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  1. Fair enough, keep your ears peeled for ‘off table’ though. I’ve heard it three times on the last fortnight. Nice to be ahead of the game.
  2. Turns out speaking about something after a meeting is going ‘off-table’.
  3. At very least jack high I reckon, maybe even a toucher
  4. Good work Loondave1. The main thing I deduce is that going to the fitba would be much improved if games were better attended. Attendances of the last 40 year suggest this is not going to happen. Pity.
  5. Wallace is a good signing for East Fife. A clever player I liked. That some others didn’t is a mystery to me. Anyhow...
  6. £8k and a gentleman’s agreement was the going rate
  7. Dom Thomas looks a very good player, but also he’s a 23 year old playing in the third tier of Scottish football. Could go either way for him
  8. Some have but by and large we’re chuffed and so we should be. Plenty to be grateful for I reckon
  9. Then Hammy goes ‘I reckon I could side foot this one’.
  10. Simple enough for me. I’ll be travelling, leaving in good time, with hope in my heart and maroon pounds for redistribution.
  11. Very good performances all over from us yesterday. Jamieson is the best goalie we’ve had in ages, hopefully Donnelly takes some heart from that display and McKenna was brilliant. Playing Swankie up front was a great call from DC. Oh aye and Whatley was very good too.
  12. 16 points in front, champions elect [emoji106]
  13. Post match yesterday felt a lot like Forfar’s 2017 title clincher
  14. Luke Donnelly played well against us at Hampden last season.
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