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  1. Have a new fence needing painted so will probably do that on Wednesday night. Will tune in for the big final though obviously.
  2. There’s a horse running in the 12.58 at Lyon called Greenock Morton. It’s the favourite as well.
  3. I’m glad my work don’t judge me, or completely write me off based on my first year or so in the job.
  4. I’m not trying to argue or agree with you, but he openly came out and said he wasn’t given funds for a goalkeeper. It was discussed at length on here as everyone thought it was strange that he had a designated goalkeeping budget. I think McPake has done as could be expected this season. It doesn’t sit right with me that people still want him sacked even if we get promoted.
  5. He said he wanted to replace the goalkeeper in the summer but couldn’t due to budgets. He brought in Legzdins but he couldn’t have foreseen him getting an injury.
  6. We have the 2nd biggest budget and finished 2nd
  7. This is spot on. People have been complaining all season that we have the 2nd best this and the 2nd best that. Well, we finished 2nd and the same folk are still moaning. McPake hasn’t done that bad all things considered and we finished the season where expected.
  8. Not been to any. Like I said, I’d keep McPake but that’s the realistic options. Folk suggesting McInnes, Robinson, Alec Neil and Lennon etc f**k me🤣
  9. To be completely honest, like I said I don’t really want any of them right now as we have a manager, just gave my opinion on what’s out there. Peter Grant’s Alloa side played some good stuff and you could see what they were trying to do. Dick Campbell hasn’t been given much more freedom to go out and get players than Alloa, there’s a bit of a gap in finances there I would imagine. Steven Gerrard had the same role as Thomson before he went to Rangers. Steven Robinson left Motherwell because he wanted a better job, why would he drop down to the Chanpionship?
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