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  1. The game was so bad thatTim Horton's was the highlight of my fkn day... ...apart from tipping a couple of winners at Cheltenham
  2. The issue I see with Glass for Miller is that Miller does the dirty work that much of the time goes unnoticed. Plays simple passes, breaks up play etc. Assuming Glass is more attacking we then lose that element of play. We have been playing well and I hope for obvious reasons to the guys already there that he doesn't just walk into the first team. That's the thing, we're currently assuming what his skillset is as we've not seen much, it may be that Campbell is both better than, and, more suited to Miller's role and that Glass will adopt the more attacking CM role? As said in the earlier post I think Wilkie could be the other player who may sit out, though I'd be unsure then of Campbell's role, again, I'm assuming Campbell and Glass are here to play a starting role and Campbell has come as a CM, not a wide man. Unless its Glass wide left in a 4411 leaving, Miller, Gallagher and Campbell as the central 3?
  3. I am in 2 minds as we may go 4411 with Glass taking Wilkie's spot like we kind of did at Parkhead. Not sure playing Campbell wide left is ideal for him. Its good to have options, the 3 man defence has improved a lot and that's thanks in no small measure to O'Neill and Edwards presence as well as the 2 centre mids protecting them better. It may well simply be Glass for Miller (due to his lack passing range?)leaving 2 up top, so we have Glass, Gallagher and Campbell starting in midfield?
  4. Apart from the miscontrol at their goal i thought edwards did well. Not sure it would be fair on him tbh, think O'Neill and Edwards have settled the defence. I think Glass may be competing with Wilkie or Miller if we keep the 532
  5. We changed our shape later on Saturday. Will Glass's arrival signal a new formation or do we stay 352? I'm guessing Glass and Campbell wont be on the bench so who, if any, drops out?
  6. No offence taken, but no offence, that was also the point of my post, TSPGFITW are obsessed with it.
  7. Jackie MacNamara feigning injury. Spoke to Davies in the car park... "Did you hit him John". "I wish I had now"
  8. Around half the Airdrie support are RC but all we get from the Celtic fannies is casual sectarianism from the off. Classy as ever from TSPGFITW
  9. Celtic have signed Bayo, Weah and Olly Burke. They're clearly shitting it from us.
  10. Was the equaliser offside? I'm not 100% convinced, the scorer did steal a yard on that side but Crighton may be playing him on. No doubt though about the Stewart injury. Benedictus should have walked for that challenge, a clear attempt to injure a player who has been our most dangerous threat lately. Leading with the elbow and very late... sorry, straight red all day long.
  11. His wife hates him getting called a diddy... "Come on Sean", "this does ma f**king heid in", "these arseholes think its the premier league". Try paying in to watch that shite and she'd change her tune
  12. In fairness I wasn't getting involved, she scared the shit out of me.
  13. Crighton's wife was giving the boo boys at h/t a right mouthful. "This does my f**kin heid in" Aye, we'll pay our £16 that pays for your xmas and holidays and we'll shut up cos you're precious.
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