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  1. I had a Chadian regen called Joseph N'Doram on Championsip Manager 95/96 who was honestly immense; banging in 30+ goals for over a decade and valued at £20,000,000. Would be hard to look past him as Chad's greatest ever sportsman.
  2. I can't be arsed looking it up and I'm not going to take notice of anyone's replies, but has Laura Mvula not been nominated like every year since about 2009?
  3. My aunt got me these: Was skeptical at first but they're comfy as f**k and actually look pretty good with a decent pair of slim-fit jeans on.
  4. For a few weeks I worked 4AM - 12PM on a construction site in central Sydney. My commute took me through Sydney's gay district at around the time the clubs were closing, leading to the somewhat unusual daily experience of being cat-called by drag queens as I walked by in my work gear.
  5. Who would have guessed that a load of men don't think cat-calling is a big issue?
  6. Not a good day to be an innocent 31 year old Everton player.
  7. I once refereed a midget boxing match in Manila. Probably the highlight of my sporting career.
  8. Vancouver is the only place I've seen someone inject Heroin into their penis, although I appreciate I've perhaps led a sheltered life. For lifestyle he should be going to Toronto FC or Melbourne Victoria.
  9. Hopefully we've fielded an ineligible player to keep the score down.
  10. Moldova? I've never even herdova!
  11. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?extid=SEO----&v=1980793655277592 Absolute tuna sandwich. It's going home.
  12. Up there with Bergkamp as one of the most overrated players of all time.
  13. 'The Czechs are bouncing' is great banter.
  14. I'm genuinely enjoying wallowing in bitterness and cheering Denmark on. Long may it continue.
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