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  1. Change or not we need to get this sorted quickly . A win on Saturday please
  2. Unbelievable to think people are now talking about going down ?? This guy took over a team that were bound for the top six yet we should accept relegation and keep the faith. Can you honestly see us sticking with this manager if we go down? Imagine he had a bad start ? Look I think he will survive but it’s been absolutely terrible from all concerned for months now
  3. The whole thing seems like it’s a total mess. The mood surrounding the team is not good and this could have been handled better. If we are indeed caught by St Johnstone I would worry about us in a playoff. The manager has made it clear he wants only those committed so he’s made his bed and now it’s he who will need to sort this and quickly to avoid potentially damaging his decent reputation. I hope he can and will be supporting him.
  4. The way I see this is that the players are definitely going to need to get us out of this but I question the wisdom of telling some they’re not needed. How can you possibly even consider this when your chasing a top six spot. It’s absolutely terrible timing. The worry now is that we have players who have downed tools and I’m now genuinely fearing we end up in the playoffs. This has the whiff of Terry Butcher at Hibernian . Really surprised at how the manager has played this since he came in because it’s been very poor and what was a club sitting sixth and in tremendous form upon his arrival now looks totally rudderlesss
  5. I love how Aberdeen think they’re a massive club. They struggle to get 10,000 at home these days and have thoughts of being the third biggest team in the land. Miles behind Heart of Midlothian and also behind Hibernian too.
  6. How do you know we have the second lowest budget. I think that’s up for debate . Some of our signings have been quite good and won’t be playing for buttons. I’d imagine Livingston, County, And maybe one or two others will be looking at Brophy, Kiltie etc admiringly
  7. He clearly has changed the formation.that today was as bad as I’ve seen us and we have resorted to the same crap tactics that saw us go three months without a win
  8. I hope so Ric. No harm to the two lads without experience I just think we need a manager at present who has been in the job before we can’t have a rookie making mistakes in a season where we are hoping to push for top half and hampden
  9. Surely when we could be 4th on Wednesday night the board will see that a manager with experience is needed . Let’s get jack back he’s the outstanding candidate - the board I simply do not trust to make the right call
  10. Agree the board seem to be all over the shop this season. Let’s get this done quickly . Jack here’s what we can offer are you in or out
  11. I hope the board are reading these pages as they need to be v careful here
  12. Absolutely - we stand on the brink of a historic season let’s entrust this to a man who we know and who despite all the feeling when he left lifted saints from potentially part time football to premier league in 18 months. Surely we can see his experience and his personality would be ideal right now. Why risk it to employ a manager who hasn’t managed ? It’s madness
  13. No it’s probably not a wise move. The boardroom is rumoured to be a shambles tho so I am not surprised.
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