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  1. Clyde v Elgin

    At a canter.
  2. Oliver Burke

    Burker King.
  3. Dodgy stadiums

    You could seriously hurt your fee-fees if you fell through that Gapoli.
  4. European Clubs map

    Other than England being listed as 'UK', geographical inaccuracies, an arbitrary selection of clubs, a shit-show of club badges and 'League Strength' seemingly calculated in a similar manner to Numberwang - I'm sure it's a great map.
  5. P&B Obituaries

    Wasn't he a moderator of a Sims forum as well? Someone probably made him go swimming then deleted the ladder.
  6. P&B Obituaries

    It's comforting to know that even after death our ill-informed opinions will live on through Pie & Bovril.
  7. New Hampden

    It would be a nice touch if the seats in the Rangers and Celtic ends matched their respective colours.
  8. Sent home from school for haircut

    Non-binary haircuts should be accepted and embraced.
  9. Unpopular opinions.

    And I'd happily drink it again.
  10. Unpopular opinions.

    I once had a cup of that coffee made from the coffee beans shat out by a monkey and it's effects were better than some Es I've taken.
  11. Hearts fans. Worse than the Old Firm

    ******s = Catholics now? Shocking levels ignorance once again.
  12. Premier League 2018-19

  13. Morton home win vs Dunfermline

    Ray McKinnon.
  14. Unpopular opinions.

    Any elephants looking to live in a European zoo should be forced to walk through the Alps first.