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  1. Yesterday evening I stood on a huge dog jobby at the bottom of my street. First time I've stood on one in years and it's size was such that I actually slid through it. Started walking along the grass to try and clean it off and stood on another one of similar magnitude and consistency. Absolutely raging.
  2. Finally the Bologna management have taken notice of my emails.
  3. As Jonno let rip with the stolen Kalashnikov, and Squarehead fired off a round of monkey puzzler, I looked down at the towel-head I'd just slotted. I didn't stop to think about it long; we all get slotted sometime.
  4. I occasionally find myself watching the videos of James Hoffman on YouTube He's a ridiculous man, but at least seems to be fully aware of it. There's something quite relaxing about listening to knowledgeable people going into granular detail about a particular topic and just letting the mostly useless information wash over you. I find myself watching physics and maths videos for the same reason.
  5. In the same way as the thread on Orange Walks metamorphosed into a hub of cricket talk, the transition of the Covid thread to Incel chat will be as seamless as it is unsurprising.
  6. Again, you appear to be glossing over the stacks of evidence coming from the world's most realistic football simulator.
  7. I used to live in a share-house with people from various villages in the south of England and one hungover Sunday I decided to join the Facebook community groups of these townships in order to really connect with the beating heart of Normal Island. I wish I had compiled a Best of... list over the years, but coming straight in at number one would undoubtedly be the residents of Caddington campaigning against the demolition of a disused bus shelter that, by many accounts, actually creates a driving hazard due to it's location. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-48459582 Protester Vicky Malone said: "Someone is going to stay here at all times to make sure they don't knock it down." She added: "Someone has even offered to sleep in the shelter overnight." Quintessential Normal Island.
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