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  1. The rest of this month is pretty big. We need to be capitalising on the three games against the three bottom teams. Anything from the Dundee game would be a bonus. I reckon that would leave us 3rd at worst but with a really tough April to come. At least, though, we'd be in the mix and have something to play for.
  2. Still feeling pretty scunnered by Monday night but I'm old enough that this doesn't feel quite as bad as losing the Scottish Cup semi to Rangers in 72-73 or the League Cup semi to Dundee in 80-81. We suffered some poor refereeing decisions in both and the latter in particular is probably the most miserable I've ever been after a game.
  3. Don't think our bench was particularly strong last night but I'd definitely have brought Murdoch on. We stopped pressing high and consequently Falkirk were being given too much time. I think he'd have given us more dig in there. I also think Dempsey is a far better player alongside him.
  4. Superb first half. Really thought we were going to do it but early second half goal was a bit of a sickener.
  5. Any feedback on ticket sales for Monday? Be good to see a decent away support for this.
  6. Second bottom in the Premiership should play 4th in the Championship. The playoffs are too heavily weighted on survival of the top tier team.
  7. Appealing or some sort of statement is fine, but the damage was done on Saturday. The decision cost us a point or 3. In a ridiculously tight league we could have been sitting second with 3 reasonably favourable fixtures in the next 4 and QP to come at home. It could be a very expensive red card.
  8. I think if it's serious foul play that's not the case.
  9. Reminds me of when I was playing amateur football and when clearing up the line my follow through went right through the opposition winger's nuts. I'd never heard someone squeal like a pig until then.
  10. Hadn't realised it's been quite as long but that's us been 4 months without Musonda and two without Murdoch. Any team in this league would struggle with that.
  11. I'd thought you had to be signed at the time of the draw, but I've checked the rules and it looks like it's at the time of the original fixture. I'm sure back in the day it was different.
  12. Don't think McGuire's experience will help unless it's in the build up as I doubt he's eligible given his signing date
  13. No doubt Murdoch and Musonda coming back will strengthen the team hugely. Murdoch in particular provides the balance in the midfield. Seems to me though, that the long ball must be a tactic as even Kirk seems to have adopted it a bit more. He's generally a bit more accurate than McGinty but earlier in the season he has looking for a pass in to midfield more often.
  14. An improvement on our recent performances but that's about it. Defensive shape was good throughout but we just keep bypassing midfield. Maguire looks like he'll need a couple of weeks at least to get sharp, but clearly a bit of nous there.
  15. We've been poor but on current form we're only 3 behind Hamilton. No-one bar them seem to be showing any real consistency.
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