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  1. He sounds awesome dude. I believe that we will win!
  2. Stinks of a Nelms love child if you ask me. Could be a Yordi-esque signing.
  3. Had a good chuckle at this. What a lot of shite we’ve had to put up with - bearing in mind more than half of these played for us in the last 3-4 seasons.
  4. Was it at Arbroath last season when a goalie put a goal kick out for a corner?
  5. We should be comfortably finishing 2nd in this league. I can see us beating Arbroath on Saturday giving him a few more weeks.
  6. I’m more worried by the fact that you’re looking up the weather forecast for Dundee games. Creepy behaviour.
  7. Dick Campbell is gutted, he hoped you were going to pick the team this week.
  8. What were we supposed to do, tie him down to a contract for life? Not much a club can do if a player doesn’t want to extend their contract.
  9. I’ll be absolutely raging if we lose Johnson. Hamilton Kerr Meetings (if fit) McGhee Marshall (if fit) McPake McGowan Dorrans McDaid Johnson Hemmings Forster needs binned. Toss up between McGowan and Byrne. Likewise with McPake and Todd.
  10. If he doesn’t start on Saturday McPake has absolutely lost the fucking plot.
  11. More for the laughs, I’ve given up trying to be remotely serious about anything to do with Dundee anymore.
  12. I’d actually take Yogi until the end of the season.
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