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  1. I've never played RDR2, but beating up the disabled guy sounds class so I might give it a go.
  2. Drek Republic mair like. 3-0 Scotland.
  3. We should rip it up and start again for this one. We have nothing to lose.
  4. Covid or Novid there'll be no Fleck for the Czechs
  5. Away goals counting double was such an unfair rule to begin with. A goal should only be worth one goal no matter where you're playing. Except if you're playing another sport where a goal counts as more than one goal.
  6. The unveiling of St. Johnstone's latest efforts is always a source of great amusement. Stinking trash and boggin' garbage are my guesses as to what the new strips will be modelled on.
  7. Would Davidson have won the league with Rangers? Possibly. Would Gerrard have won the cup double with St. Johnstone? Undoubtedly.
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