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  1. In FM LBs convert to RBs without a great deal of bother, especially if they're still young. Considering the vast amounts of time, effort and money that goes into making the game as realistic as possible, I don't see why it would be much different in the case of Hickey.
  2. Making arguments for having national football stadiums in Stirling and Perth ranks among claiming Big Foot is real in terms of P&B delusion. Keep it coming.
  3. Carson is an absolute shocker of a name, almost as bad as Josh. Poor lad.
  4. Genuinely love it when the Bigfoot arguments resurface. Utter insanity.
  5. Genuinely, what is the difference between a football and a grapefruit?
  6. When I lived in Canada (which was up until the turn of the year) I'd get paid by cheque. Not so bad as I could cash it in via my banking app, but some of my more useless colleagues would be given days off here and there when there wasn't enough work, often meaning they'd have to travel to site to pick up their cheque (which could frequently be up to a 3 hour total commute in some cases), go to a bank, cash it and then wait for 5 days until it cleared. Madness.
  7. When I went to China a few years back the tour guide went by the name 'Howard'. No-one else found my 'Chairman How' jokes funny, but I was regularly loling at them.
  8. Can't remember where I was when the planes hit, but I can remember spending that night watching the news next to a naked Derek Ferguson.
  9. The only good animal is a dead animal.
  10. Trolls should be dealt with by locking horns and taking them to task. Forums used to resemble a vast marketplace of ideas and are now little more than dingy backstreets with malfeasance around every corner. By ignoring the problem it will only get worse.
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