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  1. Not sure of the black check need to see it properly to decide
  2. Happy to do a £20 charity bet Scougrall is not at recs next season.
  3. Apparently rumours Taggs away to Airdrie, Scrougall not accepting terms. Durnham away to the fire service full time and Big Andy player and coach and development of youth not playing regularly. Cawley signed
  4. May not agree with you on Scrougall but totally agree with you on Trouten. Give him a chance in box 9 out of 10 times the ball ends up in the back of the net.
  5. Would take Ross Maciver, not convinced on Senna.[emoji2369][emoji2369][emoji2369]
  6. That’s your opinion, mines is he falls out of games and can go into hiding when games get physical. Maybe I am comparing him to Simmons, Homes, McCord or Flanny. Just spoiled the last 10 years. We could place Scrougall in Brown Ferguson level.
  7. Good news and a two year contract, now he has to get the squad place to kick on next season, after the past fractured season. He has turned the atmosphere around the recs very quickly. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=414106040714477&id=100063452529071&sfnsn=scwspwa
  8. Personally I feel Scrougall is not consistent enough, this maybe down to being played out of position, injuries and of course the behaviour of the previous manager. He has a magnificent footballing cv to live up to. Howie has not shown me enough for an offer a contract and the two sending offs show a considerable lack of maturity.
  9. Don’t think your criticism of Henderson is issue, it how long Max Christie has lived in your head rent free that is the concern. You hounded unjustly at times when he played for us.
  10. I would suggest there is little sentiment in football, personally I think Trouts will call it a day after the amount of injuries over past few seasons have taken it toll on him which is a real shame. A class player which will be very hard to replace. May get a pay as play deal. Andy also probably should hang up the boots a great warrior for the club and a tremendous leader on and off the park. I feel he’s went on a season to long. Over past season he has been caught with his pace slowing, although his ability to read the game assists him greatly another one who will sadly be missed when he leaves club. If Andy is to be released or retire I hope club do it in a dignified manner. I would keep tags, Durnan, Robbo, Sammon and wee kev and bin the rest. Mciver worth an offer if released and in the rest.
  11. For next Sunday/Monday morning following the Montrose game, MM should have a statement ready Brian Rice has signed for next season or the club are process negotiating a contract with him or worst case the club are in process of hiring a new manager with the relevant experience and qualifications to take us forward. Ideally Rice will stay but we need an indicative timescale (understand delays can occur) of when they would wish to complete this process in order to allow us to prepare for next season
  12. That's rice won the same games as Barry in 2 Months
  13. Hutton should have been told to do one with his buddy Baz. His attitude stinks, He couldn’t even do a warm up when asked at East Fife by back room staff when all subs were asked to do a warm up. Just scowled at fans walking past.
  14. It could be worse this young man apparently deserves a full time club according to his pals in the media.
  15. I'd send Henderson back to Hearts too, doesn't look like he wants to be there and not bringing very much (other than frustration) to the team. I thought I was the only person who thought Henderson is not interested in playing for us, shows flashes but not going to put effort in chasing lost causes or tracking back.
  16. The spoons is the mirror image of all spoons with the atmosphere of the STD clinic waiting room. The Station is probably a decent bet just two minutes from the train station. More in to the town and slightly closer to the ground the Thistle or the old Brewery are ok.
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