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  1. Rangers and Celtic really are c***s aren’t they? Proper scum of the earth arseholes.
  2. Gardyne is definitely a McPake type signing. I’m not as against it as some others as I think we’re a bit light on backup wingers and he would certainly be a better option out wide than McGowan and he’s scored 5 goals in 11 games this season. Id definitely take him if the chance was there.
  3. Is that your best 11? Deary me you’re in bigger trouble than I thought.
  4. Anytime I watch Livingston that fucking alarm goes off. Get these tinpot c***s relegated ASAP.
  5. Patter? It’s fact. 9 out of the 11 of them are still there no?
  6. Okay then, 9 out of the 11 players in your clubs best team in their history will be below us in the league.
  7. Rightly so. The best team in your clubs history versus a depleted Dundee side who finished today’s game with Christie Elliott in midfield. What would be even more embarrassing is that if you do lose the greatest side in your entire clubs history will be below us in the league.
  8. Looked to pick up a couple of knocks and looked as though he was struggling a bit at the end. Hope not though as thought today was one of his best games for us
  9. Looks like we could be without Anderson, Ashcroft, Byrne, McGhee and Adam for this one. Would be very embarrassing for St Johnstone if they lost this.
  10. I especially like Motherwells tactics from their first kick today to aimlessly lump the ball up to probably the two most physical centre halves in the league. Like others have said Motherwell are probably the worst team we’ve played this season by some considerable distance. Some of their fans bumping their gums about how long they’ve been in the league etc. wasn’t long ago Killie fans were saying the same thing.
  11. It doesn’t work and I don’t think that result was a coincidence. There were other factors, obviously but I don’t think they can play together. Danny Mullen works his balls off and I think that’s too important to lose.
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