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  1. If this is passed by a vote of members then Patrick Thistle as a member should abide by the rules and accept the decision . End of. In 2012 I think it was that the a decision of the same members destined Rangers to League 3 which they accepted.
  2. Any one see D. Denholms article in to-day's Scottish Mail on Sunday where he states he goes running with D. Gold who eventually leaves him for dead and finishes a full 100metres ahead of him.Danny that should be a message to you.
  3. Well done ladies your a credit to yourselves and the club. I am sure you had a great day.
  4. This is something I would gladly subscribe too. One way or another I think we should all endeavour to assist the club over this difficult period. As someone suggested the money you would normally pay for entrance to home game if you gave this to the club would be an immense help, 5 home games at £18 = £90. which I can appreciate is not what everyone can afford. But every little would help. They enjoyment and elation we have all experienced over the past few seasons with the teams performances and the management and committees efforts deserves to be rewarded by some means or another and we should not let this virus be our downfall.
  5. Although I am a season ticket holder I consider it would be better to allow 500 to pay at the gate as this would help to defray expenses thus helping the club to survive through this difficult period . As to how this would be administered is another matter.
  6. If I drive up for this game from the Capital and Murphy is on the park I will be most displeased.
  7. As far as I am aware this has been mooted but Dunfermline were not in agreement.
  8. P.S. should have read when men in Dundee etc;
  9. A Dundonian has a cheek suggesting that. I remember when in Dundee were called kettle boilers as very few worked and stayed at home boiling kettles.
  10. Remember being at Gayfield in 1953 when we played Rangers in the cup and there was 13000 in the ground and there was bags of room.
  11. I am sure I read on the Arbroath website last week that he will be back in time for the game in Greenock.
  12. 100 years ago to-day one of Scotland's and Arbroath goal-keepers died, yes Ned Doig. Described in yesterdays Scotsman as the the Prince of talents amongst the Team of all the Talents that won the English First Division and was one of 10 Scots in the Sunderland team in 1894-95.He later joined Liverpool at the age of 37 and was layed to rest in Anfield Cemetery.. This is a two paged article in the Scotsman and is too large to repeat here but there is no doubt that Ned was loved by the fans of all the teams he played for and this article is well worth a read and would make good reading if it is possible to reproduce in a match programme.
  13. Can some-one please tell me if there is an area set aside for Arbroath fans before I purchase my ticket on-line. I tried to e-mail Gayfield but it was refused.[ has A.F.C. changed their e-mail address I did it on the new web site and expected it to be okay.]
  14. Was not there to-day so therefore may be wrong of me to comment , however for Spence to get booked within 5 minutes is ridiculously careless and jeapordised himself and the team with his actions. Must have been bad to get booked so early. Also find it hard to understand why McKenna is on the bench so often after his diaplays last season. I really think Dick has got to arrange some loan deals for a front man and a wide player before we find ourselves cast adrift of the pack.
  15. Certainly agree with this. We definitely need a player like B.Kerr or Falkingham in the middle of the park as Swankie certainly is not the answer. Also need a wide player and a goal scorer or it is going to be a long hard season.
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