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  1. Sancho is relatively untested at the top level. Would be a big gamble for any Prem team.
  2. If you can't handle him when he's BULKING you don't deserve him when he's SHREDDED.
  3. Israel returning part of the West Bank? Well I never.
  4. We lived in a bungalow you utter welt.
  5. Celtic should play in blue - the historical national colour of Ireland.
  6. Good to see him getting back to his best, but I'd still have McBurnie and Cosgrove ahead of him.
  7. Man U also expected to sign Ben Mee before the end of the window.
  8. I also used to work in a place where a guy ate his lunch in one of the toilet cubicles. I would quite often wait a couple of minutes after he went in - just enough time for him to hunker down and unwrap his scranwiches - before going in myself and farting out a shite in the stall next door. Over the course of my employment there he must have ingested at least one whole shite of mine via airborne poo particles.
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