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  1. I didn't realise that. That's a huge improvement from last season where, whenever we conceded, the heads went down.
  2. This. Clearly Dipo rightly getting the headlines but this is a team effort. What's also good is that while we look to have a fairly settled starting 11 we've a much stronger bench than before.
  3. Biggest disappointment of the day? Less than 1900 for what was always shaping up to be a really competitive fixture. Shows how much the cost of living shit show is affecting folk.
  4. My wife came along today for her first Ayr game since January 1990 at McDairmid when I'd broken my arm and couldn't drive. Even she knew the referee was out of his depth today. Says it all about his performance.
  5. I thought today was a pretty good day out. Both sides look to be hugely better than last season. Both sides had chances and we took ours whereas Morton clearly need a striker. We do need to be more clinical, though, as a couple of times it looked as if nobody wanted to pull the trigger when we'd fashioned really good chances Really pleased for McKenzie. He's been a workhorse but I've seldom seen a player as delighted at scoring. Andy Murdoch was special, though. Is there a better midfielder in the league? What about that referee, though? Completely hopeless would be praise based on that performance.
  6. Absolutely brilliant performance today. I thought that was one of his best performances for us. Two vital clearances at the end of the first half. And, as my wife says, he's a good looking boy.
  7. Good game so far. Good goal from Dipo but two crucial Murdoch clearances in the last 5 minutes.
  8. Hopefully. As well as ability, though, I think it's partly down to attitude. I thought in Kirk's interview he seemed pretty mature and as well as testing himself on the park he realised the challenges of moving away from the academy bubble and having to look after things himself.
  9. That was our first booking in the league last night. Top of the discipline table as well.
  10. Absolutely this! Allows Dempsey and Murdoch to play much further forward when we are in possession as they don't need to keep coming short.
  11. I think he's really benefited from having a pre-season and also being able to bring his own type of players in. In each of their interviews I felt there was a bit of grit and determination in each of them.
  12. I thought Kirk was terrific beside him. For 19 he's really strong and his distribution was good. Loved seeing him stroll forward. Could be a new Michael Rose for us.
  13. Our best performance under Bullen. Everyone played their part. While the goals were good I was really pleased with the resilience. Last season we'd have capitulated after an early goal. We're now a quarter of the way to safety but I'm increasingly confident in a top half finish. The spine of that team from the keeper, the centre backs, centre midfield and Dipo look at least as good as anything in this league. A couple of loans in with the same attitude as the squad we have and I'll be very happy.
  14. Actually in a remote part of the north west Highlands with a dodgy signal and no idea if anything I tried to type was getting through. Maybe just as well given how frustrated I was feeling about 1 goal in 4 games.
  15. Still far too many aimless long balls. We've looked better when we get it to feet. After a bright start we seem to have forgotten JML is on the park.
  16. It's published in the accounts. That's the total cost including wages, NI etc.
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