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  1. The chairman had genuine empathy in his voice in his phone call to me this morning about my stance on the matter. As I've said before I'm walking away but I've nothing against those who decide to go next season or anyone on the board even though there should've been a meeting with fans beforehand. I wish them all the best(not Thomson)
  2. Just had a call from the chairman who was superb on the phone with me. I am being given a refund. He respects the fans stance who don't want to come back and I tell you what I do have a lot of respect for the man. As I said before I have nothing against the board personally but I won't be going whilst thomsons there.
  3. Hi mate, Who do I contact in regards to a refund? I've rang football nation who I must say have been superb and on a couple of times tried to give the club a nudge to get in contact with me. The club promised they would. But nobody has at all
  4. I agree top marks to Ally for a superb post like that. However I'm done. Can't bring myself to go back whilst he is there
  5. Gareth Rodger has signed on a two year contract Craig Thomson is also 100% signing and will be announced at some point during the week
  6. Looks like Thomson is heading to Edinburgh City for deffo
  7. All fans that want a voice heard and to discuss what we are going to do please inbox me and we can arrange a meet up(with pints) . Only we can try and stop this happening. I'm not against the board, I don't have any personal gripes with anyone at the club but hopefully we can make them see a bit of common sense
  8. I'm in the same boat mate. Normally I'd have been happy about signing a player like Ashley Grimes but it's all been overshadowed with the " are we signing Thomson or not" sideshow. I'd rather everybody knew what the craic was
  9. It was football nation who acknowledged me not even the club. I've now sent a further two e mails to the people that deal with hospitality as they're the only e mail addresses I can get from anywhere so hopefully they forward it on to the right people. The club were meant to get in contact with me but still haven't about me requesting a refund on my season ticket IF Thomson signs. Don't bother phoning the club either as the number given is the one for the social club and the social club have said to me twice now they are nothing to do with the football club which I find baffling. They couldn't even provide me with any contact details for anybody either. To me it seems the club are being run by a clique who are reluctant to let supporters old and new have any say on anything at the club.
  10. I have had an acknowledgement. The club will contact me personally via phone hopefully in the next couple of days . Let's hope this sideshow is all cleared up and forgotten about by then
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