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  1. Was not there to-day so therefore may be wrong of me to comment , however for Spence to get booked within 5 minutes is ridiculously careless and jeapordised himself and the team with his actions. Must have been bad to get booked so early. Also find it hard to understand why McKenna is on the bench so often after his diaplays last season. I really think Dick has got to arrange some loan deals for a front man and a wide player before we find ourselves cast adrift of the pack.
  2. Certainly agree with this. We definitely need a player like B.Kerr or Falkingham in the middle of the park as Swankie certainly is not the answer. Also need a wide player and a goal scorer or it is going to be a long hard season.
  3. Arbroath also played Ipswich at Gayfield and beat them 1-0 the goal being scored by none other than Barrie Mitchell later sold to Aberdeen for £10k a lot of money in 1968. The team always used to always go to. England on a pre-season tour in these days and were once beating Q.P.R. 3-0 at half- time only to lose 3-5 .Also remember they went to America. when Liz McCogans brother was our captain.
  4. A Championship league opener against one of the Dundee teams would be a good money spinner on the day we unfurl the League 1 winners flag.
  5. Great to see McKenna signed up for another season.
  6. I take it you mean D. Jamieson the keeper, cannot see this anywhere on the official website?
  7. Not really surprising considering Dick brought in 2 strikers [alledgedly?] and dropped Wallace. The new players only scored 1 competitive goal between them and had we not had a healthy lead in the league it is my opinion we would have been struggling to get promoted with the fore mentioned players.
  8. I am sure there are means by which we could get rid of Spence and Donnelly by offering them a low pay-off and pointing out that they are unlikely to be in the team but they must turn up for training and team selection on a Saturday to qualify for their wages otherwise they would be in breach of contract. If they consider it more important to play on a Saturday then they may agree so they can sign for another team.
  9. Dick stated in his interview after the Raith that there were friendlies arranged against Hibs and Dundee for next season but if Dundee are relegated this would probably change.
  10. Would like to thank B.B.C. Alba for messing up my week-end by televising this game. Will not be able to make the journey to-morrow similar to many others. With the weather being glorious and us just having won the league I reckon we would have had a big turn-out. I just hope that we are properly compensated for the revenue we will have lost through a reduced crowd and hospitality. As the money from the t.v. rights are put into a kitty to be divided by all the teams, t.v. is killing the game not helping it.
  11. Did anyone hear Dick's interview on the radio after the game when he stated he was not sure if LInn would be at Arbroath next season.
  12. Considering we did not have Linn to-day I think Dick got his team selection right.Same team next week please, with Doris coming on as a sub and Swankie later.Play as we did to-day and hopefully we should be okay.
  13. I did not realize adults were the same as us as a senior citizen I was going by that. By the way I was at Edinburgh City v Peterhead recently and I paid more than Gayfield as I re-call.
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