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  1. Bit of a minter that there are three football league clubs in Edinburgh, and we're much closer to the Old Firm, and yet us and Hearts both pull in far higher crowds than you can, a one city team with a whole region to draw support from
  2. Lived in Aberdeen for a year now and I am yet to meet a chatty Dons fans over the age of 30, the most miserable bunch of b*****ds you'll ever meet. I fear I'll turn like that soon
  3. Well thank god he didn't take off one of their biggest goal threats for defensive midfielder...
  4. Playing for penalties by taking three likely candidates to take a penalty off, McHunnes has lost it
  5. Barely one proven striker (feel for Shaw as he's at least a very good prospect) for the rest of the season then. Lennon has lost the head Get him to f**k, along with that *** rat Scott Allan
  6. Haha gladly, I've debated almost every Hearts fan I know on this matter. They try and keep themselves relevant by creating mythical honours such as "the Champions League music played at Tynie ken!!!!" Minter
  7. Aberdeen are the third biggest club in Scotland. No amount of "3 Scottish Cups in 20 years" patter changes this at all. Until either of us win a major European trophy, or come close to the same period of dominance they had in the 1980s, we will not be bigger than them
  8. There are a few points that need addressing here. Aberdeen fans can point out that they are a bigger club than Hibs and Hearts, and that's fine, I accept that they are. I have a lot of time for Aberdeen as a club, it's my adopted city and I even try and go to the odd Dons game when Hibs are not in action. If you are willing to throw away over a century's history, just in some vain attempt to catch the Old Firm, it isn't worth it. No club will topple the Old Firm through building a new stadium. I happily take these jibes about supporting a yo-yo club, because to me, there is more to supporting Hibs than success. That is true of anyone who doesn't support the Old Firm in Scotland. You have to sit and think "what makes it special to support my club?", and if I was a Dons fan, Pittodrie - the site of your second European honour only 35 years ago, would be right up there. For me, if Hibs moved from Easter Road to a location six miles from the city centre, it wouldn't be Hibs anymore. A stadium, particularly one that has been constantly used for over 100 years, is part of the lifeblood of a club. To simply rip it up and move elsewhere in the name of 'modernity' and 'progress' seems so short-sighted to me. I hope Aberdeen remained unrelegated, and I hope they do go on to challenge the Old Firm. But ask yourselves, is it really worth it if it means you lose such a big part of your identity? In my opinion, it isn't
  9. Again, as I've said before, I should be happy with this. This will be a significant blow for one of our historical competitors. Your attendances will plummet and you will spend £50 million plus to be stuck in a white elephant on the outskirts of town for 50-100 years, whilst both Edinburgh clubs stay in their traditional homes and invest on the playing side of things. I won't rejoice in it, because I am that saddened by the developments. This is completely irreversible, and as a fanbase, you have settled for an option that will leave an awful lot to be desired. Why not spend an extra 10-20 million on building it somewhere with good transport links? Or somewhere that the neighbours won't complain at every single decision you make in designing your ground? All to save a bit of money, ridiculous. A lifetime's impact from "the best of a bad situation"
  10. Ironically it was a poor stadium that kept you in the top flight in the year 2000. 18 years later and it will be a poor stadium that resigns your fate to soullessness
  11. Just goes to show that local councils of 1902 were far more intelligent than their modern day counterparts
  12. Well in a few years time, your move will be an example to all of what not to do
  13. I'm only using West Ham as a "be careful for what you wish for" example. I accept Kingsford will be an ok football stadium, although it's already seeming to have to compromise on the gradients of stands etc. It wouldn't shock me if Milne ending up settling on the cheapest option. It would be the final nail in the world's most incompetent coffin that is his chairmanship of Aberdeen FC
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