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  1. Hurlford are our then. Larkhall are Scottish winner
  2. Nonsense. Both could compete with Hares, St Pats, Bannockburn etc. Not saying they would beat them but they would certainly compete.
  3. Any big games on tomorrow. Gartcosh away to Glenburn look a right good game.
  4. Colts at 5/4 is a great price. I'll be lumping on them.
  5. Surely not? Thought hey were going to win it all this year?
  6. I play cm or cb mate. Stop them rather than score them. Names just a piss take because I never score.
  7. You're wrong mate that's not me. I'm currently without a club. Look through my previous posts and you'll see I'm not Dickson.
  8. Of course you do. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder for Giffnock.
  9. A lot of strong teams in the cale this year lol
  10. No danger you took a point from the premiership and Scottish champions elect? Must be some side.
  11. Giffnock mate, well that's what the league website says.
  12. Well they have a test tomorrow looking at the website. Away to Doune.
  13. From what I've heard/seen it's a lot of boys from the Pollok team that was in the Central league. Not sure who else has signed. Lost some good players but that happens to most sides. Can't argue with the results so far.
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