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  1. Howling at the St Johnstone Co commentator. The guys been on the verge of tears for half an hour now
  2. That’s what I thought. The sooner you and the other arse cheek f**k off out of this country the better
  3. Genuine question to ranger fans: Do you enjoy this? Boring as f**k.
  4. Meh. As mixu would say: “what’s the fucking point?”
  5. Dundee derby isn’t on TV. They're deciding to show a goalless Edinburgh derby instead
  6. Was planning on going to this game bit I’ve just seen we’ll be singing Abba so I’m out
  7. What’s the story with Jakubiak? Is he still injured from when he was jumped outside underground? That must have been about 3 months ago now
  8. You have Chris Kane up front just now. Anything is an upgrade on that haddy.
  9. What’s the story with you guys online ticketing system? Is it just an e-ticket?
  10. Usually they have something about them but they are horrific this year. Passed it players in midfield with no legs and strikers who hate scoring goals. County and St Mirren are both quite a bit better than them and we proved last night that we are as well.
  11. I have no idea how folk do this. I don’t think I’ve ever predicted the right player to get booked.
  12. What about the young Ross Callaghan ragdolling their midfield?
  13. James McPake the Derry loves you more than you will know
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