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  1. If you went to Palmerston every home game you would not have the opinion that dykes is an asset to the team
  2. any idea how many spectators at palmerston this afternoon
  3. First Division Next Season a Dead Cert. All we need now is dobbs to leave
  4. i personally would sign todd and thomson to keep jacobs company in mid field
  5. After todays woeful display i would only keep dobs and thomson Sell dykes to hearts and free all the rest including naismith
  6. surely everyone knows who the chairman’s side kick is?
  7. Just back from Palmerston where i witnessed the dirtiest team in the league(Livingston)
  8. He will take responsibility as at agm he stated he picked the players and he selected the team
  9. I am all in favour of dykes moving on as far away from queens the better
  10. One can only assume that Victoria did not get the divorce settlement she wanted and this is payback time
  11. According to todays sport pages Dundee Utd are playing Inverness Caledonian on Tuesday night 6th of march
  12. GN in his latest interview is complaining about giving dykes a hard time as his partner is in labour Can GN not see what most supporters see and that is a useless player
  13. Once again Naysmith has picked a negative team with Dobbie up front himself no wonder the home crowd is down from last season
  14. Why have I not received qos agm e-mail as I am registered
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