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  1. 1-0 victory for EK against Perthshire
  2. EK Thistle 1-0 against Perthsire
  3. Remember the absolutely ludicrous academy system the SFA runs
  4. Great result for Stewarton today, heard they were struggling to field a team today as well
  5. So how do we fix it, I’ve defected to the juniors now. I’d be keen to be involved in some form of restructuring working group
  6. After seeing the draw for the second round of the Scottish Cup today, it appears that my thoughts are correct. There was only 256 teams in the draw for round 2 today. It used to be 10 rounds to the semi finals now it’s 7, it won’t take people long to work out how many teams used to take part in the competition
  7. I’m afraid the standard ain’t that much better in the juniors, the big problem is you have people that are refereeing that have never kicked a ball.
  8. Colville were very good in spells, I think everyone needs to remember it’s pre season. John and Bobby will be fine, they played some great football. From our perspective it was win number 3, and we are in no doubt Eastfield will be our biggest pre season challenge.
  9. He’s a smashing player, he’s the difference that a lot of teams won’t have, as he scores goals for fun.
  10. I’m looking forward to my first season as manager of EK Thistle, looks like a very competitive league.
  11. Good luck Graham, hope you get the right person for the job
  12. The clubs only looking for a new manager, can the thread not be left for them to do that
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