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  1. Until the first goal though Alloa created the better chances. Thought it was a penalty when the shoot hit central defender arm around the 15 minutes into the game. The red card looked very harsh the game was already lost at that point. Alloa final ball and decision making going forward was poor in the second half
  2. Gary Caldwell see himself as to good for Partick. So cant see him looking to drop to league one
  3. Administration 2 beckons. Probably just start up again as falkirk fc and start at the bottom of leauge 2 and be liquidated. The new team will still be called falkirk and will play at the stadium. The press will never mention the liquidation and pretend it really never happened ......Their history will not be broken......and .....it will be everyone else's fault as no one likes them... Scottish football needs a strong falkirk.....
  4. Hopefully away win on the cards need to keep the points ticking over and narrow the gap on the other part time team in league. Hopefully Cawley fit to return for this one
  5. Thompson on for Buchanan would have gave a different focus for attack and a bit of physicality in area for crosses which was missing. Malcom could have replaced Brown or Hetherington as both fell out game.
  6. Probably the easiest 3 points Dundee will have picked up this season so far this season. I Cant understand how Grant changed the formation back to a diamond which has been proven we don’t have the players to play it. Alloa totally in affective going forward. Only one shot target was very depressing. Buchanan played well but its clear he was blowing out his arse with20 minutes to go and Grant fails to make a change. Thompson and Malcom left on bench must have done something to piss him off.
  7. Never in control of the game two up against the run of play. A draw a fair result in the end. The ref missed a blatant penalty at start of second half for Alloa.
  8. Uses don’t have to look good. We are utter shit no shape, lack of fight, no leaders for us.
  9. Rumours has it big Neil is out for the season apparently snapped ligaments in his ankle. If true a massive Blow. He kept us in a number of games.☹️
  10. So how can you tell Dunfermline are a poor side 🤥
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