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  1. Apparently recovering from from a hamstring injury. According to Clyde supporters he went missing under Alex Rae when accusations of poor management and bullying was allegedly taken place.
  2. Today when we were down to 10 today we needed players who would fight for every ball and look to carry a goal threat, Kevin Cawley is one of these guys and has proven this over numerous seasons. Some of the players left on the park today have struggled to put in two consistent performance since joining. Don’t know what Robertson has done either another player who would be on team sheet not getting a sniff.
  3. Interesting that Barry didn’t speak to press after game tonight, he will be talking them about Rangers during the week though. It’s also the concerning keeper situation has come back to bite us on the arse as predicted as Hutton has always acted like a petulant child. speaking to the press after the defeat to peterhead, alloa assistant manager paddy connolly said: “obviously disappointed with the result, we actually thought we started the game quite well. we’re making it difficult for ourselves.
  4. Fairly accurate account of the situation today. Hutton very poor at first goal as well although Durnan let the guy wander away from him. Probably hopefully the young keeper can develop quickly and make the number 1 shirt his own as Hutton is very poor.
  5. Under JG and our last promotion from division 1 we struggled to get any consistency in the first half of the season and was sitting mid table. We land with a formation after suspensions and injuries, Fleming dropped back into the central midfield role and it all appeared to click and we never looked back. Although I do believe the division was a lot more competitive than this season and the squad was pound for pound a lot stronger than this one.
  6. If it was due to behaviours of Alloa fans funny they stood in the away end most of the game. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I couldn't see it clearly because of the barrier at the front of the stand, all you heard was the squealing from Hartley and co which probably made ye ref to show red in my view. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. One tackle. 25 seconds in ..red card . Would have to see it but my thoughts are that the referee reacts to the squealing from the cove bench . Referee brutal all game .. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. With Callum Hendry joining Killie, lets hope we can get Big Innes back for another loan spell
  10. We have a Idiot elements causing a bit of trouble. None of them can fight sleep....
  11. Best quote in a long time probably only for a certain age group. But so bloody true.
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