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  1. By law of averages one of them will die, right?
  2. Yes April for Furlough and June for Self employed scheme. I'd imagine the owner would be self employed and in the meantime she can apply for universal credit. It takes 5 weeks for the first payment after applying but she can ask for an advance and she'd then receive the first payment within a few days. The advance is then taken off the future payments so she'd need to bear that in mind.
  3. Your mates wife would surely qualify as would the 2 who rent chairs as they will be self employed. Your mates wife should keep the other lassie on as an employee and she will get the 80% of her wage through the furlough scheme but your mates wife will have to apply for this I believe.
  4. f**k me, are people actually still posting shitey like this?[emoji1]
  5. Like I said previously, why would you not try to minimise tax liability if you have the chance?
  6. Are we? We’re not cramming into tubes like they are down there so it’s not much of a comparison. I live near a railway and from what I’ve seen, the majority of trains have been virtually empty. Busses likewise.
  7. A lot of people will be fucked. From my experience working in an local accounts practice the majority of sole traders and small companies make losses or very small profits. Still no confirmation that I can see if it’s going to be based on gross or net profit but I’d imagine it’s net, which would leave the majority of sole traders with no an awful lot.
  8. London will get hammered by it I think which will rocket the numbers. Italy was the same where the majority of the cases were confined to one region. I can’t really see Scotland being hit too hard, the majority of us up here seem to be taking the whole thing more seriously and we’re naturally a lot more spread out up here than they are down there.
  9. I’ve seen a lot of this on social media and really don’t get it, is it a jealousy thing? I have absolutely no bug bears with people who work hard minimising their tax liability and perhaps taking advantage of the system. I’m sure if they could, employees would do everything they could to minimise tax liability as well.
  10. I've been going out at 9 on our balcony giving it a ferocious, blood vessel bursting BOOOOOO Is that when Stevie Crawford goes by on his daily run?
  11. Ah, fair enough😄 Yeah thats the best way.
  12. Where have you seen this? TBH, I'm not expecting anything, if I was to get anything it would be a bonus. I realise I would be unique going from a partnership, to employment, to self employment but will just have to wait and see I guess. For what its worth, the employment income was about 1/3 of the amount of the partnership profits.
  13. I'm confused as to how it will affect me but I realise i am in a pretty unique situation. In 16/17 and 17/18 I filed tax returns with shares of profits from a partnership and in 18/19 I also filed a tax return but it was made up 100% of income from employment. In 19/20 I will be self employed but obviously we are still in this tax year. Would I still be eligible despite last year having the majority of my earnings from employment despite 100% of my earnings in the previous 2 years coming from partnership profits? A bit confusing.
  14. Yes, but it’s the country where the virus started, where there have been the most cases and a country which is recovering.
  15. I realise that, but taking the number of cases from the entire world and confining them to 1 country with a 100% death rate still only kills 0.013% of that country. Doesn’t make sense to me.
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