that contract negotiations are confidential and have no right to be made public. Any interview from a Club representative would be very vague, along the lines of - we are in for a number of players and are awaiting their response. You cannot have more than that so a complete waste of time and totally unnecessary. Exercise a little patience , I am sure we will be able to field a team for our opening game.
  10. Whenever I have heard him on Sportsound sounds a really decent guy and speaks well about the game. I don't think his persistent injury problems would allow him to play regularly on plastic though. Jamie McDonald could though !
  11. Sounds like a typical negative Naysmith interview. Thank goodness we have the positivity back that Magic brings and the ability he has to inspire the players likewise.
  12. With the potential expansion of the Championship it is even more important that we retain our status there. Naysmith may well have more to answer for than he does already.
  13. Correct. He ripped the soul out of the team and failed to improve us in any department. An appalling record.
  14. It's Naysmith that is responsible for the shambles. The only mistake from the Board is that this should have been done months ago at the very least, It has been clear for some time that he was not capable of arresting the desparate slide that we have been in. If we had entered the play-offs with him in charge nothing would have changed - he cannot lift nor motivate players. So, I don't think anyone has " spat the dummy" but have taken a calculated risk that something needed to change. Having said that, no matter who is in charge for the play-offs I fear greatly for our position. Dobbie aside, most of these players will not be here next season - thankfully - so why should they care what happens to us ? Lose and they get an extra week's holiday and no pressure. The most motivating thing to do would have been to appoint a permanent successor who could then tell the players that they have 4 games to impress him and be retained for next season. On the subject of personnel I would only want to keep Mercer, Doyle, Marshall and Stirling - maybe Mehmet the GK. I suspect most of these will move on though and the rest can be let go without question.
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