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  1. Shankland on the right of midfield can’t wait
  2. Priority is a keeper to challenge Benji, a winger which can play on the left of midfield. A striker to replace Safranko, those are the three main priorities. I would also take a centre half and centre midfielder but think with the options we have they aren’t priorities.
  3. Shankland currently on holiday with Liam Smith and Cammy Smith, hopefully some persuading getting done
  4. I’d say after the left back coming in we need another centre midfielder, striker, winger and back up keeper.
  5. You’ve got Craig Curran, don’t even try make jokes
  6. Good to see a bit of fight from the team tonight, thought McMullan running in behind was very good. Win our next two games and we are two behind Ross County, put a bit of pressure on them before they play.
  7. Siegriest Seaman Connolly Reynolds Robson Butcher Harkes Smith McMullan Safranko Clark 4-1-2-1-2 1-1 Draw
  8. Seen Coll Donaldson name and automatically closed the thread
  9. FairPlay to the owners and Neilson, now we have two strong options in every position. Front line of Sow and Safranko seems very tasty. Line up on Saturday Laidlaw Seaman Bouhenna Reynolds Booth Butcher Nesbitt Smith Pawlett Sow Safranko
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