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  1. hahahahhahahha greatest ever team I am fucking howling. GET. FUCKING. DOON.
  2. Happy to be 1-0 up but what a shit game of football. St Johnstone have managed the unbelievable feat of being even more boring on the pitch than their fans on P&B. This is the greatest side in their clubs history as well.
  3. He’s definitely one of our most important players. The game at McDiarmid was a total write off from a Dundee point of view as for some strange reason we decided to play a back 5 which we had only done once all season and that was against Rangers. I can understand why st Johnstone fans would be optimistic thinking back to that game but I really wouldn’t read too much into that. It was a system that we are historically shite playing and we were missing the like of Adam and Anderson.
  4. That’s an utterly horrendous take. Why do you feel the need to constantly give an opinion you on something you clearly have no knowledge of?
  5. I think Ashcroft is fine but is hung out to dry a lot of the time by 2 full backs who can’t defend. In saying that, over the last 3 or 4 games Cammy Kerr is probably in his best ever form for Dundee.
  6. Ashcroft is a massive loss, he’s one of our most important players. Don’t mind Fontaine alongside Ashcroft but him and Sweeney worries me.
  7. Right ok. Stop talking utter pish. Do you want us to remove the pitch so the stands can be a bit closer?
  8. Where’s the gaping hole between home and away fans at Dens?
  9. Why are you sitting in the Bobby Cox? Finally showing your true colours?
  10. Men vs boys in the middle of the park which is worrying for United given Motherwell looked powderpuff at the weekend
  11. Why do you guys not like Clark? If I recall we were going to offer him a PCA last year but he signed a new deal with you guys and you were all over the moon about it.
  12. It was 1-0 then 2-0 then 3-0 hence we are on an upward trajectory. These Perth muppets really are thick as f**k.
  13. Course we will. We laud it over every team we beat. Stop thinking you’re so special
  14. I’m not surprised you’re trying to turn my comment into some sort of rivalry chat. My comment is based on the extreme overconfidence coming from a good few St J fans.
  15. The Dees will have a fucking field day in here if we win this
  16. Last thing we need is another striker Edited to add I just found out he’s a defender. I’m sure the tele said he was a striker
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