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  1. The Queen of the South Thread

    Great choice. Excellent winger and absolute cannonball of a shot on him. The ' Peter Lorimer' of the Scottish League according to the Press of the time.
  2. The Queen of the South Thread

    Notice you missed out the key word 'effective'. Nowhere near as strong in the air or as good at holding the ball up and holding off defenders nor crucially, the ability to find the back of the net. At present, nowhere near the contributor to the team that Big Sean was.
  3. The Queen of the South Thread

    Don't believe that. I have never heard Lyle be anything other than positive about the Club and his many team-mates over the years, Of course he wouldn't be the first 'senior' player to be frustrated and dumped by the current Manager. At least Dobbie recognises Lyle's talent and contribution to the Club. By the way, you've done it again - what on earth do you mean by " get that chip off your shoulder" ?
  4. The Queen of the South Thread

    Please explain, as I don't understand. Who is incorrect, about what and why again ? Why did he have no future, you make it sound very dramatic as if there was some sort of disciplinary issue ?
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    I just don't get this attitude that Lyle has reached a certain stage and is now completely useless and ineffectual. Of course, nature dictates that anyone will slow down with age but that is not the only factor to be considered. Dobbie is now fitter than he ever was with us first time around but he does not - and never has had - great pace. He and Lyle compensate for that with their experience and natural instinct to get themselves into scoring positions. They are sharp mentally and don.t rely purely on the physical. Lyle is a far superior player than Dykes because of that and I would argue that Del wins more headers, holds the ball up far better , would provide more assists for Dobbie - they are on the same wavelength - and score far more goals. He would therefore be an asset to this and any other team, To not offer him a contract for one more season and leave ourselves glaringly short of striking options - which most seem to agree on - is very poor Management.
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    It seems it would have made complete sense to offer Lyle a contract on reduced terms if necessary. He would appear to have all the attributes that we are looking for at the present time.
  7. Queens v Ayr

    Thankfully I missed the Dunfermline game which seems to have been awful but must say the last 2 Home games I have been to - Partick and Ayr - have been a very poor standard compared to previous years. I mean this in general not just in terms of QOS. The quality of player and standard of play is becoming more difficult to watch. In terms of our performance yesterday, I would have taken a point before the game as Ayr are well capable of giving anyone ' a doing ' but so far haven't managed it against us. I have liked Todd since he joined and he seems to be growing in confidence and was way above anyone else for us yesterday. Martin still looks suspect fitness wise but made a couple of good saves. I think Mercer is improving too. Felt a bit sorry for him as he kept getting ball played to him when an opposition player was closing him down, putting him under immediate pressure resulting in a hurried clearance and/or loss of possession which was not of his making. We did this repeatedly yesterday with various players involved - we did not seem to cope well with Ayr's pressing. Fordyce is not the solid player he was when he first arrived and gets caught out frequently, Semple solid as usual. When we have enough mid-fielders available Doyle and Semple - if still here - should be our pairing in defence but I doubt Naysmith will do this as he couldn't wait to get Fordyce back in after he returned from injury. I know he was out of position but I thought Doyle, uncharacteristically, was sluggish and way off the pace yesterday. I know he took a knock in 2nd half but perhaps he was carrying a knock going into the game. If some Club, any Club wants to pay money for Dykes let's take it right away. I thought he was more lively against Partick but he was back to normal yesterday, For someone so tall and who thinks he is a bit of a tough guy he is far too easily bullied by defenders and knocked off the ball. He hardly won anything in the air and did not hold the ball up well at all. I suspect this is more mental than physical as he is fit, but he doesn't seem to anticipate things or see things early as the likes of Dobbie and Lyle are capable of - he doesn't have a natural strikers instinct. Perhaps it's this that makes him appear lazy and second best. A draw at home to Ayr is not disastrous, nor will it be to Ross County but we have drawn far too many games, especially at home, which if it continues will prevent a top four finish. I don't think we are good enough for that anyway although this Division is so tight and riddled with inconsistency this season that anyone putting a half decent run together could make it. As usual we will probably be in the mix for 4th along with Inverness, Morton and Dunfermline. Unless of course, Harkins inspires Partick to a 2nd half revival ! Then again, with Caldwell at the helm that is not going to happen. I don't know what they were thinking about appointing him, I feel really for sorry for the Thistle fans as they deserve better.
  8. The Queen of the South Thread

    Nonsense. Harkins did not exhibit any of that kind of behaviour and looked to be enjoying playing with Dobbie. Baird was the one for that sort of thing !
  9. Queens v Dunfermline

    The roads going North from Dumfries were a mess and downright dangerous from about 6pm onwards this evening. I feel sorry for anyone who felt they had to travel in those conditions for any reason and hope they are safe. You seem to be implying that those warnings were OTT and unnecessary, I would suggest that they were completely valid and sensible. It's not just about what happens up to 5pm, or maybe it is if you live in Dumfries. You're the financial man so perhaps you could offer your opinion if it really benefited the Club by going ahead today or would you expect a greater attendance and revenue from a midweek game in more reasonable conditions ?
  10. Queens v Dunfermline

    If the advice is not to travel why are you assuming the teams can get here alright? Is it really that important that the games go ahead today with the few hundred fans who live locally in attendance? I'm not saying the game should be called off but the fact that supporters are being told not to travel has to be as big a factor in the decision as the weather in Dumfries No bother Spot on. The snow and ice warnings are bad enough but my original concern was the strength of the wind which still shows to be in excess of 50 mph which makes any match a complete farce and waste of money. With the warnings in place I think there is a responsibility on employers to protect their employees - most players and staff of both Clubs will have to try and travel North AFTER the game which is when the conditions are to be at their worst. I also question the wisdom of sending players on to the pitch with that windchill factor. Remember Tony Gervaise ?
  11. Queens v Dunfermline

    If that forecast is still valid tomorrow then the game should definitely be postponed. It's time the Governing bodies and Clubs considered supporters in these conditions. The high winds alone are bad enough and lessons need to be learned from the Ayr postponement last week. That should have been called off much earlier. It's hard enough to attract fans but to expect people to fork out to watch a complete farce in high winds is just unacceptable. I'm sure we had an abandonment at home to Falkirk a few years ago, which quite simply should never have started. The severe winds also ruined what should have been a rip-roaring SCQF at home to Falkirk in 2015 between two really good teams. That was a huge disappointment that night , again which should never have gone ahead although I suspect because it was on TV there was more pressure to put it on. Bit of a theme here but going back to Jan 2009, the Cup Tie away to Falkirk was completely ridiculous and should have never been played. The Cup Final bounce was very evident though as 1002 away fans turned up ! Given that in addition to the wind factor, low temperatures and snow are forecast , the game should be called off tomorrow.
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    After not seeing him for years, I have seen Billy Simpson at recent games, very sad to hear. I did not know him personally but he was indeed the name quoted in the seventies to contact re. Supporters Club/Travel.
  13. Queens v Inverness

    Could be beans on toast and a night in front of the telly for Mrs. Naysmith after that ! Actually, I quite enjoyed the game today. We set up and approached the game very similar to Ayr (H) and produced some entertaining attacking football to be enjoyed. We really should have been out of sight with the number of good chances we created before JR changed the game. I was both surprised and relieved to see White and Austin on the bench today but boy, did they make a difference when introduced. Fair play to JR as he must have thought we have nothing to lose, let's go for it and see where it takes us.
  14. Queens v Inverness

    We did have a very experienced and effective one of those but he was let go. Another example of poor Management by Naysmith with no credible striking option available from the bench or to cover injury/suspension.
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    He has been unable to conceal his anger in numerous interviews and openly criticised and blamed players on several occasions. I only have this second hand but am led to believe that after the East Fife match to which you refer he was far from happy and in his comments to the media stated that his weekend had been ruined and that he was not able to fulfil a dinner date with his wife due to his reaction to the performance that day and that he had let the players know this too. That is absolutely pathetic and I repeat, shows a weakness in character and self control. If your work, whatever that might be, affects you and your family in that way then it's time to try something else.